10 Best Obscure Horror Games

With many beloved franchises comparable to Silent Hill and Resident Evil, horror video games have turn into a few of the hottest video games in your entire medium. A few of these video games get giant fanbases, many sequels, numerous diversifications, and even movies. However as a result of there are tons of of horror video games, a few of them have slipped via the cracks and remained comparatively unknown.

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Regardless of the obscurity, video games like Siren and The Path are hidden gems that positively needs to be tried no less than as soon as. Even for gamers that aren’t sometimes followers of horror, these video games have loads of distinctive gameplay components and concepts to discover.

10 Siren

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Launched in 2003 for the PS2, Siren is a stealth survival horror sport the place the participant controls ten totally different characters who achieve the flexibility to see and listen to what different creatures see and listen to. This “sightjacking” means is used to assist the characters survive in opposition to zombie-like creatures known as “Shibito” and escape the not too long ago devastated village of Hanuda. Over the course of three in-game days, the participant will change between the totally different characters and full targets within the ranges to unlock different targets and ranges.

Developed by Keiichiro Toyama who created the first Silent Hill gameSiren‘s non-linear gameplay and sightjacking mechanic has made it a cult traditional. Although the gameplay has been criticized by some gamers for being tedious or irritating, the distinctive concepts and mysterious plot make the sport worthwhile. Regardless of its relative obscurity, the sport has had a number of sequels, diversifications, and even a movie known as Japanese Siren.

9 Realms of the Haunting

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Created for the MS-DOS in 1997, Realms of the Haunting is a first-person shooter survival horror journey sport a few man named Adam Randall who will get trapped in a big mansion whereas investigating the dying of his father. After assembly a psychic named Rebecca Trevisard, Adam slowly discovers that he’s the chosen one meant to cease the apocalypse by touring to totally different universes, fixing puzzles, and killing monsters.

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With over 80 hours of content material and plenty of FMV cutscenes, this obscure horror sport has an expansive narrative full of plot twists, hidden lore, and numerous ethical views. Whereas the gameplay is somewhat awkward, the inventive universe will simply entice the participant and result in a novel expertise.

8 Harvester

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In 1996, the point-and-click journey horror sport Harvester was launched for MS-DOS. The sport follows amnesiac eighteen-year-old Steve Mason as he explores the disturbingly violent city of Harvest. Whereas interacting with creepy characters and investigating unusual places, the participant can select to both remedy puzzles or simply kill NPCs to progress.

Harvester has turn into a cult traditional for its absurd narrative, excessive violence, and unsettling FMVs. The sport’s moody aesthetics and fundamental controls are paying homage to The 7th Guest, one of the most influential horror games. Over the course of the narrative, the sport asks whether or not there’s a connection between fictional violence and real-life violence, which is a query that also resonates immediately.

7 Hellnight

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Initially titled Darkish Messiah in Japan, Hellnight is a first-person survival horror journey sport revealed by Atlus and Konami. Launched in 1998 in solely Japan and Europe, this obscure PlayStation sport follows an unnamed male protagonist as he and a companion journey via an underground metropolis known as “The Mesh” whereas being pursued by a monstrous creature. For the reason that participant can not battle the creature, they have to keep away from it, remedy puzzles, and discover the maze-like tunnels below Tokyo to discover a manner again to the floor.

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With a novel premise and standing as one of many first survival horror video games to not have fight, Hellnight convinces players to dive deeper to uncover some stunning mysteries. Additionally, since a participant can solely have one companion and every of the out there companions has their very own skills, story, and dialogue, there may be some incentive for a number of playthroughs.

6 The Path

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The Path is a 2009 psychological horror artwork sport that may be a fashionable reimagining of the well-known fairy story Little Crimson Using Hood. On this PC sport, the participant chooses from one in every of six sisters to take a basket to grandmother’s home. The sport offers one rule: “Go to grandmother’s home and keep on the trail.” However the participant has to interrupt this rule and go into the woods with the intention to discover objects, meet their very own distinctive “wolf,” and finally get the “ending” after enjoying as every of the women.

Together with the gorgeous artwork and narrative deal with the trauma of rising up, The Path is thought for going in opposition to gameplay tropes by requiring the participant to not observe the foundations and never having a particular ending. Many video games have been impressed by The Path, which incorporates some standard titles like The Stanley Parable.

5 White Day: A Labyrinth Named College

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Initially launched solely in South Korea in 2001 for Home windows, White Day: A Labyrinth Named College is a survival horror sport a few highschool boy named Lee Hui-min who decides to go to his college at night time to ship a White Day present to his crush. However after he enters the varsity, he will get trapped within the college and should remedy puzzles, make dialogue selections, and keep away from enemies comparable to killer janitors and ghosts with the intention to escape.

The sport is full of fascinating puzzles and all kinds of ghosts, which makes it enjoyable to discover the constructing. Years after the sport gained a small cult following, the sport acquired a remake in 2015 with an official English translation.

4 Martian Gothic: Unification

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Launched in 2000 for PlayStation and Home windows, Martian Gothic: Unification is a survival horror sport the place the participant controls three characters as they examine a Martian base known as Vita-01 and uncover that each one the people on the base have became zombies. Much like the Resident Evil franchise, the characters should battle zombies and remedy puzzles. The distinctive half is that the characters, who entered the bottom individually, can not bodily meet as a result of they’ll mutate in the event that they get close to one another.

Regardless of sharing many similarities with fixed-camera Resident Evil games, the in depth lore and stronger deal with puzzle-solving make this sport stand out by itself. Additionally, fight must be achieved in another way as a result of the zombies can solely be quickly defeated, which provides an additional degree of issue.

3 Echo Evening

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In 1998, FromSoftware, which is best known for the Souls game franchise, launched a horror journey sport for the Ps known as Echo Evening. The sport follows Richard Osmond as he investigates what occurred to the vanished ship Orpheus. After the participant will get supernaturally teleported to the ship, they might want to remedy puzzles, keep away from hostile ghosts by turning on lights, and work with different ghosts to get “Astral Items.”

As one of many few horror video games that happen on a ship, Echo Evening has a novel premise. The puzzles involving the ghosts add an fascinating gameplay mechanic, and the supernatural plot will maintain the participant guessing till the top.

2 Anatomy

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Made by the indie developer Kitty Horrorshow, Anatomy is a 2016 psychological horror sport that may be downloaded on itch.io. In the course of the sport, the participant explores a darkish home whereas listening to audio tapes that speak about how a home is much like an natural physique. As the sport continues, the home turns into extra distorted with glitches and fleshy partitions.

Much like the developer’s different video games, Anatomy makes use of wonderful sound design and the creepiness of PS1-styled graphics to convey surreal physique horror. The sport burrows into the participant’s head and stays there lengthy after the sport ends.

1 I Have No Mouth, and I Should Scream

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Primarily based on well-known science fiction creator Harlan Ellison’s brief story with the identical title, I Have No Mouth, and I Should Scream is a horror point-and-click adventures sport launched in 1995 for the MS-DOS and Mac OS. The sport is about an evil sentient supercomputer named “AM,” who’s voiced by Ellison, that not too long ago worn out all of humanity aside from 5 people. Whereas dealing with their traumas and flaws, the human characters should correctly remedy puzzles and moral dilemmas with the intention to defeat “AM.”

With a powerful narrative that focuses on troublesome matters, this difficult sport efficiently brings the spirit of dystopian science fiction narratives into video video games. Whatever the ending the participant will get, the sport is unforgettable.

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FREE HORROR  10 Best Obscure Horror Games

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