10 Spine-Chilling Horror Movies Set In The Desert

Of all of the landscapes on this planet, there’s none fairly as intimidating or inhospitable because the desert. Huge, desolate wildernesses, inhabited both by nothing or some number of murderous creature – with little or no in-between. The desert is the final place on Earth one would need to be stranded or trapped.

Unsurprisingly, there isn’t any scarcity of films set within the desert. Whether or not these may be post-apocalyptic landscapes (the world of Mad Max, or the later Resident Evil films, for example), thrillers of the Australian new wave motion, or American and Spaghetti Westerns, the desert has proved a fertile atmosphere for style filmmaking. Certain, the desert will be enjoyable typically (see Tremors and From Nightfall Until Daybreak), however principally, it is downright terrifying.

Right here we check out ten of essentially the most unnerving, unsettling horror movies ever to be set in a desert panorama. Shelter could also be discovered within the occasional border city or fuel station, however no respite. Be it bloodthirsty beast, ravenous cannibal hillbilly, opportunistic psychopath or… uh, a truck, there is not any hiding within the desert.

This gory French rape-revenge film pits a younger lady towards her lover and his sleazy pals – following within the footsteps of the equally grisly Australian thriller Truthful Recreation (1986). Third-wheeling on their lads vacation, Jen (Matilda Anna Ingrid Lutz) faces a struggle for her life when the boys, bored and sleazy, assault Jen and depart her for lifeless. She is pursued via an unforgiving hellish desert panorama as the boys attempt to end off what they began.

Not for the faint-hearted, this gory motion thriller by Coralie Fargeat sees Jen making an attempt to fend off each a pack of violent, murderous mysogynists and the desert panorama. Within the film’s most unforgettable sequence, Jen is actually impaled on a tree, and compelled to make her escape with a large chunk protruding of her aspect.

Jen’s bloody revenge is not to be sniffed at, culminating in a fantastically gory showdown together with her ex. This film does not make for straightforward viewing – leaving the harrowing imagery burned into viewers’ recollections for years to return.

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