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The ghost car is a true horror story short

A ghost car is a true horror story that really happened

horror story short –

Vincent Mansfield was the chief photographer for an evening newspaper in Rotterdam, the man stopped his car in the main square in the Dutch city of Eindhoven, cut off the electricity to the car so that it would not be exposed to thieves and closed it well with the key, but the man did not expect that he was protecting his car from thieves but did not protect it from ghosts, on September 13 In 1934, the car drove by itself to cause fear and terror among many passers-by on the street for several hours, and it was found thirty miles away from the place where it was left in Vincent and in another city which is the city of Tilburg, and it was separated by electricity and without any fingerprints on the dashboard.

Horrific, realistic short horror story stories happened in the dead refrigerator

But what is the story from the beginning? The story happened on Friday September 13, as Vincent was driving his new car that he bought two years ago, and he took great care of it and spent the vacation cleaning and polishing it to look new and shiny, Vincent was obsessed with his new car to the point of madness, and the photographer arrived at Eindhoven to take some pictures at a celebration of a new electric power station, and he had to hand over the photos to the newspaper the next day, then he did not go out early after finishing filming the project, and he sat taking official lunch with the opening, and after the completion of his mission, at three and a half in the afternoon they finished lunch He went to his car and it was a big surprise when he could not find his car.

Fancy long horror stories abandoned road horror story

Then the man went to the police station, and he officially reported the car theft, and after completing the investigations, no police car lifted it because it was in an inappropriate location, and the police considered the car stolen and here the man boarded the train and returned to his home in the city of Rotterdam. Half past afternoon, one of the workers was leveling weeds outside Eindhoven, and he saw the black French car rushing in the road and deflecting at one of the curves and was heading towards it directly and almost run over him, but the man rushed to the ground away from it and strange that the man when he recovered himself and stood up to insult and insulted the driver of the car He found the car empty, which had no driver, and Kremlin recorded the car number and called the police, informed him of the matter, and the traffic police were wirelessly called and were standing on the road a few miles from the city of Tilburg, and one of the policemen was inside his car and was waiting for the foot of the black Persian car, and here the car drove Black French is crazy among passersby and almost ran over madly.

Midnight ghost story

The policeman moved his black car to chase the crazy car, but it disappeared from the road, and the car was traveling without a driver driving it, and in the next city and where the nearest police station was, a police car was waiting for the black French car after reporting it by radio, and the car would run over a group of people heading to the bus station, When the police car arrived, the car had disappeared, and after that a black French car penetrated a herd of cows that was on the other side of the road, and the farmer did not see who was driving the car. It was empty. He will suffer angina because the car was going crazy on its own, and the police tried to block the road on it, but they headed towards the police sparrow that overturned its front and the crazy car disappeared again, and then in the third and a half they found the crazy car in a street in Talburg, and it was covered by thick soil and by it Many injuries on its sides, and when they opened the car, the switch’s contact switch was closed and the power cut button was still in place, but the car was free of fuel.

The strange thing is that the police investigated the matter, but to no avail. Everyone believed that it was a ghost who was driving the car, but they do not know why and what happened after that, but he accompanied it and sold it. That happened one day and has no logical or scientific explanation. Do ghosts like driving cars?


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horror story stories happened in the dead refrigerator

Horrific, realistic short stories happened in the dead refrigerator horror story

This Horror story tells us the couple Nathan and Heather, who went through them from a period of time, where they completed their marriage and decided to go to an area in California to spend the honeymoon where the fresh water and beautiful beaches, a region not far from their area only three hours by car, and in fact both Heather and Nathan prepared and set out On their way, but the road ran through a forest and some narrow winding roads.

 horror story Forest monster short horror story

Heather and Nathan went off by the car about two hours, and suddenly the place was wrapped in a thick wave of fog, which forced Nathan to calm down from the speed of the car, especially as he was walking between the trees in the narrow roads for fear of collision, but suddenly he appeared in front of both Heather and Nathan, a girl on the road indicating to them Until they tell her with them, however, Nathan ignored the issue, unlike Heather, who insisted that Nathan return so that they brought the girl to get her to the nearest place she wanted to go

Nathan returned to the girl and looked like a twenty-year-old girl and asked them to take her on their way, and I told them that they would move about ten kilometers and then find a crossroads and there they will find a petrol station near her white house this is her house.

Nathan moved the car and tried a lot to talk to the girl, but she seemed calm and silent, so he kept walking for about half an hour until he reached the crossroads as the girl told him and there they found a very old gas station and it seems deserted a long time ago, Nathan came a little car and saw the white house so he started Nathan addresses the girl and tells her that they arrived, but there is no life for the one who calls, Heather turned back, but was marked on her face by the features of fear and horror, which frightened Nathan, especially when she spoke, she said, I went, she suddenly disappeared and we did not see her coming down from the car, so Nathan was terrified, but suddenly he appeared before them in front of their sight An old couple and Nathan drove by car to the couple.

Nathan stood next to the old couple, but he was in bad condition, and Heather talked as she told the couple about the girl who stopped them on the road and was dressed in white clothes and looked at the age of twenty and asked to deliver her to this white house, but when we got here she had disappeared from the back seat of the car.

The couple started relieving Heather and Nathan and told them that she was their daughter Diana, who is already twenty years old and she died in a car accident on this road and the perpetrator of the accident has not yet been arrested and most of those who pass this road happen with him what happened with you, and it seems that she will not calm down until it is done The perpetrator was found and punished, then they tried to invite them over a cup of tea, but Nathan was still under the influence of shock and fear, so he politely refused and told them that they are still new grooms and are on their way to spend their honeymoon. The time is late and they must complete their path.

Happened in the refrigerator of the dead

A young man tells that he was in charge of a refrigerator for the dead in one of the hospitals on the road and he had a strong heart because he did not easily fear, and one night during the work shift of the young man he was sitting at his desk finishing some papers but suddenly the power went off for a few minutes then He returned, but with his return, the shock that held the young man in his place was in a state of amazement and terror.

In front of the young man, all the dead people in the drawers of the dead refrigerator were sitting and smiling sarcastically for him. The young man did not find anything in front of him except seeking help from God. He began seeking refuge with God from the accursed Satan and repeating verses from the Holy Qur’an. He returned to normal.

After this incident, the young man submitted his resignation and left this work since that night, but he still sees strange things and events happening to him at night while he is at home and whenever he tells people what he is going through, no one believes him.

Horrific, realistic short stories happened in the dead refrigerator horror story

 The terrifying doll island american horror story

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Fancy long Ghost Story abandoned road horror story

Fancy long horror stories abandoned road Ghost Story 

Have you ever lived an experience that turned your beads upside down, but ended it completely, that is my story that I tell you, and that led me to perdition, because I am a lonely miserable person and the one who remains for me from my family on the way to leave is my mother, the last of me who remains ill with a malignant disease and waiting for death to become Then completely alone.

I went out one night and felt some change. I felt the exit from that state of misery and pain that I had in it. So I took my car and set off without a specific destination, and I kept running and suddenly I glimpsed that strange area that I had no luck before, even though this is my usual way to go and go, and it provoked my curiosity and I entered to explore it It seemed that it was a deserted area until its houses were destroyed. It took me a long time and wanted to go back, but where is the way back? I got lost.

I was looking for a way to return. I was facing this beautiful garden. Fatigue and fatigue were domineering for me, so I entered it to rest. Indeed I slept, but my sleep was disturbing, as it was crowded with bad dreams and nightmares, which prompted me to wake up and was waiting for me as a surprise when my car disappeared. Are there thieves here for this luck? bad.

The ghost car is a true horror story that really happened horror story short

I came back wandering around trying to get out, but what are these horrific sounds that they come from those houses, which raised terror in me, and increased the matter, so I saw this man who could not bear to see him or his voice, so I lost consciousness.

I went back to my consciousness and wish I had not returned. What I saw was beyond the possibility. What are these strange creatures, a donkey with a snakehead and a bird with a human head, and I am chained to their chains while they are talking about me, and the decision was never to return.

Someone asked me why you are here. Your answer is not important. Your destiny has been decided. I was deposited in an ugly room with cutting tools. I screamed, but there was no answer. Suddenly, a little girl appeared and broke my chains and helped me out of the room to the garden and there. I am trying to find my way to escape and found this old man. I asked for help so his smile was detestable and he told me that he had been here for ten years and did not know the way. Whoever came here was forgotten until he forgets who he is.

I was disappointed and started crying so the man who captured me appeared and started chasing me and hit my feet but I remained on my way to escape and suddenly my wound and my foot pain increased and I speeded up towards the light, but everything is different even the taxis as if they do not see me and here I understood the meaning of the words of the old man and I tried Return to the garden but she disappeared.

Haunted Dolls Hospital, for the most famous dolls in the world

I ran to the nearest of my grandmother but he is the same old man as he tells me you will see hell and you do not see and see them and you will die after a month, and a man appeared behind him and beheaded screaming a loud scream, while I sit waiting for my fate after a month.

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Midnight scary story short Small Town Horror Story

Midnight ghost story

Midnight ghost story goods from the stores to his wholesale store located in the same town and the donkey carts were the means of transporting goods in this small town. On this day, my uncle was unable to transport a cargo, due to an accident in the Karu stop, which led to the death of one of the young boys who was driving one of the vehicles. He fell and was run over by the wheels of a van with a large trailer. The boy died on the spot, and a clash occurred between the owners of the vehicles On the one hand, and between the trailer driver and the porters, on the other hand. And after that incident at exactly 12 o’clock at night of the same day, my grandmother was standing in the east in our apartment on the ground floor, and suddenly she came to us running speeding and saying in horror that she had seen a Karoo cart running without a driver and a group of dogs that were barking heavily in it The case I linked what my grandmother says to the boy’s death incident, but I did not disclose what was on my mind.

The next night, at about the same time, we heard a hysterical barking of dogs under the window of my room, and when we looked down, we found a fleshed dog raised to the top of his feet, as if someone was holding it and waving it in a horrendous circular motion, and around it a group of dogs barking hysterically and as if seeing something What you want to attack and then it started to get worse. The next night at midnight, we were surprised by a barrage of bricks and stones pouring into our windows of our house. These strange events continued for three consecutive nights and I was trying to communicate with this thing, believing in me that it was the ghost of the dead boy. Nour my room and start talking to him and I tell him let’s become friends and I was finding the palm of a child waving to me from behind the window and the news seemed to spread in the family and I told my father but he did not believe and he told me that these myths have no evidence so I told him if he waited until Midnight and you will believe me and see for yourself.

Indeed, the dogs started barking and blocks of bricks and sand came towards our apartment, so my father rose and opened the window, cursing whoever was doing this until the surprise came !! All the kitchen items were cooks, spoons and others that were thrown in the street and my father accused me of doing that, but fortunately for me my innocence appeared because I had spent the day with my cousin and my father started following the strange phenomenon until he saw for himself the hooves of a donkey knocking on the window and We are determined to expel this ghost, so we enlisted the help of one of the sheikhs who recommended us to read the Qur’an along with some other advice. Indeed, the incidents ended after nearly two months had passed and we spent them in real terror.

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Haunted Dolls Hospital, for the most famous dolls in the world

Haunted Dolls Hospital, for the most famous dolls in the world

It has become easy for children to obtain dolls from anywhere and a dollhouse, but the strange thing is that there is a private hospital in Sydney to repair dolls for children and restore them to normal and repair, and the hospital was opened more than a century ago, when it was opened in 1913 by Mr. Harold Chapman, as an expansion of his general store, where he was selling dolls imported by a sister from Japan, and during the shipping the rubber doll’s frame was scratched and sometimes torn apart, and Harold was interested in repairing them and when customers saw the store to Harold repairing the dolls, they seemed to bring their children’s dolls for repair and so they evolved I crafted it until the general store turned into a hospital to repair the broken original dolls.

In 1930 AD, son Harold Chapman took over the work of his father and moved the hospital to a new headquarters, expanding as he developed his business to include repairing leather goods, handbags, gloves, toys, umbrellas and everything like that. The real boom of the hospital came in 1939 during World War II, when resources became scarce and were The only toys that children get are the toys they already own, so fixing them became a necessity and thus spreading this craft.

Today, Mr. Jeff Champan is concerned with the running and administration of the Puppet Hospital, who is the grandson of Harold who has continued to implement the reforms with the same passion and enthusiasm with which his father and grandfather was known. Dolls are like any real hospital if it depends on specialists with skills and experience, each in its field according to its specialty. The hospital is interested in correcting an incredible number of antique and modern dolls, soft toys, rocking horse carts, even handbags, umbrellas, and ceramics. The hospital repaired more than 3 million dolls.

Jeff, the grandson of Chapman, says there is nothing more beautiful than seeing the smile on girls ’faces as they receive, their doll after repairing it and seeing it came back as before, and mentioned that some children shed tears when their dear toys were left in their hearts in the hospital, but they return with tears of joy, when they receive it After repair and return to the original state again.

In spite of the amazing and impressive dazzling work done by this place and the people inside it, the place may be terrifying for some due to the huge number of dolls scattered and seated everywhere inside the building, many and terrifying dolls of different shapes and sizes and every doll next to it another doll they look at and their eyes do not leave you Wherever you go, perhaps some of these dolls are haunted by ghosts, many of them move at night from their places and inside them with ghosts and very evil spirits, so everyone who visits the place feels a great dread and fear, because the dolls look at you in a very strange and terrifying way, you feel those who are present with great fear and intense panic.

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Jinn Stories The game of horror “Aloja” and King of the Jinn is a true story in the tongue of its owner.

Jinn Stories The game of horror “Aloja” and King of the Jinn is a true story in the tongue of its owner.

My name is “Evans” The events of my frightening story began when a question inside me about the reason why my uncle expelled me from his home more than once started with the onset of darkness. I have an uncle that I love so much. I adore his style of speaking. Once I decided to search for the reason, and I went at night to his house to peek through his windows of what my uncle was doing and his mysterious style. I waited all night and moved from one window to another. Curiosity gripped me more and more, I remembered my father, and I rushed home quickly, and it was past two o’clock after midnight.

I crept into my house, but my father followed me and asked me: “Why was I late for such a time, did I not warn you before about the delay in the return date ?!

I tried a lot to mislead my father in answering his question, but he insisted on knowing the truth, so I had to say it: “My father, I was looking for the truth of my uncle’s behavior with me like this and the reason behind his strange behavior with me, but I found strange about his matter.”

I found gaze of interest on my father’s face as if he was asking me to complete what I found at my uncle, so I resumed my talk: “I saw him, Dad, talking as if something else was with him. I could barely hear him talking as if he was asking and answering about someone with him inside the room, but I only saw that he was sitting on the table and in front of him waved A strange wooden shape with a piece that drives it. ”

My father replied to me: “Do not go there again my son, and I will inform you of all the questions that circulate your thoughts and yourself. This board is a game called“ Alweja ”, and your uncle uses it to evoke the spirit of your late grandfather from years ago to talk to him and domesticate him throughout the night, your uncle was Very loving to your grandfather and could not get past his death order, so he looked a lot for alternatives until he found this damned game by which he was able to conjure up his soul every night.

My father made a pledge not to go again to my uncle’s house in the evening, but my intense curiosity led me to break my father’s covenant and I went the next day, but I did not find my uncle, no matter how I moved from one window to another I did not find it, so I returned sadly, my father punished me and scolded me a lot for what I did, and by the morning I went to my uncle’s house to search for it but I did not find it, it has virtually disappeared.

Months passed and I did not find my uncle at all. I thought about using his game to reach him, and I wish I did not think this way. I resorted to that game with which I opened the gates of hell, first I asked her about the location of my disappeared uncle, but she answered me that he was in the hospitality of the king of the jinn “Bazuzu”, and shortly after that I heard Scribble at the door of my room so I went to check the matter, then I found that he had written on the door Welcome In the world of the jinn, my chest narrowed and I felt that a person with me is always watching me and watching my actions and behaviors. I was excited about my studies and all the countries of the world were obliged to hope that the feeling of the existence of something would disappear. If I talked about it, I would end up in a mental and psychiatric hospital.

I searched a lot for someone who would help me so that my destiny was not the same as the fate of my poor uncle, to be with the fist of the king of the jinn “Bazuzu” and to pay my freedom to rush from me to enter the world of the jinn and demons; Finally I came to a world in the hidden worlds and indicated Ali burned the Ouija board, and from then on I live a somewhat normal life.

Do not approach an unknown world!