FREE HORROR scary-white-cats-youtube The white cat is a strange and very hideous murder

The white cat is a strange and very hideous murder

The white cat is a strange and very hideous murder

There was a beautiful girl named Carmen and her father was one of the wealthy of the town, but Carmen, despite the money and beauty, had been suffering from the disease since its early age and the wealth of her father did not help her find a cure for her illness, which made her father isolate her from the people and keep her inside the house to protect her.

Despite the closed doors that prevent Carmen from going out, the fate has led her to him that he is a handsome young Philip who fell in love with Carmen, and he only saw her beautiful beauty, and Carmen liked Philip a lot, and nobody shook Philip Carmen’s poor health.

The couple got married and shortly after marriage, Carmen became more and more ill and more ill with her, and Philip was initially caring for her and accompanying her, but over time the illness went on and Philip became bored and he moved away from his wife more and more and spent more time outside the home.

Philip moved away and his news began to reach Carmen and his new relationship began to reach her ears. The taboo occurred and Philip established a relationship with another woman. She loves it so much.

Philip used to always go to that woman whenever the night came, but he and that woman noticed that whenever Philip reached her, a white cat came and stood in the window of the room looking forward to them, and her outlook looked strange as if you were pouring curses on them from the strength of her anger and hatred, and her voice was strange even He was dreading the woman and she hated it.

The promised night came and the illness was so severe for Carmen that she even asked Philip not to go out tonight and stay with her because she wanted to stay with him, but Philip argued and went out and left her struggling with her body disease and the sadness of herself and went to his lover, and as is the custom that this white cat also arrived except that she was She moves a lot and suffers with a voice that disturbs the mistress so much and angered her that she even asked him to kill her.

Philip returned as usual to find Carmen lying on the ground and strange that the knife he stabbed the cat was in the chest of Carmen, which terrified him and turned his life into a form of hell where the rest of his life continued to suffer from the heinous act of treason and murder for those who loved him with great love.

FREE HORROR abandoned-church-dayz Cool night horror and ghost story

Cool night horror and ghost story

Cool night horror and ghost story

Alex invited a little 6-year-old girl of very little size and my size was such a big help for me, as I could hide in the narrowest or smallest of places to avoid the fits of anger and violence that hit my father, especially after sugar, and that I wouldn’t find someone to defend me if I fell under his hands.

My early childhood was not easy or easy if I lived in an unbalanced atmosphere in which the mother was very weak in addition to sugar and smoking, while the father was a drunkard who enjoys cruelty and violence in everything, especially when she turns alcohol on his head so he does nothing but screaming and beating her or me.

The house in which we lived was in a place between the forests and away from urbanization, so with time and with the abundance of violence I experienced, I became a professional in how to hide when I see the signs of outbursts of anger in order to protect myself from its cruelty and violence.

It was one of the cold nights and as usual, I started a wave of anger and usual domestic violence and I began to hide as usual so that I would not get my share of what was happening, but this time I chose a different place to hide where our house had a back garden and had a hole that would help me to connect under the house and hide there, and with my small size It was easy enough for me to avoid the cold and I took a blanket to get around.

He started screaming and beating between the two drunkards, and I crept in without hiding me outside to hide, and wrapped myself well in the blanket, but with the rain the place was wet, which helped to wet the blanket and polluted it and contaminated the mud, which made me feel more cold, but I was forced to stay so that they did not feel I was going out and punished me harshly.

“Are you cold? ”

She paid attention to this soft female voice and looked, and found that she was hiding close to me, in a situation similar to my condition of dirt and wetness in the mud, but she was beautiful and gentle, and she wore a chain with a butterfly-shaped collar in her neck, so I did not feel fear of her and answered her with a nod from my head.

She approached me a lot until she hugged me and the cold disappeared and the warmth began and she asked me about my life and I told her, so I was surprised by her saying that I grew up but I do not know her except that I did not notice much and felt comfortable and affection between her arms and in her eyes, she was called Laila and knew her that I love the drawing so she asked me a service in exchange for that You learned to draw, I agreed.

I fell asleep between her arms and when the morning arrived, she woke me up until I fulfilled her request, and I again crept into the house until I brought my shoes and started my journey, and although the road is long, Laila was always guiding to me so that I would not get lost or the roads would be lost from me, which facilitated me, except that with the distance and the distance My cold and cold age started to feel weak and weak, but fortunately I almost arrived as Laila asked me to go to the police station and an officer assisted me who saw me in such poor condition and heard my whisper requesting to meet Sheriff Willow Joyce.

With my aid and warm drinks, I recovered and found a grizzly policeman smiling at me and telling me that he is the warden, so I told him that I know Lily and that she is under our back porch so that he comes to take it out. Black Roll as they arrested my father and mother, and here I knew that the Sheriff Lowell is my grandfather and that I will move to his home.

I became sixteen years old. My grandfather took me to the place of my old house and told me the story, where my true night mom was and that she was his daughter. I married my father despite my grandfather’s refusal and ran away with him. My grandfather did not know where they were, and she killed her and buried her under the back window until it appeared to me when I was six She instructed me until I reached my grandfather, and her murder was revealed, and who killed her, took out the chain from which his butterfly was attached and gave me it. At this moment, I felt that I saw her smiling from inside that hole.

FREE HORROR word-image-3 The haunted castle in the Laura Valley, France is a true horror story

The haunted castle in the Laura Valley, France is a true horror story

The haunted castle in the Laura Valley, France is a true horror story

Today I will talk about one of the famous French castles in the Laura Valley. The castle was built in the eleventh century, and it is the tallest building in the Loire Valley. The Loire Valley, one day the man began to suspect that the wife was cheating on him with another. The man was hearing strange sounds whispering in his ear telling him that his wife was cheating on him with one of them.

The wife used to see strange things and a strange person showing his shadow in the light of the candle that he held in his hands, and the man was walking outside the room, making a strange voice and whining the man’s voice worried the wife a lot, and making her tremble with strength and feel fear. The husband does this all night, but he does not believe her.

Despite all the panic and dismay that the wife was experiencing every night, but the husband never believed her and did not listen to her, and he thought that she claims all this because he began to doubt her matter and try to keep the matter from her and doubt, and one day the husband delayed a lot in his work and the wife was alone in her room, she thinks In the husband’s change and strange behavior, and here I heard the door of the room as it opened a very loud creaking source, I looked at the door thinking that it was her husband and here she saw a strange hand pale color pushing the door inward, she could not scream from the intensity of her dismay.

Here, an old and old man appeared with a short beard, with a very strange face and blood soaked, and his eyes fixed and held in his hands a luminous candle and began walking towards it slowly, which she could not bear more, because the man was very terrifying and frightening, and she fell unconscious on the bed.

The husband returned and found his wife on the bed with the old man. He went mad, killing the wife and the old man together and burying them in the castle garden so that no one would know and discover what happened, but days later the man would find his wife walking in the castle calling out to him in a loud voice, he thought that everything he saw was a fantasy And they were delusional because of the crime he committed and killed his wife, but he was horrified by seeing her every day calling for him, until he began to feel her presence with him in the bedroom, he felt that there was someone with him in the room, tightening the cover during his sleep and annoying him.

He used to open his eyes to see his wife stand in front of him, his face was covered in blood, and she strangled heavily and tried to shout and escape from it, but he could not die.

Perhaps the man died due to fear, panic and shock, but he eventually died in the castle. The wife did not stop killing the husband, but decided to take revenge on all the men in the valley, so she did the same with the men of the valley and made their wives kill them after their accusations that they were traitors, and the curse spread in the valley, and everyone became He walks inside the valley, hears horrific horrific screams coming out of the houses, as there is a wife who kills her traitorous husband over his treachery after he found him with his mistress in her bedroom, and everyone who enters the castle watches the wife walking in her paths very slowly calling on her husband and the castle in the valley became cursed.

FREE HORROR maxresdefault Myth 13, and the mystery surrounding the number

Myth 13, and the mystery surrounding the number

Myth 13, and the mystery surrounding the number

To start with, you must know something very important, if you are traveling and on a trip to America for any of its many states, how many days in a hotel note the arrangement of roles and rooms, you will not find the number 13 present at all.

The Jinx legend of No. 13 is in the West, and is this number actually Jinx or coincidental, some experts in geology and meticulous studies say that many earthquakes occur on the 13th of each month, and the Earth moves more on this day.

In 1970, the Apollo 13 spacecraft took off at 13 and 13 minutes, and at a third of the distance to the moon an explosion occurred in the craft, forcing the astronauts to cut their flight on April 13.

In Germany, the Berlin Wall, called the Wall of Shame, was built on the thirteenth of August 1961 AD, and the witches gathered in groups containing 12 witches and the number 13 was the devil, just as ancient civilizations held the gallows 13 knots.

They also say that if 13 people gather for dinner together, one of them will die that night.

The West also believes in pessimism from Friday, and especially on the 13th of any month, there will be greater pessimism, as they say in the Bible, Friday is the day when Adam came out of Heaven, the day that our master Jesus, peace be upon him, was called and they say that Cain killed Abel in Today is like this.

And the legend was associated with pessimism, which is the day the execution of the Knights Templar on Friday, the thirteenth of October, 1307, when they were arrested collectively by the King of France Philip IV.

Many of the beliefs that the West believes in and among us that there are no rooms number 13 in some American hotels and skyscrapers, the 14th round comes just after the 12th.

And here are some airlines that give up the 13th row and seats in the plane’s seats, and in the 19th century, Lloyds Marine Insurance Company in London refused to insure any ship that sails on Friday 13. Until the day the US Navy does not move any ship on time.

On that day currencies, the labor market, the stock market, and airlines lose nearly $ 900 million, because many people refused to work, buy, sell, and travel on the 13th Friday.

American companies lose every Friday 13th of any month 750 million dollars because people do not shop, travel or venture anything on Friday 13, pessimism from No. 13 is a kind of phobia, and even Microsoft is afraid of the number 13, because the 2007 Office edition is No. 12 and Office 2010 were given by Microsoft No. 14, ignored by No. 13, and afraid of No. 13.

FREE HORROR e8da5188fcf9ef2d85ebed04d1cf793b Crazy woman who killed her husband a social horror story

Crazy woman who killed her husband a social horror story

Crazy woman who killed her husband a social horror story

She was running in the streets with her clothes torn with blood, and her rebellious hair behind her back, wandering on her face, not caring about the looks of people for her that accused her of madness and loss of mind, she remembers what she suffered in life and how her husband exhausted her with his endless desires, he never cared about her feelings and spirit, or even respected Her mind was always accusing her of not understanding and stupidity, all his concern was her body and how he fulfills his desires and imitates what he sees in foreign video films, she no longer endures all of this and that life that revives her, a body without a soul has lost its luster and desire for life.

She whispered on her face in the streets running without aim or hope, she remembers his words with her ears, she loved him and did not like anyone else in life that he Ramiz her colleague at the university and the first one who gave her heart to life would you abandon me, Sameh? He responded with great emotion, saying: What do you say, my love, and how do I abandon you while you are the light of my eyes, O Ola?

She replied among her tears by subjugation and what we will do. My father refuses to meet you and speak with you, and says that you are a stranger and the traditions of the family, do not allow the marriage of strangers .. Then she burst into tears, and here he dried her tears with his fingers and whispered Ramiz in her ears tenderly: Do not be afraid my love, you will not be the wife of others, nor will you be Let someone take you from me, and I will break those traditions of the sample whispered with sadness, saying: Do you promise me, Ramez? Respond to her with determination and determination: I promise you my love, you will not be a wife to someone else as long as I live on that land, I will go today and persuade your father to marry us.

She does not know when Ola felt that lump in her throat, and that pain in her stomach, she knows her father and his cruelty and knows the traditions and customs of her family well, they will not allow her to marry Ramiz the stranger from the family, but rather they will marry her to her failed cousin who did not complete his studies, just because he is her cousin He is the first and more worthy of the stranger to marry her, despite the educational and cultural difference between them. She is a law school graduate, and he did not complete his studies, but she could not open her mouth and object, defending her case and her life, about her future and her entity.

Ola went to her lover asking him to stand beside her and address his father and convince him of their marriage, but the father refused and threatened to kill him if he approached his daughter again, so the lover abandoned his case as the case abandoned, and did not open her mouth with one word, so Ramiz traveled to one of the Arab countries to work after pressing his parents, He left, leaving Ola behind him, after which she married her cousin against her will. She has no right to object and there was no court to defend her case and objected. The ruling is final and the judge has ruled and she has no right to object or reject.

She remembered her wedding day crying by subjugation, as if it was the day of her death and her funeral. The acceptance of her cousin as a husband and living with him, but he did not have mercy on her or her mercy on her weakness was ill and felt inferior in front of his charming wife and her slim strength and level of education which is much higher than him, so he takes her off and insults her and treats her as a servant in front of everyone and underestimates her and treats her as a night girl on the bed, she has no right to object What he wanted, she hated it and hated the air that breathes, Ola can no longer bear, so she went to her father and she wanted to save her from what she was in and divorce her.

But the father severely turned her on and severely beat her, saying: The family laws do not have a word for divorce, so long as you are married, you will not leave your husband’s house except to your grave. I replied with repression from among her tears: but I cannot bear, my father. : Kill yourself, this is better, but you will never get the absolute word, blowing woman, and here she left for her home, but she knew what she must do, she will not die as infidels and kill herself, for he who must die is the one who destroyed her life and stole her youth.

She brought the knife from the kitchen and poured on his stomach while he was asleep. She did not know how much he stabbed him and did not want to know. The important thing is that he died and left her world and rested from him. Then she ran in the streets wandering on her face laughing hysterically like crazy after killing her husband.

FREE HORROR word-image-2 A story of loving love is impossible from the world of ghosts!

A story of loving love is impossible from the world of ghosts!

A story of loving love is impossible from the world of ghosts!

An old man told us this story that happened with him when he was a young man in his thirty years of age, he lived in an eastern region in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and he owned a small farm, and this young man was interested in agriculture and animal husbandry a lot as he spends most of his day on his small farm interested in planting and animals , And does not go much to the city.

This young man was known for his good manners and religiosity, he was loved among people, as he was handsome to an unparalleled degree, he divorced the face with a sweet tongue, which made everyone who sees him love immediately to the good qualities.

His farm was located in a barren desert that many water sources do not reach, so the man tried to search for a new source of water, so he considered renting some workers to dig a deep well to bring water to his small farm.

Indeed, work began to dig until they found a point on the ground indicating the presence of water in this place, the man returned a happy day and felt hopeful and slept in his room on the farm alone and woke up just before dawn prayer to perform his prayers, but as soon as he woke up he smelled a very strong and strange perfume smell, the smell was beautiful As if from heaven, the smell was coming from the well, the man admired a lot of this matter, and suddenly he spotted the spectrum of a very beautiful and white woman, standing near the well covered with a wonderful white cloak and has long and dense hair that is wonderful, so beautiful that cannot be described, and this beautiful smell was emitted From it, it increases beauty and femininity.

The man stood, astonished by her beauty, who could not move, and inside a thousand questions, who was this woman, who did she come from and what brought her to this place, after some time the man gathered himself and asked her who you are, the woman answered him: It does not matter who I am, the man said to her but It is strange that you come alone to me this place and this region does not have any residents at all, so she said again to him, it is not important who I am and where I came from, and the man thought and said to himself that it could be the daughter of one of the Bedouin families who come to this place in Some times of the year, the man came back to ask her again about the place she wanted to go to and what to do on the farm at this late night, she said to him I want to meet you tomorrow after Morocco on the hill of sand, so the man agreed immediately and agreed to meet.

The man returned to his room and he was not interested at all from this woman or from where she came, all that became preoccupied with him is a meeting with her tomorrow and her beauty that fascinated him from the first look, and indeed the meeting took place on the next day and his heart was almost torn from the eagerness of her meeting, he went between them An interesting dialogue, the man said to her: I could not sleep since last night, the woman answered: I know, he asked her from where she knows this, she replied with a gentle smile: I feel this, and the man began to flirt with her beauty and goodness, and she was satisfied with her charming smile until the time was late, so she said to him The woman said that she should go now. The man wanted to deliver her, but she refused. She said that she does not need this. The man hesitated and said: But it was late and he entered the night, the woman held fast to her refusal and went before he repeated students.

The man began to meet with her on a daily basis in the same place and timing, the magicians of her beauty to the utmost degree, and he began to think only of her day and night, and Satan fell into disjointing this woman’s sexual intercourse with husbands, so he became more attached to and loved him, but he did not want to persist in disobeying God Almighty, He offered her a marriage, but she always evaded him. On the day I asked him the strangest question of a man’s reputation throughout his life, she said to him: If you are a fairy, would you want to marry me? The man replied immediately thinking that she was joking to know the extent of his love for her: God will marry you and never leave you, the woman replied: I am a fairy, the man laughed and said to her: This is not a time to joke, I want to marry and love you a lot, the woman pointed with her hand to the place where the man stood and said Her look there is a trace of you on the sand, and then she pointed to the sand beneath it and said: But do you see an antique on the sand? The man marveled and said: I see no trace!

At the time, the man believed that Habiba was a real fairy, but this did not prevent her from loving her, as he adored her to the utmost degree and his beauty fascinated her to the maximum extent.

The woman cried and hugged and told him that she did not want to be attached to him more than this, and that their love was impossible and they could never be married, and suddenly the woman disappeared from his hands, and she did not appear again and never saw her after .. The man deserted her farm and boycotted life, and on Despite the passing of years until graying covered his hair, this man is still in love with the madness of this fairy.