FREE HORROR word-image-1 I dare you to enter graves on your own after reading this

I dare you to enter graves on your own after reading this

I dare you to enter graves on your own after reading this

It has been the norm in our village to make an annual visit to the graves and spend a whole week inside them, and the graves were away from the village by tens of kilometers, sitting near the mountain, and the graves were connected to each other to appear as a deserted village surrounded by mystery and excitement, and in my last visit with my family to the graves remember My father, his brothers, were kidnapped by death early, so he sat next to their grave crying, and during that uncle Saleh passed by our neighbor near the cemeteries, and he heard the sound of my father crying and approached him and started arranging on his shoulder, saying: Brother do not cry and weep a lot, my brother, crying will not benefit anything like the misfortune imp.

The sympathy imp is !! What a mysterious and frightening phrase, it has a strange ringing on my heart and my ears, I looked at Uncle Saleh in amazement and it seems that he immediately understood and began answering me before I asked my question, saying: “You know I had a son who lost him while he was young, and I have been for many years coming To here alone I cry over his grave, and once a relative died and I went with the family to bury him, and as usual I left the crowd and went away heading towards my son’s grave, in spite of the brutal darkness of the night and the smell of death and the dread of the place, and when I reached the grave I threw my body over the grave of my son and I started crying and lamenting ”

Uncle Saleh went on saying, “Here I heard a voice from behind me saying:“ Many years passed and you came here and cried for your son, it is enough to cry because it will not benefit anything. ”Then I felt this person approaching me and I was still immersed in my tears and said: Come, hand me your hand to help you I had to get up, I thought he was one of the family of the deceased who had followed me and came behind me, and when I put my hands on him he broke through my arms, as if I leaned on the air .. I stood in panic and if I see in front of Afrin, he has two eyes burning as if he was burning embers and his mouth widens as a deep well.

Heavy silence ensued for seconds, as years passed by, and we all stared at the other .. Should I ever run now? Or is it going to fade quietly .. I asked myself without feeling, I found myself screaming a cry that almost frightened the dead, and I started a terrifying runaway, so I came out of it with a terrifying laugh that echoed in the stillness of the night between the dead .. I started running in the graves and my heart almost stopped from Fear and terror, and I imagine that the imp is running behind me but I can’t look back, I went back to the funeral, but I didn’t find any of the mourners, they left and left me.

My heart was filled with panic, as I was alone in the graves, I felt my soul coming out of my body .. I saw a person come from afar making the dark with a light of flame so the reassurance came slowly to me, they felt that I was not there and returned to search for me .. And from that day I did not dare to enter the graves Never alone.

FREE HORROR movie-picture-association-game-page-12-movie-f The horror story of the whimsical policeman

The horror story of the whimsical policeman

The horror story of the whimsical policeman

I moved a few days ago to a new house in a quieter place and I thought that the people in it were nice and that I would be safer, especially since my neighbor near me is a policeman and looks like a quiet long man bald friendly and does not show any signs of evil or violence.

I saw him for the first time and his smile was friendly and he exchanged the smile, but I do not know why I feel this strange feeling towards him even though he did not show anything abnormal, perhaps this feeling is due to the large number of women who visit him and some incomprehensible voices that come from his house sometimes, so he always comes to visit him Different girls.

I didn’t pay much attention to it, everyone is busy with his condition, except that one evening around dawn, I heard the voice of moaning, it did not last long, and I did not think much about it, so it became normal to hear strange sounds coming from my neighbor.

A few days passed by and I was surprised by my neighbor knocking on my door carrying a plate of sweets and offering his apology for not welcoming me, but since I came to the new house and introduced me to his name, Merrill gave me an invitation to come to his house so that he teaches me to do some delicious desserts. He is a specialist in making sweets.

I did not accept the offer directly because I was feeling this strange feeling of uncomfortable, but he said that he would wait for me at seven in the evening, I kept thinking between going and not going, but I finally decided, especially since my curiosity began to overwhelm me until I knew when those voices came from his house.

I tried to insure myself against any possibilities. I ran a kitchen knife in my bag and went to his house about a quarter of an hour before the appointment. He greeted me with welcome, entered me, and began to ask me about what he liked to learn from sweets, so I chose the cream with brulee.

The house from the inside suggests that its owner has a delicate sense, he paid attention to him and he had taken out the ingredients of the cream in his brulee and he said that he lacks the cream and asked me to bring it from the refrigerator but the refrigerator is in the basement, which called me to the amazement, will he send me to the basement but he was and I went to the basement of his house, and he was Very dark, as a strange smell was emitted, and I was surprised that there were six fridges in the doors, and fear infiltrated my heart strongly, especially when I approached one of the refrigerators and I imagined that I could hear groaning from inside. Both are not fiction.

I quickly opened the fridge and it was a violent surprise, as there was a girl who had been iron-strapped and suspended inside the fridge, and she was in a very cold, tired and terrifying state and was asking for help and tried to free it using the knife in my bag and when I checked it I discovered that it was one of those girls who came to it and tried to work on it and started telling me that Merrill hunts the girls on the pretext of teaching them to make sweets and on the pretext of forgetting something that makes them go down to the basement, and I did not understand well what she was saying except that she told me that he would come until he tied me and locked me in one of the refrigerators until she breached my strength and then started the torture phase that he enjoyed.

I looked up and the basement door was already closed and I panicked and started searching for another exit until I found a window that broke its windows but this window will not allow the other girl to go out so I went out and entered my house and hid and called the police and told them what happened.

Would they believe me and arrest a colleague who I am now hiding in my house while awaiting the outcome of my call, please tell them to come before he takes revenge on me and kills the girl.

FREE HORROR creepy-garden-or-garden-tree-creepy The Garden of Doom story is a terrible and very scary horror story

The Garden of Doom story is a terrible and very scary horror story

The Garden of Doom story is a terrible and very scary horror story

I live alone, my father passed away for many years, and my mother is sick and always stays in the hospital under constant care, I do not have any friends or brothers, and I used to loneliness and isolation long ago, and one day I was walking as usual without a goal in one of the streets of the region, the ideas took me away Suddenly, I looked around and found myself in a region that I do not know. I really know this city and wandered all its streets and neighborhoods, so how can I discover a new area with it for the first time I have not seen it before.

I took a deep breath and said to myself: Well it does not matter, I will walk a little until I find someone who helps me to return to my home, but I noticed after a short time that there is no one but me in the place, it is the area of ​​its buildings destroyed and the electricity is cut off completely, as if no one lives With it or no one has taken it before .. I felt weary and some anxiety, I was alone in this strange area, but what is this garden ?! It looked beautiful from afar, I felt tired and decided to rest in this garden a little bit so that I could return to my home after that, the garden was very amazing, I fell asleep but I saw very terrifying nightmares, I woke up terrified, I said in a faint voice: No time to sleep, I must I get out of this area quickly, I started walking and walking and the street seems endless, I heard laughter and screams coming from these demolished houses, I felt a cold chills, and suddenly a tall, completely distorted character appeared in front of me, and he told me with a sarcastic smile: What are you doing here? Confusion and fear seemed clear, and I say: I got lost and … and then I fainted.

I woke up and found myself bound by iron chains and saw in front of me a group of strange creatures, I do not know what they are, but they are certainly not human beings, strange beings speaking in a strange language from which I only understood one word (he will never return) and I certainly understood that they were talking about me, I did not know what to do Only control fear, anxiety and remorse.

Someone approached me and said to me in clear Arabic: What brought you here, unhappy one? He did not wait for my answer and completed his sentence, saying: The reason does not matter, so in any case you will never return .. After I finished his words other creatures approached me and dragged me into a dark, foul-smelling room, I started screaming and begged them to leave me as I am just a lost person and I will not cause them any problems and I will not I talk one day about what I’ve seen .. no one answered me.

I stayed in this room alone for a short period and then came to a little girl. I do not know where it came from and how I got into the room. She told me in a soft voice: Run away quickly, do not let them manage from you, I will help you, the girl solved my documents and guided me on the path of salvation, I started running without thinking I found myself in the garden again, I saw an old man, I asked him for help, and I gasped for tiredness and excitement, he answered me with a yellow smile and eyes full of tears: You will not be able to leave this area, son, since I have been here for more than twenty years, no I hope to survive.

I left it and kept running again, I will not let despair take over from me, I want to get out of this region at any cost. Suddenly, the little girl again appeared to me and she says to me: You will forget as if you were not .. I continued running until I saw lights .. Praise be to God Finally it was the lights of the city, I mentioned the first taxi that appeared in front of me, but it did not stop for me, I started talking to passersby trying to ask for help, but no one looks at me, no one cares about me, no one sees me from the ground .. I took my walk until he reached my home It wasn’t too far away, but what is this ?! Where is my house? It is just totally empty land.

Then I remembered the words of the girl .. Forget as if you were not .. I decided to return again to the garden that I called the Garden of Destruction, but I did not find it, I found myself in a completely normal area, but I saw the old man who met me, he said with a bitter smile: You will live in hell My son, you will die after a month, and you will see them .. Yes, you will see them .. As soon as the old man finished his camel a tall man appeared behind him and cut off his head without mercy, his cry was loud but no one heard it, I accepted the reality and tried to escape .. I now know that I will die After two days, 28 days have passed and I am still waiting for my inevitable fate.

FREE HORROR ghost-ship-by-runolite-deviantart-com-on-devianta-1 A ghost ship is a true scary horror story

A ghost ship is a true scary horror story

A ghost ship is a true scary horror story

Always keep your eyes open on the master of sailing so that he does not deceive you and brings you bad luck and death. If you see the flying Dutchman in the ocean “Flying Dutchman” then I know that you are dead is a huge sailing ship dark and you do not hear a sound or a whisper appear in the darkness in the sea storms only so the ship only appears In the presence of thunderstorms, they always say that it is the one who brings the storms with it and the winds go quietly against the wind and the storm, as if something does not concern them at all and spread their entire sails as if the storm does not affect them appear from scratch for a few minutes and then disappear after which their appearance in the Cape of Good Hope is associated with Africa only we present to you in This article is from Real Stories Site A story titled Ghost Ship A True Scary Horror Story.

Ghost ship

It is strange that your cousin who was killed in mysterious circumstances leaves a strange legacy for you which are very old messages when you receive your new work as a sailor on a ship that talks about the legendary ghost ship “Dutch Flying” that he is the officer of the sailor “John Ord Maud” in October 1915 at the Naval Institute American, John Ord Maud shared a strange story buried in old letters with his friends and Maud mentioned that he had received a bundle of messages.

Just a few days after shipping it to the sea as a naval officer the messages were in a box that was extracted from the sea from a ship sunk from a relative of Maud and it is probably why someone thought it might be important to Mudd The messages were very old, from the early 1840s until the war American eligibility in the 1860s, when one of the two men died that the age and age of the ancient Epistles made it interesting, full of detail about life long ago.

But the contents of two or three of the oldest letters contained a story that Maud felt the need to share with his navy companions. Maud did not publish his account of the story until many years after he had read his first letter and there is a reason for this first that the story was going on with some letters.

He did not write the original name of its owner and the “cousin of Maud” was the same letter that did not reveal his name and was a lieutenant in the Navy, stationed on the African coast at the time he wrote the letter was the ship Lieutenant, which was described as a warship on its way back home from the south When the crew saw a strange ship loaded with slaves shortly after seeing this ship for the first time, they lost their sight completely and did not see anything from the ship or at sea, but they heard a sudden and angry cry from that side where the ship disappeared.

And they questioned with great concern if the ship sank or exploded. The strange ship was moving forward with full sails against the wind and was not affected by something that no one else would have noticed, except for Maud’s cousin only, if it was true or not, because the vision was too short, but wisdom always says. He kept an eye on the sailing master so that he would not deceive you. ”And after two days of that incident, the lieutenant’s ship was in the midst of a thunderstorm when a huge sailing ship appeared from the darkness, then passed by the lieutenant’s ship there were no lights on board, and no sound came from the strange ship when it sailed forward Against the wind a lightning bolt arose.

And the stranger is quickly disappearing under the mantle of the night the captain of the ship descended and stood near the lieutenant when the mysterious ship passed, and said in a strange voice: that their ship is doomed to failure and death because they saw the flying Dutchman. The captain told the lieutenant with a deep voice: The master of the seas says that the “flying Dutch” is a ghost ship Mythical, its existence is related to the Cape of Good Hope in Africa, and it is believed that it is doomed to sail until the end of the world. It is said that it is seen only in storms and may be the ones that bring storms and believes that those who see the ghost ship are doomed to death and failure ..

The captain was extremely pessimistic and frustrated because their journey was simply doomed to failure due to the sailors who saw the strange ship and after one week the unknown ship appeared on the horizon again, sailing in a gentle breeze as if something that did not concern her and was not interested in life was then Lieutenant Cawd’s mood Time, and just as it did last time, it seemed that a sudden and frightening storm blew out of nowhere and the storm did not touch the Lieutenant’s ship. The Lieutenant saw that half of the front windows seemed to have been shot, and he could see the cabin almost, but then the ship disappeared completely at that time. Agree that a bad omen and bad luck will pursue their journey.

According to the lieutenant’s letters, the ship’s owner said that his great uncle was part of an English squadron in the last century that had erected the Cape of Good Hope with every ship loaded with a single cannon made of silver, because he believed that a silver shot could come in contact and even harm to ghosts; The Claimant further claimed that the Squadron actually encountered the Flying Dutchman on his mission.

The squad called Splice fired its silver shells at the phantom ship, but despite the speed of the crew to shoot, they were able to destroy only a portion of the Dutchman’s rear … which disappeared again and then the actual madness began. The ship’s captain ordered to hang three sailors and hang them from their necks on the front of the ship and say The captain justified the killing of the sailors as they mutinied and began jinxing on the trapped ship that had bad luck after only the captain’s mind and Mood’s cousin wrote everything in the form of letters he put in his box and then the ship sank in a strong storm and no one knows how and after years after extracting the sunken ship they found the box and the letters So they sent them to Maud so everyone would know how their ship sank

FREE HORROR word-image The cursed girl is a frightening and frightening horror story

The cursed girl is a frightening and frightening horror story

The cursed girl is a frightening and frightening horror story

But before completing the construction of the bathroom, your daughter will go with me for three days, after which I will return to you and the workers will finish building the bathroom completely on the day of our return. What do you think of the woman, so greed and greed filled the lady’s heart so hard and decided to venture to send her daughter with the strange old lady, for money And build a bathroom.

Construction work and works began in the bathroom from alabaster and marble, and three days before the completion of the construction the old woman came to the girl with a white tuft in her hair, the girl went with her in fear by order of her mother and the days passed long and very boring, and the mother is waiting with joy to complete the construction of the bathroom and between Fear, terror, and anxiety for her only daughter from the old lady who took her and does not know her fate, and on the third day the mother woke up to find that the bathroom had been completed and his view was very wonderful The mother did not rejoice she was waiting for her daughter with sadness but she no longer, the mother died sadly for her only daughter.

No one entered the bathroom and no one visited him, until one of the mother’s relatives opened it to people and made it for the public, but the strange thing was that very strange and frightening things were happening in this bathroom, people were terrified and exited from the bathroom once without going back to it again, because the bathroom was coming out again From his floor, a long white strand of hair, and she was intimidating people.

The matter reached the authorities of the country. The authorities decided that the police would search the matter, and the police dug the land of the pigeons, and found the girl’s body was murdered in an ugly manner and beheaded at the bottom of the bathroom.

FREE HORROR ghost-on-black-background-apocalypse-and-hell-co Apartment Forbidden Your True Horror Story from Ghost Hell

Apartment Forbidden Your True Horror Story from Ghost Hell

Apartment Forbidden Your True Horror Story from Ghost Hell

The story is very strange and controversial, the story happened in Egypt in the Muharram Bey area in Alexandria, there was an old man who lived in the area, and he had a small shop sitting in it throughout the day, and the old man had a very strange hobby, which is reading everything related to the jinn and what belongs to them and evoke them and deal with them.

The man was an introverted stranger, who did not like anyone interfering in his life and reading in his store a lot of strange and scary books, which no one knows where the man found them. The unknown and what he wants.

His elder son says with great fear and tension: I could not hide anything at home or even outside without my father knowing, so he knew everything, I was very afraid of him.

For example, once I was hiding a pack of cigarettes somewhere that no one else would know me, and one day my father knew about it and brought it to me while he was shouting at me in anger, and my father knew the location of everything immediately, I was afraid of him he was a strange man.

And he always told my mother to leave the house, and leave him alone at home, and he was buying very strange kinds of incense and a foul-smelling fragrance, we did not know where my father brought it.

Until the day came when the man asked his wife to take the children and absent from the house and stay at her mother, because he has an important work to do in the middle of the night, the wife went out of his way and left the house already.

The next day, the wife and children returned home, and tried to open the door forcefully, and they found a locker on the inside that was closed with bolt on the inside.

I was surprised, so I started knocking on the door with force, and no one answered. The husband never answered and his voice was not heard, and she began to feel anxious. She started screaming loudly, calling her husband until the neighbors gathered.

She told them that her husband was inside and the door was closed to himself. Perhaps something bad happened to him, and the neighbors decided to break the door to find out what happened to the man.

Indeed, they smashed the whole door, and when they entered, the surprise they found was the apartment completely destroyed, everything was completely destroyed and shattered and the blood was scattered everywhere with a very ugly disgusting view.

The wife found her husband, lying on the ground, a dead body, injured in different parts of his body in very terrible ways, the man was dead and died and every part of his body was shedding blood.

They called the police and the criminal investigation men confirmed that the apartment was completely closed from the inside, and the doors and windows were closed from the inside as if the killer had evaporated in the air or was present in the apartment and did not get out of the foundation.

The strange thing is that the criminal investigation report confirms that at least ten tough men have beaten the man severely and in an ugly manner to death, and the autopsies did not find a single bone in the body of the man intact and not broken.

The crime was restricted against an unknown person, and no one knew what happened and the wife left the house for fear of him, and no one yet knows what happened to this family after that, and the apartment remains until today, no one was able to bring her closer, and strange things happened at night, so the neighbors heard sounds of loud noise and lights lit up And it closes on its own, and this is the end of everyone who tries to interfere with what does not concern him and interfere in the world of the jinn and prepare it.