The Garden of Doom story is a terrible and very scary horror story

The Garden of Doom story is a terrible and very scary horror story

I live alone, my father passed away for many years, and my mother is sick and always stays in the hospital under constant care, I do not have any friends or brothers, and I used to loneliness and isolation long ago, and one day I was walking as usual without a goal in one of the streets of the region, the ideas took me away Suddenly, I looked around and found myself in a region that I do not know. I really know this city and wandered all its streets and neighborhoods, so how can I discover a new area with it for the first time I have not seen it before.

I took a deep breath and said to myself: Well it does not matter, I will walk a little until I find someone who helps me to return to my home, but I noticed after a short time that there is no one but me in the place, it is the area of ​​its buildings destroyed and the electricity is cut off completely, as if no one lives With it or no one has taken it before .. I felt weary and some anxiety, I was alone in this strange area, but what is this garden ?! It looked beautiful from afar, I felt tired and decided to rest in this garden a little bit so that I could return to my home after that, the garden was very amazing, I fell asleep but I saw very terrifying nightmares, I woke up terrified, I said in a faint voice: No time to sleep, I must I get out of this area quickly, I started walking and walking and the street seems endless, I heard laughter and screams coming from these demolished houses, I felt a cold chills, and suddenly a tall, completely distorted character appeared in front of me, and he told me with a sarcastic smile: What are you doing here? Confusion and fear seemed clear, and I say: I got lost and … and then I fainted.

I woke up and found myself bound by iron chains and saw in front of me a group of strange creatures, I do not know what they are, but they are certainly not human beings, strange beings speaking in a strange language from which I only understood one word (he will never return) and I certainly understood that they were talking about me, I did not know what to do Only control fear, anxiety and remorse.

Someone approached me and said to me in clear Arabic: What brought you here, unhappy one? He did not wait for my answer and completed his sentence, saying: The reason does not matter, so in any case you will never return .. After I finished his words other creatures approached me and dragged me into a dark, foul-smelling room, I started screaming and begged them to leave me as I am just a lost person and I will not cause them any problems and I will not I talk one day about what I’ve seen .. no one answered me.

I stayed in this room alone for a short period and then came to a little girl. I do not know where it came from and how I got into the room. She told me in a soft voice: Run away quickly, do not let them manage from you, I will help you, the girl solved my documents and guided me on the path of salvation, I started running without thinking I found myself in the garden again, I saw an old man, I asked him for help, and I gasped for tiredness and excitement, he answered me with a yellow smile and eyes full of tears: You will not be able to leave this area, son, since I have been here for more than twenty years, no I hope to survive.

I left it and kept running again, I will not let despair take over from me, I want to get out of this region at any cost. Suddenly, the little girl again appeared to me and she says to me: You will forget as if you were not .. I continued running until I saw lights .. Praise be to God Finally it was the lights of the city, I mentioned the first taxi that appeared in front of me, but it did not stop for me, I started talking to passersby trying to ask for help, but no one looks at me, no one cares about me, no one sees me from the ground .. I took my walk until he reached my home It wasn’t too far away, but what is this ?! Where is my house? It is just totally empty land.

Then I remembered the words of the girl .. Forget as if you were not .. I decided to return again to the garden that I called the Garden of Destruction, but I did not find it, I found myself in a completely normal area, but I saw the old man who met me, he said with a bitter smile: You will live in hell My son, you will die after a month, and you will see them .. Yes, you will see them .. As soon as the old man finished his camel a tall man appeared behind him and cut off his head without mercy, his cry was loud but no one heard it, I accepted the reality and tried to escape .. I now know that I will die After two days, 28 days have passed and I am still waiting for my inevitable fate.

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