A ghost ship is a true scary horror story

A ghost ship is a true scary horror story

Always keep your eyes open on the master of sailing so that he does not deceive you and brings you bad luck and death. If you see the flying Dutchman in the ocean “Flying Dutchman” then I know that you are dead is a huge sailing ship dark and you do not hear a sound or a whisper appear in the darkness in the sea storms only so the ship only appears In the presence of thunderstorms, they always say that it is the one who brings the storms with it and the winds go quietly against the wind and the storm, as if something does not concern them at all and spread their entire sails as if the storm does not affect them appear from scratch for a few minutes and then disappear after which their appearance in the Cape of Good Hope is associated with Africa only we present to you in This article is from Real Stories Site A story titled Ghost Ship A True Scary Horror Story.

Ghost ship

It is strange that your cousin who was killed in mysterious circumstances leaves a strange legacy for you which are very old messages when you receive your new work as a sailor on a ship that talks about the legendary ghost ship “Dutch Flying” that he is the officer of the sailor “John Ord Maud” in October 1915 at the Naval Institute American, John Ord Maud shared a strange story buried in old letters with his friends and Maud mentioned that he had received a bundle of messages.

Just a few days after shipping it to the sea as a naval officer the messages were in a box that was extracted from the sea from a ship sunk from a relative of Maud and it is probably why someone thought it might be important to Mudd The messages were very old, from the early 1840s until the war American eligibility in the 1860s, when one of the two men died that the age and age of the ancient Epistles made it interesting, full of detail about life long ago.

But the contents of two or three of the oldest letters contained a story that Maud felt the need to share with his navy companions. Maud did not publish his account of the story until many years after he had read his first letter and there is a reason for this first that the story was going on with some letters.

He did not write the original name of its owner and the “cousin of Maud” was the same letter that did not reveal his name and was a lieutenant in the Navy, stationed on the African coast at the time he wrote the letter was the ship Lieutenant, which was described as a warship on its way back home from the south When the crew saw a strange ship loaded with slaves shortly after seeing this ship for the first time, they lost their sight completely and did not see anything from the ship or at sea, but they heard a sudden and angry cry from that side where the ship disappeared.

And they questioned with great concern if the ship sank or exploded. The strange ship was moving forward with full sails against the wind and was not affected by something that no one else would have noticed, except for Maud’s cousin only, if it was true or not, because the vision was too short, but wisdom always says. He kept an eye on the sailing master so that he would not deceive you. ”And after two days of that incident, the lieutenant’s ship was in the midst of a thunderstorm when a huge sailing ship appeared from the darkness, then passed by the lieutenant’s ship there were no lights on board, and no sound came from the strange ship when it sailed forward Against the wind a lightning bolt arose.

And the stranger is quickly disappearing under the mantle of the night the captain of the ship descended and stood near the lieutenant when the mysterious ship passed, and said in a strange voice: that their ship is doomed to failure and death because they saw the flying Dutchman. The captain told the lieutenant with a deep voice: The master of the seas says that the “flying Dutch” is a ghost ship Mythical, its existence is related to the Cape of Good Hope in Africa, and it is believed that it is doomed to sail until the end of the world. It is said that it is seen only in storms and may be the ones that bring storms and believes that those who see the ghost ship are doomed to death and failure ..

The captain was extremely pessimistic and frustrated because their journey was simply doomed to failure due to the sailors who saw the strange ship and after one week the unknown ship appeared on the horizon again, sailing in a gentle breeze as if something that did not concern her and was not interested in life was then Lieutenant Cawd’s mood Time, and just as it did last time, it seemed that a sudden and frightening storm blew out of nowhere and the storm did not touch the Lieutenant’s ship. The Lieutenant saw that half of the front windows seemed to have been shot, and he could see the cabin almost, but then the ship disappeared completely at that time. Agree that a bad omen and bad luck will pursue their journey.

According to the lieutenant’s letters, the ship’s owner said that his great uncle was part of an English squadron in the last century that had erected the Cape of Good Hope with every ship loaded with a single cannon made of silver, because he believed that a silver shot could come in contact and even harm to ghosts; The Claimant further claimed that the Squadron actually encountered the Flying Dutchman on his mission.

The squad called Splice fired its silver shells at the phantom ship, but despite the speed of the crew to shoot, they were able to destroy only a portion of the Dutchman’s rear … which disappeared again and then the actual madness began. The ship’s captain ordered to hang three sailors and hang them from their necks on the front of the ship and say The captain justified the killing of the sailors as they mutinied and began jinxing on the trapped ship that had bad luck after only the captain’s mind and Mood’s cousin wrote everything in the form of letters he put in his box and then the ship sank in a strong storm and no one knows how and after years after extracting the sunken ship they found the box and the letters So they sent them to Maud so everyone would know how their ship sank

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