A story of loving love is impossible from the world of ghosts!

A story of loving love is impossible from the world of ghosts!

An old man told us this story that happened with him when he was a young man in his thirty years of age, he lived in an eastern region in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and he owned a small farm, and this young man was interested in agriculture and animal husbandry a lot as he spends most of his day on his small farm interested in planting and animals , And does not go much to the city.

This young man was known for his good manners and religiosity, he was loved among people, as he was handsome to an unparalleled degree, he divorced the face with a sweet tongue, which made everyone who sees him love immediately to the good qualities.

His farm was located in a barren desert that many water sources do not reach, so the man tried to search for a new source of water, so he considered renting some workers to dig a deep well to bring water to his small farm.

Indeed, work began to dig until they found a point on the ground indicating the presence of water in this place, the man returned a happy day and felt hopeful and slept in his room on the farm alone and woke up just before dawn prayer to perform his prayers, but as soon as he woke up he smelled a very strong and strange perfume smell, the smell was beautiful As if from heaven, the smell was coming from the well, the man admired a lot of this matter, and suddenly he spotted the spectrum of a very beautiful and white woman, standing near the well covered with a wonderful white cloak and has long and dense hair that is wonderful, so beautiful that cannot be described, and this beautiful smell was emitted From it, it increases beauty and femininity.

The man stood, astonished by her beauty, who could not move, and inside a thousand questions, who was this woman, who did she come from and what brought her to this place, after some time the man gathered himself and asked her who you are, the woman answered him: It does not matter who I am, the man said to her but It is strange that you come alone to me this place and this region does not have any residents at all, so she said again to him, it is not important who I am and where I came from, and the man thought and said to himself that it could be the daughter of one of the Bedouin families who come to this place in Some times of the year, the man came back to ask her again about the place she wanted to go to and what to do on the farm at this late night, she said to him I want to meet you tomorrow after Morocco on the hill of sand, so the man agreed immediately and agreed to meet.

The man returned to his room and he was not interested at all from this woman or from where she came, all that became preoccupied with him is a meeting with her tomorrow and her beauty that fascinated him from the first look, and indeed the meeting took place on the next day and his heart was almost torn from the eagerness of her meeting, he went between them An interesting dialogue, the man said to her: I could not sleep since last night, the woman answered: I know, he asked her from where she knows this, she replied with a gentle smile: I feel this, and the man began to flirt with her beauty and goodness, and she was satisfied with her charming smile until the time was late, so she said to him The woman said that she should go now. The man wanted to deliver her, but she refused. She said that she does not need this. The man hesitated and said: But it was late and he entered the night, the woman held fast to her refusal and went before he repeated students.

The man began to meet with her on a daily basis in the same place and timing, the magicians of her beauty to the utmost degree, and he began to think only of her day and night, and Satan fell into disjointing this woman’s sexual intercourse with husbands, so he became more attached to and loved him, but he did not want to persist in disobeying God Almighty, He offered her a marriage, but she always evaded him. On the day I asked him the strangest question of a man’s reputation throughout his life, she said to him: If you are a fairy, would you want to marry me? The man replied immediately thinking that she was joking to know the extent of his love for her: God will marry you and never leave you, the woman replied: I am a fairy, the man laughed and said to her: This is not a time to joke, I want to marry and love you a lot, the woman pointed with her hand to the place where the man stood and said Her look there is a trace of you on the sand, and then she pointed to the sand beneath it and said: But do you see an antique on the sand? The man marveled and said: I see no trace!

At the time, the man believed that Habiba was a real fairy, but this did not prevent her from loving her, as he adored her to the utmost degree and his beauty fascinated her to the maximum extent.

The woman cried and hugged and told him that she did not want to be attached to him more than this, and that their love was impossible and they could never be married, and suddenly the woman disappeared from his hands, and she did not appear again and never saw her after .. The man deserted her farm and boycotted life, and on Despite the passing of years until graying covered his hair, this man is still in love with the madness of this fairy.

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