A story of souls tormenting a horrific horror story

A story of souls tormenting a horrific horror story

She looked at that woman sitting by car next to her husband with anger and hatred, she wished that she would go and pull her from her hair firmly, and take her out of the car to sit in his place, so why does this happen to her and she lives in that torment and others live happily and blissfully, because she cannot walk on her feet from the severity of fatigue?

She stands on her feet from the beginning of the day to the end of the job, and does not find anyone who will have mercy on her or pity her condition, even if the employer saw her sitting to rest a little and severely scolded her and her river and threatened her with expulsion from the store No one feels what she is suffering, she is standing twelve hours a day on her feet for the sake of To feed her young children and provide them with the requirements of life, including clothing and food.

Her husband left her and left, and she does not know anything about him. The three children left her, so what will she do? She turned to her family to help her. I will work, mom, I have not worked before and I have no experience.

The mother replied harshly to her, saying: This is your problem alone, Ashjan, do anything even if she is a servant, that day she goes out of her family’s house, she hates and hates everyone, tears of oppression fall on her face, she cries with burning, her family is wealthy and they have a lot of money but they are empty, and they prefer males From the females, they did not try to help her and abandoned her as her husband abandoned her.

She cursed that day when her husband married the bastard who left her and left, simply leaving her responsibility and heavy pregnancy, three souls in her neck hanging, she thought to leave them in one of the orphanages, but she could not abandon them, they are all that remains for her in life, then she will not She gives them up, she will fight for them and she will work, she tried to search for work a lot and sold all her gold jewelery.

Until you find a suitable job, but you did not find anything but the damn store, its owner agreed to appoint her with a salary that is sufficient for her until the end of the month, but she endured for the sake of her children, she tried to live and acclimate to her new life, and she left her children twelve hours a day, but what will you do this for a summit The unforgiving life, looking at the women on the street with hatred.

Yes, she grudges them and hopes to taste what she suffers, because the disease has exhausted her, so she could not walk on her feet, and now she sees that woman sitting by car next to her husband and puts her child on her feet, smiling and caressing him affectionately, she wished to go to take her place, to bear her young son who did not complete the three years .

But she leaves him with his brothers at home and returns to find him asleep on the floor without a blanket or dinner, but what will you do so the shop owner refuses to take him with her, what will she do she shook her head with sigh and the hot abras fell on her cheek and decided what to do.

She will take revenge on everyone, she will turn their lives into a black hell, as they turned her into hell, then she looked grudgingly at that lady, and then she went to the knife shop … she bought an oasis and put her in her handbag and went to the store she was five minutes late and the employer will deduct her from the salary a full day :

Where were you guys, why was it late for you, and before he finished his sentence …

She took the knife out of her bag and stabbed him in the stomach violently … saying:

I have deducted for you what is left for you in life, so go to hell, and no one will be in control after today.

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