Apartment Forbidden Your True Horror Story from Ghost Hell

Apartment Forbidden Your True Horror Story from Ghost Hell

The story is very strange and controversial, the story happened in Egypt in the Muharram Bey area in Alexandria, there was an old man who lived in the area, and he had a small shop sitting in it throughout the day, and the old man had a very strange hobby, which is reading everything related to the jinn and what belongs to them and evoke them and deal with them.

The man was an introverted stranger, who did not like anyone interfering in his life and reading in his store a lot of strange and scary books, which no one knows where the man found them. The unknown and what he wants.

His elder son says with great fear and tension: I could not hide anything at home or even outside without my father knowing, so he knew everything, I was very afraid of him.

For example, once I was hiding a pack of cigarettes somewhere that no one else would know me, and one day my father knew about it and brought it to me while he was shouting at me in anger, and my father knew the location of everything immediately, I was afraid of him he was a strange man.

And he always told my mother to leave the house, and leave him alone at home, and he was buying very strange kinds of incense and a foul-smelling fragrance, we did not know where my father brought it.

Until the day came when the man asked his wife to take the children and absent from the house and stay at her mother, because he has an important work to do in the middle of the night, the wife went out of his way and left the house already.

The next day, the wife and children returned home, and tried to open the door forcefully, and they found a locker on the inside that was closed with bolt on the inside.

I was surprised, so I started knocking on the door with force, and no one answered. The husband never answered and his voice was not heard, and she began to feel anxious. She started screaming loudly, calling her husband until the neighbors gathered.

She told them that her husband was inside and the door was closed to himself. Perhaps something bad happened to him, and the neighbors decided to break the door to find out what happened to the man.

Indeed, they smashed the whole door, and when they entered, the surprise they found was the apartment completely destroyed, everything was completely destroyed and shattered and the blood was scattered everywhere with a very ugly disgusting view.

The wife found her husband, lying on the ground, a dead body, injured in different parts of his body in very terrible ways, the man was dead and died and every part of his body was shedding blood.

They called the police and the criminal investigation men confirmed that the apartment was completely closed from the inside, and the doors and windows were closed from the inside as if the killer had evaporated in the air or was present in the apartment and did not get out of the foundation.

The strange thing is that the criminal investigation report confirms that at least ten tough men have beaten the man severely and in an ugly manner to death, and the autopsies did not find a single bone in the body of the man intact and not broken.

The crime was restricted against an unknown person, and no one knew what happened and the wife left the house for fear of him, and no one yet knows what happened to this family after that, and the apartment remains until today, no one was able to bring her closer, and strange things happened at night, so the neighbors heard sounds of loud noise and lights lit up And it closes on its own, and this is the end of everyone who tries to interfere with what does not concern him and interfere in the world of the jinn and prepare it.

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