FREE HORROR word-image-5 Midnight scary story short Small Town Horror Story

Midnight scary story short Small Town Horror Story

Midnight ghost story

Midnight ghost story goods from the stores to his wholesale store located in the same town and the donkey carts were the means of transporting goods in this small town. On this day, my uncle was unable to transport a cargo, due to an accident in the Karu stop, which led to the death of one of the young boys who was driving one of the vehicles. He fell and was run over by the wheels of a van with a large trailer. The boy died on the spot, and a clash occurred between the owners of the vehicles On the one hand, and between the trailer driver and the porters, on the other hand. And after that incident at exactly 12 o’clock at night of the same day, my grandmother was standing in the east in our apartment on the ground floor, and suddenly she came to us running speeding and saying in horror that she had seen a Karoo cart running without a driver and a group of dogs that were barking heavily in it The case I linked what my grandmother says to the boy’s death incident, but I did not disclose what was on my mind.

The next night, at about the same time, we heard a hysterical barking of dogs under the window of my room, and when we looked down, we found a fleshed dog raised to the top of his feet, as if someone was holding it and waving it in a horrendous circular motion, and around it a group of dogs barking hysterically and as if seeing something What you want to attack and then it started to get worse. The next night at midnight, we were surprised by a barrage of bricks and stones pouring into our windows of our house. These strange events continued for three consecutive nights and I was trying to communicate with this thing, believing in me that it was the ghost of the dead boy. Nour my room and start talking to him and I tell him let’s become friends and I was finding the palm of a child waving to me from behind the window and the news seemed to spread in the family and I told my father but he did not believe and he told me that these myths have no evidence so I told him if he waited until Midnight and you will believe me and see for yourself.

Indeed, the dogs started barking and blocks of bricks and sand came towards our apartment, so my father rose and opened the window, cursing whoever was doing this until the surprise came !! All the kitchen items were cooks, spoons and others that were thrown in the street and my father accused me of doing that, but fortunately for me my innocence appeared because I had spent the day with my cousin and my father started following the strange phenomenon until he saw for himself the hooves of a donkey knocking on the window and We are determined to expel this ghost, so we enlisted the help of one of the sheikhs who recommended us to read the Qur’an along with some other advice. Indeed, the incidents ended after nearly two months had passed and we spent them in real terror.

FREE HORROR W1SIZI1 Haunted Dolls Hospital, for the most famous dolls in the world

Haunted Dolls Hospital, for the most famous dolls in the world

Haunted Dolls Hospital, for the most famous dolls in the world

It has become easy for children to obtain dolls from anywhere and a dollhouse, but the strange thing is that there is a private hospital in Sydney to repair dolls for children and restore them to normal and repair, and the hospital was opened more than a century ago, when it was opened in 1913 by Mr. Harold Chapman, as an expansion of his general store, where he was selling dolls imported by a sister from Japan, and during the shipping the rubber doll’s frame was scratched and sometimes torn apart, and Harold was interested in repairing them and when customers saw the store to Harold repairing the dolls, they seemed to bring their children’s dolls for repair and so they evolved I crafted it until the general store turned into a hospital to repair the broken original dolls.

In 1930 AD, son Harold Chapman took over the work of his father and moved the hospital to a new headquarters, expanding as he developed his business to include repairing leather goods, handbags, gloves, toys, umbrellas and everything like that. The real boom of the hospital came in 1939 during World War II, when resources became scarce and were The only toys that children get are the toys they already own, so fixing them became a necessity and thus spreading this craft.

Today, Mr. Jeff Champan is concerned with the running and administration of the Puppet Hospital, who is the grandson of Harold who has continued to implement the reforms with the same passion and enthusiasm with which his father and grandfather was known. Dolls are like any real hospital if it depends on specialists with skills and experience, each in its field according to its specialty. The hospital is interested in correcting an incredible number of antique and modern dolls, soft toys, rocking horse carts, even handbags, umbrellas, and ceramics. The hospital repaired more than 3 million dolls.

Jeff, the grandson of Chapman, says there is nothing more beautiful than seeing the smile on girls ’faces as they receive, their doll after repairing it and seeing it came back as before, and mentioned that some children shed tears when their dear toys were left in their hearts in the hospital, but they return with tears of joy, when they receive it After repair and return to the original state again.

In spite of the amazing and impressive dazzling work done by this place and the people inside it, the place may be terrifying for some due to the huge number of dolls scattered and seated everywhere inside the building, many and terrifying dolls of different shapes and sizes and every doll next to it another doll they look at and their eyes do not leave you Wherever you go, perhaps some of these dolls are haunted by ghosts, many of them move at night from their places and inside them with ghosts and very evil spirits, so everyone who visits the place feels a great dread and fear, because the dolls look at you in a very strange and terrifying way, you feel those who are present with great fear and intense panic.

FREE HORROR unnamed-file-1 Jinn Stories The game of horror "Aloja" and King of the Jinn is a true story in the tongue of its owner.

Jinn Stories The game of horror “Aloja” and King of the Jinn is a true story in the tongue of its owner.

Jinn Stories The game of horror “Aloja” and King of the Jinn is a true story in the tongue of its owner.

My name is “Evans” The events of my frightening story began when a question inside me about the reason why my uncle expelled me from his home more than once started with the onset of darkness. I have an uncle that I love so much. I adore his style of speaking. Once I decided to search for the reason, and I went at night to his house to peek through his windows of what my uncle was doing and his mysterious style. I waited all night and moved from one window to another. Curiosity gripped me more and more, I remembered my father, and I rushed home quickly, and it was past two o’clock after midnight.

I crept into my house, but my father followed me and asked me: “Why was I late for such a time, did I not warn you before about the delay in the return date ?!

I tried a lot to mislead my father in answering his question, but he insisted on knowing the truth, so I had to say it: “My father, I was looking for the truth of my uncle’s behavior with me like this and the reason behind his strange behavior with me, but I found strange about his matter.”

I found gaze of interest on my father’s face as if he was asking me to complete what I found at my uncle, so I resumed my talk: “I saw him, Dad, talking as if something else was with him. I could barely hear him talking as if he was asking and answering about someone with him inside the room, but I only saw that he was sitting on the table and in front of him waved A strange wooden shape with a piece that drives it. ”

My father replied to me: “Do not go there again my son, and I will inform you of all the questions that circulate your thoughts and yourself. This board is a game called“ Alweja ”, and your uncle uses it to evoke the spirit of your late grandfather from years ago to talk to him and domesticate him throughout the night, your uncle was Very loving to your grandfather and could not get past his death order, so he looked a lot for alternatives until he found this damned game by which he was able to conjure up his soul every night.

My father made a pledge not to go again to my uncle’s house in the evening, but my intense curiosity led me to break my father’s covenant and I went the next day, but I did not find my uncle, no matter how I moved from one window to another I did not find it, so I returned sadly, my father punished me and scolded me a lot for what I did, and by the morning I went to my uncle’s house to search for it but I did not find it, it has virtually disappeared.

Months passed and I did not find my uncle at all. I thought about using his game to reach him, and I wish I did not think this way. I resorted to that game with which I opened the gates of hell, first I asked her about the location of my disappeared uncle, but she answered me that he was in the hospitality of the king of the jinn “Bazuzu”, and shortly after that I heard Scribble at the door of my room so I went to check the matter, then I found that he had written on the door Welcome In the world of the jinn, my chest narrowed and I felt that a person with me is always watching me and watching my actions and behaviors. I was excited about my studies and all the countries of the world were obliged to hope that the feeling of the existence of something would disappear. If I talked about it, I would end up in a mental and psychiatric hospital.

I searched a lot for someone who would help me so that my destiny was not the same as the fate of my poor uncle, to be with the fist of the king of the jinn “Bazuzu” and to pay my freedom to rush from me to enter the world of the jinn and demons; Finally I came to a world in the hidden worlds and indicated Ali burned the Ouija board, and from then on I live a somewhat normal life.

Do not approach an unknown world!

FREE HORROR word-image-4 Very terrifying, realistic stories, the story of the ghost of the dead man, whose events are exciting and wonderful

Very terrifying, realistic stories, the story of the ghost of the dead man, whose events are exciting and wonderful

Very terrifying, realistic stories, the story of the ghost of the dead man, whose events are exciting and wonderful

One day, my uncle came to our house, and the anger was clearly visible on his face, because he was unable to transfer his goods in the stores to his wholesale store located in the village where I live with my family in Gharbia Governorate in Egypt … Al-Muhair is the means of transporting goods in the town, and the reason that my uncle was unable to transport his goods on that day is an accident in the parking of the carts that led to the death of one of the young boys who was driving one of the vehicles where he fell under the wheels of a truck with a large trailer .. Try My father comforted him and advised him to stay in our house tonight until tomorrow morning so that he could transport the goods.

On this night, around 12 o’clock at night, my grandmother was standing on the balcony of our house on the ground floor. Suddenly, we saw her running, screaming, and dividing that she saw a Karoo cart running without a driver, and a group of dogs chasing over 20 dogs chased her. I could not prevent my imagination from linking the incident that took place Which is about my uncle and what my grandmother says, but I did not express my doubts to anyone, and the next night, at the same time, we completely heard a hysterical barking of a group of dogs under the window of my room, I looked down and found a dog whose body was lifted from its old, as if someone was holding it from He presented it and waved it in a circular motion, but the strange thing was that there was no one at all, while the rest of the dogs were wrapped around it in a circular ring and it barked hysterically as if you see something and want to attack it or fear it.

Suddenly, events evolved a lot, and I became like I was in a real horror movie. On the third night and at the same time in the middle of the night again, I was surprised by a barrage of bricks and sand pouring into the window of my room. Opening the window calms everything and only traces of dirt remain on the window due to the bricks and stones that poured on it.

I had an idea in mind, which is to try to communicate with this fearful ghost that I was convinced in me that he smashed the dead child in the mentioned incident. Indeed, I turned off the lights in my room and sat behind the window, waiting for his conditions or making any movement indicating his presence. I began to address, saying: Why not be a friends ? Suddenly, I found the palm of a small child behind the window waving to me. She had fear of me and rushed to my parents’ room. Soon the news of the ghost of the boy in the family spread and our young relatives came to our house to see these strange phenomena that my father talked about a lot.

One day, my cousin was staying in our house, and he saw for himself the hooves of a donkey that knocked on the window and told my father about that. The next morning, all the housings of the house were lying in the street. With a group of ghosts trying to drive us out of the house.

FREE HORROR every-dead-body-tells-a-story-or-the-star The disappearance of the body in room 55 is a frightening horror story that occurred in South Africa

The disappearance of the body in room 55 is a frightening horror story that occurred in South Africa

The disappearance of the body in room 55 is a frightening horror story that occurred in South Africa

This strange incident that sparked controversy in South Africa occurred at Stellenbosch Hospital. It is a very strange and controversial accident, and no one believes it. Titicic Gicoste, 61, a husband and father of six children, underwent a serious abdominal surgery on October 5. 2017, and he was then placed in a private recovery room in Stellenbosch Hospital in Stellenbosch, South Africa, to recover soon after leaving the operating room at about 5:15 am A nurse watched him giving the drug his medicine after he woke up and noticed something very strange.

The presence of strange spots on the bed in green color The nurse surprised and exited the room to bring some clean linens and bed linen, and when she returned there was not Tetic Gicoste in the room, the man completely disappeared and he evaporated and left the butterfly empty, scientifically that the man’s surgery was dangerous and he could not get out and rise from the bed then Walking quietly and without help from anyone is a very difficult prospect, and the time the nurse took to get the blankets was a few minutes, not hours.

However, Gicoste disappeared from the room. The hospital began to search for the missing man with tension in every part and inch of the hospital with great care. His family was not notified of his disappearance until October 7, that is, two days after the man disappeared. Then a hospital employee called to ask with tension if Gicoste At home and how to leave the hospital that way in the West?

The family revolted, robbed, lost their mind, and searched the hospital madly in Shubar Shubr and knew the reason for the disappearance of the father. Where did he go, and the man did not return home. The next day the police came after informing the man’s family that the search for the missing man and investigations continued until October 20 without finding any trace of him and no one saw him leaving From the hospital

On October 20 at 5:15 pm, the body of the missing patient was discovered by chance workers who are performing renovations in the hospital. The body was found in an “isolated area on the ceiling in the ventilation hole” in an area that is completely inaccessible “and was not The hospital has no answer as to how this happened and how the patient went to that narrow, isolated spot from the ceiling. So did the man fly to get there and why does he do that?

Investigations into the case continued until October 30, in front of everyone’s amazement and tension. The hospital conducted an autopsy and spoke with the family, but they did not say much and did not give an explanation of what happened. They were surprised by what happened as well. Completely successful and the man was in good health, but it appears that the man was killed some way and then put his body in that isolated area from the ceiling where he was found after he had already died from a while ago.

The subject is strange, although local reports from South Africa on October 23 of the disappearance and discovery of the body of Tetic Gekosti, it is strange that if we assume that it is a regular murder and the man was killed after leaving the operating room, why was he taken from the room and disappeared? Mysteriously that fast?
What are the green spots that the nurse found on the bed?

How can a body be found by chance in a hospital, if its smell did not appear during that period in the ventilation holes, it disappeared on the 5th day, and the body appeared on the 15th, how did it not decompose something strange, how did they not find the body when searching the first time, and how did the man fly to go up to the ventilation openings He is a sick man. How did the man’s family do not ask him for two whole days in the hospital. Is there someone who kidnapped the man and a situation where I found after killing him? Are ghosts of aliens other things but why is this man?

And if the man had died after the operation and the hospital was lying, what would they benefit without discrediting them even though it is very likely that a person would die while performing surgery or his condition worsened then there is no problem with the matter then every day patients die from excessive drug doses from wound infection from cardiac arrest during Surgery, but I think there is something else that I don’t understand. Don’t you think so with me? Is there a missing link and something strange?

FREE HORROR unnamed-file The story of Jin happened personally with me, frightening

The story of Jin happened personally with me, frightening

The story of Jin happened personally with me, frightening

Jin joking with us or what happened from the illusion of our imagination. I and a number of my friends went to work in one of the villages of the northern coast several years ago when the northern coast was not inhabited by the same population density that exists now, we were working inside the village at night and in the evening the village administration provided us with a room outside the village walls about 500 meters away the room was the only one not surrounded by any Other adjacent residences, a spacious room for a group of individuals with one entrance has a dilapidated door and a small window for ventilation. When we entered that room, we found it full of nails in every corner of the room in a very exaggerated and eye-catching manner. Nearly hundreds of nails distributed in all aspects, we did not care about its time, as we were exhausted from work and in need of some sleep. The next day, we found an Arab man in the village who was a resident of the area, and one of us took curiosity to ask him why there are so many nails so he laughed a lot and then answered that we who did this took a lot of surprise from us and asked him who you are? The Arabs said, so we said why? … He went back a little and then said: I do not want to frighten you. He urged us to tell us, and under the weight of extreme urgency, he told us that we always do this in isolated places like your room because the jinn often lives in him and takes him as his refuge, so we laughed a lot and then we left because everything we heard proved to us the ignorance of that Arab And his belief in the chaos that we urban people do not believe in. And as usual we went to our room to have a rest and in the morning one of my friends asked me why you were opening the room door It was very cold yesterday, so I replied that I had never opened the room door yesterday, and I never woke up except in the morning with you to go to work, so we went to our friends One by one and each of them answers us that he did not open the door yesterday so we thought that perhaps the winds were causing it to open the door as the door was very old. After our work was completed, we went to our room and suggested to a friend that we entertain ourselves and take a tour of the village we were working in. Everyone agreed, except for me because I was feeling tired so everyone went and stayed alone in the room. After a while, while I was looking at the little window while I was having a cup of tea, I heard someone knocking on the door and I was terrified because I look at the window and did not surround the room anything. I can see whether there is anyone knocking on the door or not, but I did not see anyone coming and then started knocking on the increase quickly And terrifying when I see the door and no one is outside, I took a deep breath gathering bravery in it and asked who knocked on the door? … No one answered me but stopped knocking on the door. She rushed towards the small window and jumped from it in the barefoot way. And I took my wages away from the room and after a few minutes I had moved away from the room and I remained terrified. I am awaiting the return of my friends. I am suffering from the coldness of the night, amazed by what I saw. After several hours, I saw my friends coming from far and ran to them and told them about what happened to me. When we approached, one of us looked at the window and then said that there is no one in the room. It is dark. Maybe my friend fell asleep. I imagined what happened and called us to enter the room. We know that the room has no one, so how do I turn on the lamp ….? I don’t really know what happened with us, but you know ????