The sky had a moonless night, the gusts of wind blowing through this half-abandoned town. There at the corner, there stood a mansion in that street of houses. Considering how many people had left this place, this street with the mansion was one of the few that had still people living in them.

He was present in his room, watching something on the television. That was the only thing he could do to kill time. The boredom was too much. As he looked outside the window, the skeletal trees at some distance sent a chill through his spine.

He never understood why his dad had come to this place. The townspeople were quite few and those who lived here weren’t friendly at all. Apparently, the company his dad worked for was doing a survey for this half-abandoned town, wondering why others hadn’t invested here. The town could be a potentially resourceful place for their extraction sites.  Well, that was what his dad had told him. For him, he always felt as if this place was filled with creeps.

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The street he lived in was quite dark and grim. The houses in there were old, mostly abandoned. In a street of twenty houses, only six were inhabited. The rest were ancient and the folks that once lived there had moved to another place. Seven out of thirty streets were inhabited, the rest with mostly empty houses.

Whatever the reason was, he knew it wasn’t a good one. No one ever talked about why the town was mostly empty of people. He had tried to ask his dad over the dinner table and all his dad could tell was an ancient bedtime story people here used to tell. Apparently, the people told tales of a faceless man that was tall and towered over an average heighted man, dressed in slender suit. All nonsense tales, his dad told him.

Currently, as the night fell over this town, he felt quite safe in his bedroom, tucked in that comforter on his bed, eating cheese crackers while watching his favourite Netflix show. He didn’t wish to look outside the window. Cold wind was blowing, and the trees gave off a scary vibe, their branches moving in wind as if they were alive. He had been living in the city for his entire life and he knew how the trees normally moved in the wind. Here, they didn’t move like that at all…

The show was quite interesting and soon, he found his attention immersed into that silly TV serials. Before he could react to that main character’s humorous comments, the TV got shut down. Odd! Very odd!

He could have sworn that at the corner of his eyes, he had seen a flicker…a dark shadow moving. He simply ignored, calling it a trick of the light. He had to… in truth he was scared.

The problem couldn’t be found. The cable of the TV was intact and plugged into the socket. Why had it turned off? He wondered with frustration. There was no answer to this dilemma! As he tried to check the socket, he realized that the socket was busted. A burning smell could be felt in the air. A fried socket…that was what had been the cause of that TV turning off like that.

Extra socket was in that closet. That was when he heard that strange clicking sound in that closet. It was quite odd! A clicking sound coming from the closet? He felt fear in his heart…could the tales be true?

Nonsense! No such thing was possible! He moved to the closet, ready to take out that socket and change it. He had learned some of the electrical work when he was in previous town. He knew very well how to deal with a fried socket.

As he opened the closet, he realized a gust of wind passed, touching his face. This was quite a frightening thought. How could a gust of wind blow in a closed room?

He looked at the closet’s right most corner, to find something that froze his blood. A human head…no…something that looked like a human head without skin and yellow glowing eyes…its ominous head tilted to his direction! He screamed and screamed at the top of his lungs!

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