Candyman, the afro-surrealist movie by Jordan Peele is a gentrification horror about the art industry

Jordan Peele, first a genius of tv humour after which a director with a loopy debut (Get Out is his first movie, Us his second) is behind this movie.
Peele shoots and writes horror tales whose theme is all the time how racism is altering in American society, and what the brand new types of unequal relationships between white and black folks really are. This time he solely wrote the movie, whereas the path, very clear, shiny but in addition conscious it’s a basic horror movie, is by Nia DaCosta. Candyman takes up an previous style, the Nineties Nightmare-style slasher, with a supernatural demonic presence that threatens and carries out a sequence of homicides. Within the first movie the monster was the results of white crimes of the previous, right now it’s the results of the exploitation of African-American artwork and creativity. On these buildings there in Cabrini Inexperienced, on these ruins, new types of exploitation are nonetheless being erected upon the previous ones.

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