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The house can’t accommodate everyone – a very scary story

One day a man rented a house on the outskirts of the end and this house was deserted for a long time in which no one lived, and then his owner re-maintained and painted again and changed his decor and then subject to rent, so this man came and rented it, this man tells his terrible story saying: I transferred my belongings to this The house and I spent the first night in it with my wife and children, it was a quiet and beautiful night, and several days passed until we settled in this house. I was very happy with this house overlooking the scenery of the amazing forest sides and my children are very happy with the small garden attached to the house where they spend the day playing and having fun.

I used to go to work in the morning and come in the evening and sleep early to continue working the next day, but my wife used to love so much in front of the TV, and after a week passed she came to my bed running and fear fills her eyes saying that there is something strange in this house, so I asked her and what she told me that she Every night, you hear a commotion in the corridor leading to the kitchen, and sometimes you hear the screaming of children and the sound of their legs running around the house. To it these whispers again, calmed down a bit and slept tonight.

The next day I came back late from work and I was very exhausted, and when I entered the house I found my wife motionless and her eyes sitting in the corner of the house while she was sweating and trembling badly, and after she woke up she told me that she saw a woman sitting with her in the hall and exchanging together the parties of the conversation, where she told her these The woman said that she and her family lived in this house for a very long time, and they will never leave for it. My wife advised that she and her family search for her for another place because this house is small and not everyone can accommodate it.

I was very shocked when I heard this strange novel that my wife told me, and as soon as it ended until a short man appeared in front of me and said to me: We do not want to harm you and your family, but our family is large and we are the residents of this real house and we came before you lived for many years, so we ask From you to search for another house .. I agreed to leave immediately and started searching for another house and asked him for a delay until I find another house for me and my children, and he gave me a full month that they would not harm any of my family and they would not show us day or night, and before the time we left the house Without going back.

FREE HORROR word-image-1 The story of the cemetery imp is very scary

The story of the cemetery imp is very scary

It has been the norm in our village to make an annual visit to the graves and spend a whole week inside them, and the graves were away from the village by tens of kilometers, sitting near the mountain, and the graves were connected to each other to appear as a deserted village surrounded by mystery and excitement, and in my last visit with my family to the graves remember My father, his brothers, were kidnapped by death early, so he sat next to their grave crying, and during that uncle Saleh passed by our neighbor near the graves.

The sympathy imp is !! What a mysterious and frightening phrase, it has a strange ringing on my heart and my ears, I looked at Uncle Saleh in amazement and it seems that he immediately understood and began answering me before I asked my question, saying: “You know I had a son who lost him while he was young, and I have been for many years coming To here alone I cry over his grave, and once a relative died and I went with the family to bury him, and as usual I left the crowd and went away heading towards my son’s grave, despite the brutal darkness of the night and the smell of death and the dread of the place, and when I reached the grave I threw my body over the grave of my son and started crying and mourning ”

Uncle Saleh went on saying, “Here I heard a voice from behind me saying:“ Many years passed and you came here and cried for your son, it is enough to cry because it will not benefit anything. ”Then I felt this person approaching me and I was still immersed in my tears and said: Come, hand me your hand to help you I had to get up, I thought he was one of the family of the deceased who had followed me and came behind me, and when I put my hands on him he broke through my arms, as if I leaned on the air .. I stood in panic and if I see in front of Afrin, he has two eyes burning as if he was burning embers and his mouth widens as a deep well.

Heavy silence ensued for seconds, as years passed by, and we all stared at each other .. Should I never run now? Or is it going to fade quietly .. I asked myself without feeling, I found myself screaming a cry that almost frightened the dead, and I started a terrifying runaway, so I came out of it with a terrifying laugh that echoed in the stillness of the night between the dead .. I started running in the graves and my heart almost stopped from Fear and terror, and I imagine that the imp is running behind me but I can’t look back, I went back to the funeral, but I didn’t find any of the mourners, they left and left me.

My heart was filled with panic, as I was alone in the graves, I felt my soul coming out of my body .. I saw a person come from afar making the dark with a light of flame so the reassurance came slowly to me, they felt that I was not there and returned to search for me .. And from that day I did not dare to enter the graves Never alone.

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The story of the jungle and the old man is very scary

One day a young man decided to go with two of his friends to camp inside the woods, this was the first stage for these friends to move away from home and the city to this degree, but there were a lot of exciting and wonderful stories about the beauty of this forest and its charming nature, which increased the enthusiasm of young people towards Go to her and spend the entire night inside.

Young people gathered their belongings and went out to the road, but in the middle of the road they faced a small problem in one of the wheels of the car. Fortunately for them, they were close to the Istiraj station. The youth club called the mechanic and left the car until he cared about the problem, while they went to rest and drink some coffee in the café next to the rest. Half an hour later, the youth returned to the mechanic and took over the car, but before they spoke again on their way, one of the station employees approached them and asked them about their destination, so they told him that they were going to the forest, signs of dread and terror appeared for a while, but the man quickly owned himself And he cautiously told him: Be careful in the path of the forest, because it is really scary and very dangerous .. The man said and went.

Young men burst into laughter, because of this stranger’s strange words and accusations of cowardice, and no one cared about his words .. The youth continued the path towards the forest, and during their way very strange events occurred with them, the first of which was the turning of the air into a very dark fog since they entered the path of the forest, then it started Ghosts appear in front of the car, in addition to very frightening sounds.

In the beginning, the friends ignored all of this, and everyone thought that they were delusional and did not dare tell their friends what they felt and felt.

But with the passage of time, the young man suggested that they return to the house, and here everyone started talking openly, where one of the friends said: Did not one of you see this ghost that is standing on the right of the car, the friends looked, and if they find someone coming from inside the forest, and another person coming from The back and appears in the mirror, until the ghosts surrounded the car from each side, and their faces were completely deformed, the friends went out fleeing the car trying to find a way to return to the city running quickly, but the ghosts followed them from all sides, until the friends found a small house, the youth knocked on the door quickly Then an old man came out to them, quickly brought them inside and asked them who brought them to this place, so the friends told him their story, so the old man gave each young man an accessory and ordered them to put it on their hands and never take him off, then gave him a car and told them to return it to them but in the morning, and guided them to me The Road .

The youths came out afraid, but the strange thing is that they saw the ghosts moving away from them and fleeing from them without any of them daring to approach again. In the decline of ghosts, and from that day on, young people always keep these accessories in their hands.

FREE HORROR 4 He's chasing me - a true story

He’s chasing me – a true story

The young man tells his story saying: My story started when I was 10 years old on one of the nights in Ramadan, where I used to go out with my friends after breakfast to play in the street until midnight, there was a large fig tree in our neighborhood, we used to play hide and seek behind it and always hide behind it, in Tonight I was playing with three of my friends, and suddenly we heard the four strange snarers, so we thought there was a dog behind the tree, we went to look but we found an incredibly tall man up to about 4 meters, the features of his face are very clear despite the darkness surrounding us, His white face was pale with a very thick beard, and he wore a coat similar to that of the medieval kings.

We were horrified from that scene and all of us hurried to escape from in front of him. I went straight to my house crying in my mother’s bosom. But we found no trace.

My father said in simplicity: It could be that he was just a crazy man or a homeless person sleeping behind the tree, and the matter ended like this, days passed and our fear gradually decreased, but we were avoiding passing by this tree my friends and I, and one night I was sleeping in my room around four in the morning I woke up I heard the same snarl that I heard at the tree that day .. I opened my eyes terrified, and I saw the same man standing in the corner of the room, but he was shorter than the previous time, and he was of moderate height this time.

I froze in my place, and I couldn’t even shout to cry for someone from the horror of the situation. I would almost die of terror, had it not been for my mother to enter the room and find me in this condition, I asked, “What is wrong with you?” I was surprised and asked my mother how did you know? And why did you come now? She told me that I was filling the house screaming and crying loudly, I was very surprised because I did not make any sound .. I told her what I saw, but no one believed me and my father told me that it is only a nightmare because I think about it a lot more than that.

At this moment I felt a severe wound and pain in my stomach, I looked and found deep scratches and wounds in that place similar to the writings, and here everyone shocked and believed my story, my father decided to take me to the Sheikh of the neighborhood, and what increased me and increased my father fear and dismay is that we found the friends of my friends as well they have brought them to me With the Sheikh and they have the same signs .. The Sheikh read some verses from the Holy Qur’an on us, and asked our families to fortify us with dhikr and the Qur’an. Thank God, nothing happened after that until I turned twenty-five years old, and I traveled with my father to France.

One day I was sitting in a public park during the day and suddenly I heard the same snarl that I could not forget despite the passage of many years, I said to myself “Oh my Lord is not a second” I approached the trees to see where the sound came from and suddenly I lost my awareness and when I woke up I found myself in The hospital with my father, I decided to call my old friends again, and they told me that they saw the same man as well, I learned that he had returned again, but this time it was much worse, we had seen him every night and left on our bodies traces of Latin scratches and writings on the stomach we suffered from physical pain And my nightmares .. I became afraid to sleep and did not approach any tree or sit on my own, and I fear too much of his constant chase to me .. I went to Umrah and stopped visiting me until I came back until I saw him at the airport standing among the people as if he was waiting for me and until now I do not know what the solution .

FREE HORROR 3 Midnight visitor a very scary story

Midnight visitor a very scary story

One day in 1954 it was rainy and the sky was full of thundering sound and frightening lights of lightning, and at exactly two o’clock in the middle of the night there was a man walking alone on his way and was afraid and feeling very cold, looking for a house to resort to until he was warm and looking for something to eat .. The man walked Too much until he reached a very large house that seemed to be deserted from the outside, the man approached the door of the house cautiously and then rang the bell several times, so a man came out to him saying: What do you want, stranger? The man replied: I am lost, feeling very cold, and my guts are torn from starvation. Can you add me tonight and I will go as soon as the sun rises in the morning? The man said: Go ahead … the stranger entered the house and he felt reassurance and warmth. The owner of the house was absent a little and then came with his hot coffee and food, and they sat together talking.

The stranger noticed that the owner of the house lived alone without a wife, children, or even servants, nothing but him and his dog only. The man gave him a blanket to wear, saying: Take this to stay with you and sleep here today until the morning rises. The man rejoiced a lot and thanked him then went to a deep sleep.

The next day, the owner of the house woke up and went to the room where the stranger left last night, but did not find him. He searched for him in all the rooms of the house, but found no trace, and the man said to himself: The man must have been ashamed and went early before he woke up from My sleep .. On that day the owner of the house was invited to visit a museum of archaeological pictures that are very old for thousands of years. The man went to the museum and looked between the pictures and contemplated the wonderful heritage, but between the pictures he found something very strange, made him stop in his place amazed, he found between Pictures The picture of the man who slept with him last night. The man quickly turned to one of the curators and asked him: Who is this man? He replied: This man has been dead for more than 200 years, so the man said in shock: How is this? He visited me yesterday at my house and slept with me last night. The official said simply without interest: He is definitely a person who looks like him, nothing more. The matter confused you. The man insisted on his words, he is absolutely sure of the shape of the man and even there is a sign of a destination that he noticed yesterday and it is present in The picture clearly.

Under the photo, the man found the location of the grave of the owner of the image buried more than 200 years ago. The man went to the graves quickly to know the truth about what was happening and he was able to fear him. When he reached the intended grave, he found a surprise that he did not expect at all. Lying on his grave.

FREE HORROR 2 The story of bullying leads to death

The story of bullying leads to death

It is said that in one of the schools, located in one of the European countries, the 16-year-old Jesse girl lived a miserable life. The rest of the students were always making fun of her and bullied her, and because she was shy she couldn’t answer them. That girl had been suffering a lot for months without anyone helping her from school, and without telling anyone from her family. One day, one of the students proposed a proposal and the others decided to implement it. One of the students: Jesse, look! We have decided to stop mocking you in one case. Jesse shyly replied stuttering: What is it? Another student: Do you know the graves in the northern region? Jesse: Yes. A second student: You have to go there when the moon is full. Complete the fourth student: Relax in the loudest voice at the middle cemetery and say:

 “I want to be your friend.” Jesse hesitated a lot before answering the question, because these graves are famous among the inhabitants for being inhabited, and that ghosts appear in abundance and do strange acts during the full moon days. Jesse couldn’t think long, because one of the students cut the rope of her thoughts when he told her. Student amid the laughter of other students, laughs: What did you decide, Jesse, you will continue along the lines of the end of the year! Jesse: Okay, okay. On the agreed day, when twelve o’clock in the middle of the night, Jesse and the rest of the students were standing at the agreed graves. STUDENT: Come on, Jesse, go in! Jesse: I feel shriek … A student: What happened ?! Aren’t you coming in? The student took out his mobile phone and started photographing Jesse stuttering to speak, and she was only going to enter. Indeed, it agreed.