FREE HORROR 1 The enchanted crow

The enchanted crow

The incident started when I was living in a room on the roof of a building on the outskirts of Cairo, and when my work schedule changed in the garment factory I was working in; I woke up at six in the morning, after I woke up at seven; I make a cup of tea for myself, I heat two loaves of bread, I take out of the small refrigerator, a piece of cheese on a plate, and I go out to eat them outside the room on the roof ..

The first morning in which something happened happened, it was a quiet morning, and the sun was about to shine behind the tall high concrete towers; I sat on the plastic chair, in front of the wooden table – where I put my food – I streamed cheese and was swallowed with tea, and on both sides of the building rises from the roof – where I sit – with three floors, it was white, and faced with wide balconies with iron railings, and it was a kiss I faced on my right like the facade of the architecture where I live..

I was busy breaking my fast, and suddenly the sound of something hitting a stone or a door upstairs was heard; I lifted my eyesight, I wandered with my eyes in search of the source of the sound, and asked myself: How can anyone throw a stone and reach a distance beyond the seventh floor ?!

My looks landed on a crow, standing on the railing of a balcony on one of the eighth floor apartments in front of me, standing, suddenly; He flew away, then returned again, blowing the wind very quickly, and hit his beak, body and tentacles on the balcony door! I watched him as astonished, and muttered:

What does this madman do ?!

He kept doing it until the door opened, and a woman who appeared to be forty years old, dressed in her short sleepwear, and her hair shrunken, went out to him with her hand, and shouted:

– Go; You woke me up ?!

Then the woman rolled in. The crow stood silent over the handrails, and he looked around like a madman, and after moments he flew away and disappeared behind the tall buildings, and the sun rose.

I sat confused, with various interpretations of what happened before my eyes, and asked: Was he waking her up? but how? He may have been a trained crow, but this is incorrect. There are no trained foreigners, perhaps just no more! ..

And I swear if somebody – at that time – had told him about me and strengthened the faith what I believed, but unfortunately it happened in front of me, and not only once, but it was happening every morning, and at the same time, and it became clear that the matter was not a coincidence, until my concern became, so I removed talismans This strange event.

I thought of a colleague working with me at the factory, who was claiming that he had the ability to decipher the talismans of any strange accidents, or of the other world. Maybe he can solve the mystery! ..


One day; On the lunch break, I sat with him; He was a skinny young man, with a big head, with wide eyes, a little scary. After we ate, I told him what happened, and I found his eyes wide and suspicious in a suspicious and disturbing manner, despite their terrifying naturalness, and he fasted a little, then he murmured with himself some time, and after a minute; His captives were flat, he told me in a tone accented with confidence, experience and practice:

– Damned … Then he silently shook his head left and right, looking in another direction, as if he was addressing another person sitting with us, and not appearing!

– who you mean?.

I asked him, he stopped shaking his head, he looked at me, and he said in a cheeky tone:

– A colleague is afraid of you, that woman, she may charm you as the crow enchanted, to go every morning and press the bell to wake her up, or make you bring her vegetables and fruits from the market!

Can you explain more?!.

– That woman is a wizard, fellow. The crow is enchanted by an obedience spell she cast on him, to wake her up every morning!

I laughed and told him:

– She did not exhaust herself, and cast her talismans on a poor crow, and she can set an alarm, or buy an alarm?!.

– my dear; These things should not work your mind in it, and if you consider yourself sane, why did you come asking for my help? Why did you not force your mind to find an interpretation, O clever one ?!

I fell ashamed of my head, then I gave up:

– I know that there are things that are difficult from the mind and are difficult to understand, such as this strange event, so I came to you to find what I wanted … And the truth is, I began to believe what you say!

Smile with victory; He looked around as if he was afraid that one of the colleagues around us would hear him eating their food on the tables, then he brought his head close to me, saying:

You know? Perhaps this crow is a flesh embodied in the form of a crow, which is a lover and has for her, but it torments him, or experiences him, and soon you will be satisfied with it, but I am not sure about this point yet; Because I have to see the scene myself, and watch the crow with my own eyes.

– What do you mean?.

– Do you have tonight?


I wish I didn’t tell him, I wish I asked for his help. I did not sleep through the night of terror and anxiety; As he was always mumbling with himself, and at the ravine of the night I find him addressing creatures that do not appear, laughing at him sometimes, quarreling with him at times, silent at times, and screaming at times, until I almost went mad.

I felt that the room was inhabited by people from the other world, then. I left him sleeping on the bed, lying on the carpet on the floor, until she got tired of ribs, and my joints saturated from the tile fridge, all in order to untangle me, and solve the mystery ..

Since five in the morning; We sat on the sofa next to each other, outside the room, and the apartment was facing us; Silent, stunned, waiting for the advent of the enchanted crow, or perhaps the embodied lover genie ..

Suddenly; The crow arrived, landed over the handrails, and did not attack the door as usual. Rather, he kept staring at the door in silence. Then he looked at us in silence as if he surprised us.

My friend stood up and approached the wall of the roof to look closely at the scene, and sometimes he would visit his eyes, sometimes he would widen them, and sometimes he would murmur with himself. Crow rattled several crows, then flew away.

That lover genie, embodied in a crow, was afraid of me.

finally; My colleague uttered it after a long meditation and waiting, and decided, it was that crow. I turned towards it, and stood up

FREE HORROR unnamed-file-3 horror story Forest monster short horror story

horror story Forest monster short horror story

horror story Forest monster short horror story

Many horrific stories are spoken about by the people in their heritage, and these stories are purposeful when they are found in heritage and in popular rule so that they are not only for terror but rather return terror in them as an employment for him to communicate an idea and wisdom and for children to learn from them so parents tell these stories to give a lesson to their children and to motivate them To obey their orders in the event that the parents are absent and leave the wills under implementation of their children, for fear of childish ideas that are always searching for discovery, and in order to distance them from taking responsibility for being unaware of what is around them, from these stories, a “Ghariba” story of the Amazigh heritage, and tells the story the following :

“Ghariba” is the daughter of an old man and a sister of five children is the eldest. She was Ghariba every day to the woods to bring firewood and food for her young sisters and her old father. She must return every day before sunset, and when she reaches the door of her house, she must knock three ways and then rattle her bracelets, so that her father knows that the one at the door is his daughter, “a Gharibar.” “Ghariba” goes out every day and returns to her home and does what she agreed with her father, and then she arrives at the door, knocking on three ways so her father approaches the door, she rattles with her bracelets, so the old woman knows that she is his daughter, opens the door for her, and her young brothers run for her embrace, so they are happy with the return of their older sister and what she brought for them from What I found in the woods,

One day, went out to the forest, as usual, she spent her day collecting food and firewood, and just before sunset, a Gharibar came to return, and she noticed that she had lost her bracelets while searching for the needs of the house. The house, crying, was afraid of the atmosphere of the forest during the night, a Gharibar reached the door of her house, the three agreed paths were knocked, so the old father approached the door, she became Ghariba and spoke to him and told him what happened, she said to him after that, Dad, I cannot frighten my walls to know that I am Ghariba But here is my voice talking to you, so open the door, please

Before the jungle monster stormed me, the father refused to cry and said to her, Forgive me, for I cannot open for you, so perhaps the monster imitates your voice, your little brothers here will eat them if you open the door. Because she did not abide by what they agreed upon and did not return before sunset, she remained strange outside, frightened and sad, until the forest monster came and ate it. On this story, the wonderful song “Ghariba” was written and her old father Avanova wrote. The song tells in a sad voice the story of the girl who was eaten by the monster because she did not follow the will of her father.

horror story Forest monster short horror story

FREE HORROR unnamed-file-2 The terrifying doll island american horror story

The terrifying doll island american horror story

The terrifying doll island american horror story

Island of Mexican Dolls

Doll Island is known in the local language (Isla de las Munecas) and it is a strange island of hanging dolls located in Mexico, and is currently considered a famous tourist area, this island is located on the channels of Suchemilco, 28 kilometers from Mexico City, and the island can be reached by The ferry is from Embarcadero Fernando Celada or Embarcadero Cuemanco.

Interest in the island grew after the mysterious death of Santana, as the island was not the focus of attention or even the media before his death, and soon the story of Santana and his family spread widely after the news of his death, and the media began publishing strange storybooks about the island and Santana, and this island is currently considered open For visits by tourists.

The story behind Dolls Island

It is said that this story happened about half a century ago, when a little girl drowned off a small island buried between the channels of Suchemilco, and the only visitor to this island was Don Julian Santana Parreira who lived alone on this island even though he is married and has a family, After the girl’s death, this man, convinced of it as a sign of the evil spirit, found a doll floating in the canal so he hung it on the trees to protect himself from evil and calm the soul of the dead girl, and he quickly hung many dolls on the trees on the whole island.

The truth of the story of the island of dolls

The story behind this island is an innocent and impressive work by Santana, who it seemed to him was driving some invisible force that completely changed him, plus he was having nightmares chasing him by the girl’s soul, and for this he hung more dolls in An attempt to please her soul, and, according to those close to him, he was suffering from thinking that he could not save the life of the little girl.