FREE HORROR maxresdefault Myth 13, and the mystery surrounding the number

Myth 13, and the mystery surrounding the number

Myth 13, and the mystery surrounding the number

To start with, you must know something very important, if you are traveling and on a trip to America for any of its many states, how many days in a hotel note the arrangement of roles and rooms, you will not find the number 13 present at all.

The Jinx legend of No. 13 is in the West, and is this number actually Jinx or coincidental, some experts in geology and meticulous studies say that many earthquakes occur on the 13th of each month, and the Earth moves more on this day.

In 1970, the Apollo 13 spacecraft took off at 13 and 13 minutes, and at a third of the distance to the moon an explosion occurred in the craft, forcing the astronauts to cut their flight on April 13.

In Germany, the Berlin Wall, called the Wall of Shame, was built on the thirteenth of August 1961 AD, and the witches gathered in groups containing 12 witches and the number 13 was the devil, just as ancient civilizations held the gallows 13 knots.

They also say that if 13 people gather for dinner together, one of them will die that night.

The West also believes in pessimism from Friday, and especially on the 13th of any month, there will be greater pessimism, as they say in the Bible, Friday is the day when Adam came out of Heaven, the day that our master Jesus, peace be upon him, was called and they say that Cain killed Abel in Today is like this.

And the legend was associated with pessimism, which is the day the execution of the Knights Templar on Friday, the thirteenth of October, 1307, when they were arrested collectively by the King of France Philip IV.

Many of the beliefs that the West believes in and among us that there are no rooms number 13 in some American hotels and skyscrapers, the 14th round comes just after the 12th.

And here are some airlines that give up the 13th row and seats in the plane’s seats, and in the 19th century, Lloyds Marine Insurance Company in London refused to insure any ship that sails on Friday 13. Until the day the US Navy does not move any ship on time.

On that day currencies, the labor market, the stock market, and airlines lose nearly $ 900 million, because many people refused to work, buy, sell, and travel on the 13th Friday.

American companies lose every Friday 13th of any month 750 million dollars because people do not shop, travel or venture anything on Friday 13, pessimism from No. 13 is a kind of phobia, and even Microsoft is afraid of the number 13, because the 2007 Office edition is No. 12 and Office 2010 were given by Microsoft No. 14, ignored by No. 13, and afraid of No. 13.

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Crazy woman who killed her husband a social horror story

Crazy woman who killed her husband a social horror story

She was running in the streets with her clothes torn with blood, and her rebellious hair behind her back, wandering on her face, not caring about the looks of people for her that accused her of madness and loss of mind, she remembers what she suffered in life and how her husband exhausted her with his endless desires, he never cared about her feelings and spirit, or even respected Her mind was always accusing her of not understanding and stupidity, all his concern was her body and how he fulfills his desires and imitates what he sees in foreign video films, she no longer endures all of this and that life that revives her, a body without a soul has lost its luster and desire for life.

She whispered on her face in the streets running without aim or hope, she remembers his words with her ears, she loved him and did not like anyone else in life that he Ramiz her colleague at the university and the first one who gave her heart to life would you abandon me, Sameh? He responded with great emotion, saying: What do you say, my love, and how do I abandon you while you are the light of my eyes, O Ola?

She replied among her tears by subjugation and what we will do. My father refuses to meet you and speak with you, and says that you are a stranger and the traditions of the family, do not allow the marriage of strangers .. Then she burst into tears, and here he dried her tears with his fingers and whispered Ramiz in her ears tenderly: Do not be afraid my love, you will not be the wife of others, nor will you be Let someone take you from me, and I will break those traditions of the sample whispered with sadness, saying: Do you promise me, Ramez? Respond to her with determination and determination: I promise you my love, you will not be a wife to someone else as long as I live on that land, I will go today and persuade your father to marry us.

She does not know when Ola felt that lump in her throat, and that pain in her stomach, she knows her father and his cruelty and knows the traditions and customs of her family well, they will not allow her to marry Ramiz the stranger from the family, but rather they will marry her to her failed cousin who did not complete his studies, just because he is her cousin He is the first and more worthy of the stranger to marry her, despite the educational and cultural difference between them. She is a law school graduate, and he did not complete his studies, but she could not open her mouth and object, defending her case and her life, about her future and her entity.

Ola went to her lover asking him to stand beside her and address his father and convince him of their marriage, but the father refused and threatened to kill him if he approached his daughter again, so the lover abandoned his case as the case abandoned, and did not open her mouth with one word, so Ramiz traveled to one of the Arab countries to work after pressing his parents, He left, leaving Ola behind him, after which she married her cousin against her will. She has no right to object and there was no court to defend her case and objected. The ruling is final and the judge has ruled and she has no right to object or reject.

She remembered her wedding day crying by subjugation, as if it was the day of her death and her funeral. The acceptance of her cousin as a husband and living with him, but he did not have mercy on her or her mercy on her weakness was ill and felt inferior in front of his charming wife and her slim strength and level of education which is much higher than him, so he takes her off and insults her and treats her as a servant in front of everyone and underestimates her and treats her as a night girl on the bed, she has no right to object What he wanted, she hated it and hated the air that breathes, Ola can no longer bear, so she went to her father and she wanted to save her from what she was in and divorce her.

But the father severely turned her on and severely beat her, saying: The family laws do not have a word for divorce, so long as you are married, you will not leave your husband’s house except to your grave. I replied with repression from among her tears: but I cannot bear, my father. : Kill yourself, this is better, but you will never get the absolute word, blowing woman, and here she left for her home, but she knew what she must do, she will not die as infidels and kill herself, for he who must die is the one who destroyed her life and stole her youth.

She brought the knife from the kitchen and poured on his stomach while he was asleep. She did not know how much he stabbed him and did not want to know. The important thing is that he died and left her world and rested from him. Then she ran in the streets wandering on her face laughing hysterically like crazy after killing her husband.

FREE HORROR word-image-2 A story of loving love is impossible from the world of ghosts!

A story of loving love is impossible from the world of ghosts!

A story of loving love is impossible from the world of ghosts!

An old man told us this story that happened with him when he was a young man in his thirty years of age, he lived in an eastern region in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and he owned a small farm, and this young man was interested in agriculture and animal husbandry a lot as he spends most of his day on his small farm interested in planting and animals , And does not go much to the city.

This young man was known for his good manners and religiosity, he was loved among people, as he was handsome to an unparalleled degree, he divorced the face with a sweet tongue, which made everyone who sees him love immediately to the good qualities.

His farm was located in a barren desert that many water sources do not reach, so the man tried to search for a new source of water, so he considered renting some workers to dig a deep well to bring water to his small farm.

Indeed, work began to dig until they found a point on the ground indicating the presence of water in this place, the man returned a happy day and felt hopeful and slept in his room on the farm alone and woke up just before dawn prayer to perform his prayers, but as soon as he woke up he smelled a very strong and strange perfume smell, the smell was beautiful As if from heaven, the smell was coming from the well, the man admired a lot of this matter, and suddenly he spotted the spectrum of a very beautiful and white woman, standing near the well covered with a wonderful white cloak and has long and dense hair that is wonderful, so beautiful that cannot be described, and this beautiful smell was emitted From it, it increases beauty and femininity.

The man stood, astonished by her beauty, who could not move, and inside a thousand questions, who was this woman, who did she come from and what brought her to this place, after some time the man gathered himself and asked her who you are, the woman answered him: It does not matter who I am, the man said to her but It is strange that you come alone to me this place and this region does not have any residents at all, so she said again to him, it is not important who I am and where I came from, and the man thought and said to himself that it could be the daughter of one of the Bedouin families who come to this place in Some times of the year, the man came back to ask her again about the place she wanted to go to and what to do on the farm at this late night, she said to him I want to meet you tomorrow after Morocco on the hill of sand, so the man agreed immediately and agreed to meet.

The man returned to his room and he was not interested at all from this woman or from where she came, all that became preoccupied with him is a meeting with her tomorrow and her beauty that fascinated him from the first look, and indeed the meeting took place on the next day and his heart was almost torn from the eagerness of her meeting, he went between them An interesting dialogue, the man said to her: I could not sleep since last night, the woman answered: I know, he asked her from where she knows this, she replied with a gentle smile: I feel this, and the man began to flirt with her beauty and goodness, and she was satisfied with her charming smile until the time was late, so she said to him The woman said that she should go now. The man wanted to deliver her, but she refused. She said that she does not need this. The man hesitated and said: But it was late and he entered the night, the woman held fast to her refusal and went before he repeated students.

The man began to meet with her on a daily basis in the same place and timing, the magicians of her beauty to the utmost degree, and he began to think only of her day and night, and Satan fell into disjointing this woman’s sexual intercourse with husbands, so he became more attached to and loved him, but he did not want to persist in disobeying God Almighty, He offered her a marriage, but she always evaded him. On the day I asked him the strangest question of a man’s reputation throughout his life, she said to him: If you are a fairy, would you want to marry me? The man replied immediately thinking that she was joking to know the extent of his love for her: God will marry you and never leave you, the woman replied: I am a fairy, the man laughed and said to her: This is not a time to joke, I want to marry and love you a lot, the woman pointed with her hand to the place where the man stood and said Her look there is a trace of you on the sand, and then she pointed to the sand beneath it and said: But do you see an antique on the sand? The man marveled and said: I see no trace!

At the time, the man believed that Habiba was a real fairy, but this did not prevent her from loving her, as he adored her to the utmost degree and his beauty fascinated her to the maximum extent.

The woman cried and hugged and told him that she did not want to be attached to him more than this, and that their love was impossible and they could never be married, and suddenly the woman disappeared from his hands, and she did not appear again and never saw her after .. The man deserted her farm and boycotted life, and on Despite the passing of years until graying covered his hair, this man is still in love with the madness of this fairy.

FREE HORROR word-image-1 I dare you to enter graves on your own after reading this

I dare you to enter graves on your own after reading this

I dare you to enter graves on your own after reading this

It has been the norm in our village to make an annual visit to the graves and spend a whole week inside them, and the graves were away from the village by tens of kilometers, sitting near the mountain, and the graves were connected to each other to appear as a deserted village surrounded by mystery and excitement, and in my last visit with my family to the graves remember My father, his brothers, were kidnapped by death early, so he sat next to their grave crying, and during that uncle Saleh passed by our neighbor near the cemeteries, and he heard the sound of my father crying and approached him and started arranging on his shoulder, saying: Brother do not cry and weep a lot, my brother, crying will not benefit anything like the misfortune imp.

The sympathy imp is !! What a mysterious and frightening phrase, it has a strange ringing on my heart and my ears, I looked at Uncle Saleh in amazement and it seems that he immediately understood and began answering me before I asked my question, saying: “You know I had a son who lost him while he was young, and I have been for many years coming To here alone I cry over his grave, and once a relative died and I went with the family to bury him, and as usual I left the crowd and went away heading towards my son’s grave, in spite of the brutal darkness of the night and the smell of death and the dread of the place, and when I reached the grave I threw my body over the grave of my son and I started crying and lamenting ”

Uncle Saleh went on saying, “Here I heard a voice from behind me saying:“ Many years passed and you came here and cried for your son, it is enough to cry because it will not benefit anything. ”Then I felt this person approaching me and I was still immersed in my tears and said: Come, hand me your hand to help you I had to get up, I thought he was one of the family of the deceased who had followed me and came behind me, and when I put my hands on him he broke through my arms, as if I leaned on the air .. I stood in panic and if I see in front of Afrin, he has two eyes burning as if he was burning embers and his mouth widens as a deep well.

Heavy silence ensued for seconds, as years passed by, and we all stared at the other .. Should I ever run now? Or is it going to fade quietly .. I asked myself without feeling, I found myself screaming a cry that almost frightened the dead, and I started a terrifying runaway, so I came out of it with a terrifying laugh that echoed in the stillness of the night between the dead .. I started running in the graves and my heart almost stopped from Fear and terror, and I imagine that the imp is running behind me but I can’t look back, I went back to the funeral, but I didn’t find any of the mourners, they left and left me.

My heart was filled with panic, as I was alone in the graves, I felt my soul coming out of my body .. I saw a person come from afar making the dark with a light of flame so the reassurance came slowly to me, they felt that I was not there and returned to search for me .. And from that day I did not dare to enter the graves Never alone.

FREE HORROR movie-picture-association-game-page-12-movie-f The horror story of the whimsical policeman

The horror story of the whimsical policeman

The horror story of the whimsical policeman

I moved a few days ago to a new house in a quieter place and I thought that the people in it were nice and that I would be safer, especially since my neighbor near me is a policeman and looks like a quiet long man bald friendly and does not show any signs of evil or violence.

I saw him for the first time and his smile was friendly and he exchanged the smile, but I do not know why I feel this strange feeling towards him even though he did not show anything abnormal, perhaps this feeling is due to the large number of women who visit him and some incomprehensible voices that come from his house sometimes, so he always comes to visit him Different girls.

I didn’t pay much attention to it, everyone is busy with his condition, except that one evening around dawn, I heard the voice of moaning, it did not last long, and I did not think much about it, so it became normal to hear strange sounds coming from my neighbor.

A few days passed by and I was surprised by my neighbor knocking on my door carrying a plate of sweets and offering his apology for not welcoming me, but since I came to the new house and introduced me to his name, Merrill gave me an invitation to come to his house so that he teaches me to do some delicious desserts. He is a specialist in making sweets.

I did not accept the offer directly because I was feeling this strange feeling of uncomfortable, but he said that he would wait for me at seven in the evening, I kept thinking between going and not going, but I finally decided, especially since my curiosity began to overwhelm me until I knew when those voices came from his house.

I tried to insure myself against any possibilities. I ran a kitchen knife in my bag and went to his house about a quarter of an hour before the appointment. He greeted me with welcome, entered me, and began to ask me about what he liked to learn from sweets, so I chose the cream with brulee.

The house from the inside suggests that its owner has a delicate sense, he paid attention to him and he had taken out the ingredients of the cream in his brulee and he said that he lacks the cream and asked me to bring it from the refrigerator but the refrigerator is in the basement, which called me to the amazement, will he send me to the basement but he was and I went to the basement of his house, and he was Very dark, as a strange smell was emitted, and I was surprised that there were six fridges in the doors, and fear infiltrated my heart strongly, especially when I approached one of the refrigerators and I imagined that I could hear groaning from inside. Both are not fiction.

I quickly opened the fridge and it was a violent surprise, as there was a girl who had been iron-strapped and suspended inside the fridge, and she was in a very cold, tired and terrifying state and was asking for help and tried to free it using the knife in my bag and when I checked it I discovered that it was one of those girls who came to it and tried to work on it and started telling me that Merrill hunts the girls on the pretext of teaching them to make sweets and on the pretext of forgetting something that makes them go down to the basement, and I did not understand well what she was saying except that she told me that he would come until he tied me and locked me in one of the refrigerators until she breached my strength and then started the torture phase that he enjoyed.

I looked up and the basement door was already closed and I panicked and started searching for another exit until I found a window that broke its windows but this window will not allow the other girl to go out so I went out and entered my house and hid and called the police and told them what happened.

Would they believe me and arrest a colleague who I am now hiding in my house while awaiting the outcome of my call, please tell them to come before he takes revenge on me and kills the girl.

FREE HORROR creepy-garden-or-garden-tree-creepy The Garden of Doom story is a terrible and very scary horror story

The Garden of Doom story is a terrible and very scary horror story

The Garden of Doom story is a terrible and very scary horror story

I live alone, my father passed away for many years, and my mother is sick and always stays in the hospital under constant care, I do not have any friends or brothers, and I used to loneliness and isolation long ago, and one day I was walking as usual without a goal in one of the streets of the region, the ideas took me away Suddenly, I looked around and found myself in a region that I do not know. I really know this city and wandered all its streets and neighborhoods, so how can I discover a new area with it for the first time I have not seen it before.

I took a deep breath and said to myself: Well it does not matter, I will walk a little until I find someone who helps me to return to my home, but I noticed after a short time that there is no one but me in the place, it is the area of ​​its buildings destroyed and the electricity is cut off completely, as if no one lives With it or no one has taken it before .. I felt weary and some anxiety, I was alone in this strange area, but what is this garden ?! It looked beautiful from afar, I felt tired and decided to rest in this garden a little bit so that I could return to my home after that, the garden was very amazing, I fell asleep but I saw very terrifying nightmares, I woke up terrified, I said in a faint voice: No time to sleep, I must I get out of this area quickly, I started walking and walking and the street seems endless, I heard laughter and screams coming from these demolished houses, I felt a cold chills, and suddenly a tall, completely distorted character appeared in front of me, and he told me with a sarcastic smile: What are you doing here? Confusion and fear seemed clear, and I say: I got lost and … and then I fainted.

I woke up and found myself bound by iron chains and saw in front of me a group of strange creatures, I do not know what they are, but they are certainly not human beings, strange beings speaking in a strange language from which I only understood one word (he will never return) and I certainly understood that they were talking about me, I did not know what to do Only control fear, anxiety and remorse.

Someone approached me and said to me in clear Arabic: What brought you here, unhappy one? He did not wait for my answer and completed his sentence, saying: The reason does not matter, so in any case you will never return .. After I finished his words other creatures approached me and dragged me into a dark, foul-smelling room, I started screaming and begged them to leave me as I am just a lost person and I will not cause them any problems and I will not I talk one day about what I’ve seen .. no one answered me.

I stayed in this room alone for a short period and then came to a little girl. I do not know where it came from and how I got into the room. She told me in a soft voice: Run away quickly, do not let them manage from you, I will help you, the girl solved my documents and guided me on the path of salvation, I started running without thinking I found myself in the garden again, I saw an old man, I asked him for help, and I gasped for tiredness and excitement, he answered me with a yellow smile and eyes full of tears: You will not be able to leave this area, son, since I have been here for more than twenty years, no I hope to survive.

I left it and kept running again, I will not let despair take over from me, I want to get out of this region at any cost. Suddenly, the little girl again appeared to me and she says to me: You will forget as if you were not .. I continued running until I saw lights .. Praise be to God Finally it was the lights of the city, I mentioned the first taxi that appeared in front of me, but it did not stop for me, I started talking to passersby trying to ask for help, but no one looks at me, no one cares about me, no one sees me from the ground .. I took my walk until he reached my home It wasn’t too far away, but what is this ?! Where is my house? It is just totally empty land.

Then I remembered the words of the girl .. Forget as if you were not .. I decided to return again to the garden that I called the Garden of Destruction, but I did not find it, I found myself in a completely normal area, but I saw the old man who met me, he said with a bitter smile: You will live in hell My son, you will die after a month, and you will see them .. Yes, you will see them .. As soon as the old man finished his camel a tall man appeared behind him and cut off his head without mercy, his cry was loud but no one heard it, I accepted the reality and tried to escape .. I now know that I will die After two days, 28 days have passed and I am still waiting for my inevitable fate.