Cemetery ghost kid very scary horror story

Cemetery ghost kid very scary horror story

In the forties of the last century, Mrs. Andrews went to the grave of her daughter Joyce, who was buried in Queensland Cemetery in Australia. She goes on her daughter’s grave, crying every day by oppressing her daughter’s shrine.

On that day, she wanted to take and take some pictures of his dead daughter, as the foreigners used to do at that time, so the mother went to the grave, and took some pictures of her daughter’s grave, to remind her of her when she was alone at home, and she was with her at all time.

Andrews says that at the time of the photo taking, Andrews felt something strange about the picture, which she did not specify at the time, she did not know what it was, but she felt a strange feeling, that there is something strange, on top of her daughter Joyce’s shrine, and that she is not alone in the graveyard, despite the absence of anyone Her time in the graves, but she did not care much about her preparations, and she took the picture and left in silence.

And when Andrews got the picture, and the development of the film was a terrible surprise, she was surprised when she got, the image of a small child sitting on the grave of her daughter looking at her and smiling as if he knew her existence, and that she was photographing the shrine, so he looked at her and smiled innocently. Her dead daughter, who is this one who sits above her grave?

Mrs. Andrews was unable to recognize the little boy, and the child was not like her daughter Joyce, and she is the same age, never she was Joyce when she was young and the mother is sure, from that completely the mother did not keep silent, and she was not afraid of anything but Andrews decided to check and know who This child, and why does he sit on the grave of her daughter, I wonder, what does he want from her and the girl inside the grave?

Upon investigation and questioning, they found that the Joyce Mausoleum is located near the grave of two young girls who died, in a terrible accident a few days ago, and here Andrew has now understood the truth, and that this girl over the grave of her daughter, is one of the two girls killed.

But what was the ghost of the girl doing over the cemetery, and why does it seem that the little ghost knows what he is doing well, and knows that Andrews takes a picture of the cemetery, and he looks at her and smiles innocently, so what is the message that I want the ghost of the girl to deliver to the sad woman who lost her daughter, I wonder?

Is he trying to tell her that he is here and that Joyce will be sociable in her unity, and her dark, dark and grave grave and amuse her, do not be sad, mom, who knows what that little ghost wants to say to Mrs. Andrews?

Or did he like to photograph, then I want to take a selfie from above the grave, how many rioters these children, and love photography and fun while they are alive, what will they do if they die, and turn into ghosts, what can they do, and expect anything from them to trust in me?

So watch out for the ghosts of young children, you do not know what can be done, to do with you to waste time, feel fun and have fun, so stay away from them, and through them and their graves, this is better for you, my dear, trust in me.

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