Cool night horror and ghost story

Cool night horror and ghost story

Alex invited a little 6-year-old girl of very little size and my size was such a big help for me, as I could hide in the narrowest or smallest of places to avoid the fits of anger and violence that hit my father, especially after sugar, and that I wouldn’t find someone to defend me if I fell under his hands.

My early childhood was not easy or easy if I lived in an unbalanced atmosphere in which the mother was very weak in addition to sugar and smoking, while the father was a drunkard who enjoys cruelty and violence in everything, especially when she turns alcohol on his head so he does nothing but screaming and beating her or me.

The house in which we lived was in a place between the forests and away from urbanization, so with time and with the abundance of violence I experienced, I became a professional in how to hide when I see the signs of outbursts of anger in order to protect myself from its cruelty and violence.

It was one of the cold nights and as usual, I started a wave of anger and usual domestic violence and I began to hide as usual so that I would not get my share of what was happening, but this time I chose a different place to hide where our house had a back garden and had a hole that would help me to connect under the house and hide there, and with my small size It was easy enough for me to avoid the cold and I took a blanket to get around.

He started screaming and beating between the two drunkards, and I crept in without hiding me outside to hide, and wrapped myself well in the blanket, but with the rain the place was wet, which helped to wet the blanket and polluted it and contaminated the mud, which made me feel more cold, but I was forced to stay so that they did not feel I was going out and punished me harshly.

“Are you cold? ”

She paid attention to this soft female voice and looked, and found that she was hiding close to me, in a situation similar to my condition of dirt and wetness in the mud, but she was beautiful and gentle, and she wore a chain with a butterfly-shaped collar in her neck, so I did not feel fear of her and answered her with a nod from my head.

She approached me a lot until she hugged me and the cold disappeared and the warmth began and she asked me about my life and I told her, so I was surprised by her saying that I grew up but I do not know her except that I did not notice much and felt comfortable and affection between her arms and in her eyes, she was called Laila and knew her that I love the drawing so she asked me a service in exchange for that You learned to draw, I agreed.

I fell asleep between her arms and when the morning arrived, she woke me up until I fulfilled her request, and I again crept into the house until I brought my shoes and started my journey, and although the road is long, Laila was always guiding to me so that I would not get lost or the roads would be lost from me, which facilitated me, except that with the distance and the distance My cold and cold age started to feel weak and weak, but fortunately I almost arrived as Laila asked me to go to the police station and an officer assisted me who saw me in such poor condition and heard my whisper requesting to meet Sheriff Willow Joyce.

With my aid and warm drinks, I recovered and found a grizzly policeman smiling at me and telling me that he is the warden, so I told him that I know Lily and that she is under our back porch so that he comes to take it out. Black Roll as they arrested my father and mother, and here I knew that the Sheriff Lowell is my grandfather and that I will move to his home.

I became sixteen years old. My grandfather took me to the place of my old house and told me the story, where my true night mom was and that she was his daughter. I married my father despite my grandfather’s refusal and ran away with him. My grandfather did not know where they were, and she killed her and buried her under the back window until it appeared to me when I was six She instructed me until I reached my grandfather, and her murder was revealed, and who killed her, took out the chain from which his butterfly was attached and gave me it. At this moment, I felt that I saw her smiling from inside that hole.

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