Crazy woman who killed her husband a social horror story

Crazy woman who killed her husband a social horror story

She was running in the streets with her clothes torn with blood, and her rebellious hair behind her back, wandering on her face, not caring about the looks of people for her that accused her of madness and loss of mind, she remembers what she suffered in life and how her husband exhausted her with his endless desires, he never cared about her feelings and spirit, or even respected Her mind was always accusing her of not understanding and stupidity, all his concern was her body and how he fulfills his desires and imitates what he sees in foreign video films, she no longer endures all of this and that life that revives her, a body without a soul has lost its luster and desire for life.

She whispered on her face in the streets running without aim or hope, she remembers his words with her ears, she loved him and did not like anyone else in life that he Ramiz her colleague at the university and the first one who gave her heart to life would you abandon me, Sameh? He responded with great emotion, saying: What do you say, my love, and how do I abandon you while you are the light of my eyes, O Ola?

She replied among her tears by subjugation and what we will do. My father refuses to meet you and speak with you, and says that you are a stranger and the traditions of the family, do not allow the marriage of strangers .. Then she burst into tears, and here he dried her tears with his fingers and whispered Ramiz in her ears tenderly: Do not be afraid my love, you will not be the wife of others, nor will you be Let someone take you from me, and I will break those traditions of the sample whispered with sadness, saying: Do you promise me, Ramez? Respond to her with determination and determination: I promise you my love, you will not be a wife to someone else as long as I live on that land, I will go today and persuade your father to marry us.

She does not know when Ola felt that lump in her throat, and that pain in her stomach, she knows her father and his cruelty and knows the traditions and customs of her family well, they will not allow her to marry Ramiz the stranger from the family, but rather they will marry her to her failed cousin who did not complete his studies, just because he is her cousin He is the first and more worthy of the stranger to marry her, despite the educational and cultural difference between them. She is a law school graduate, and he did not complete his studies, but she could not open her mouth and object, defending her case and her life, about her future and her entity.

Ola went to her lover asking him to stand beside her and address his father and convince him of their marriage, but the father refused and threatened to kill him if he approached his daughter again, so the lover abandoned his case as the case abandoned, and did not open her mouth with one word, so Ramiz traveled to one of the Arab countries to work after pressing his parents, He left, leaving Ola behind him, after which she married her cousin against her will. She has no right to object and there was no court to defend her case and objected. The ruling is final and the judge has ruled and she has no right to object or reject.

She remembered her wedding day crying by subjugation, as if it was the day of her death and her funeral. The acceptance of her cousin as a husband and living with him, but he did not have mercy on her or her mercy on her weakness was ill and felt inferior in front of his charming wife and her slim strength and level of education which is much higher than him, so he takes her off and insults her and treats her as a servant in front of everyone and underestimates her and treats her as a night girl on the bed, she has no right to object What he wanted, she hated it and hated the air that breathes, Ola can no longer bear, so she went to her father and she wanted to save her from what she was in and divorce her.

But the father severely turned her on and severely beat her, saying: The family laws do not have a word for divorce, so long as you are married, you will not leave your husband’s house except to your grave. I replied with repression from among her tears: but I cannot bear, my father. : Kill yourself, this is better, but you will never get the absolute word, blowing woman, and here she left for her home, but she knew what she must do, she will not die as infidels and kill herself, for he who must die is the one who destroyed her life and stole her youth.

She brought the knife from the kitchen and poured on his stomach while he was asleep. She did not know how much he stabbed him and did not want to know. The important thing is that he died and left her world and rested from him. Then she ran in the streets wandering on her face laughing hysterically like crazy after killing her husband.

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