Dangerous Ties

Her figure was frozen solid, the spine chilling with fear unknown. The hair stood on the back of her neck. It was just a normal evening. She wished she hadn’t taken today off from the work. If she had, she wouldn’t have to witness the horror that laid there.

She tried to scream. The sound didn’t come, her throat giving up. Tears filled her eyes as she saw the ruby textured liquid, oozing out of that figure lying on her bathroom floor. It formed a pool around the corpse, staining the tiles of her bathroom floor. Where had this come from? Where had he come from?

Only one word rang through her mind. Poor man! Whoever he was. Too bad she didn’t know him or even witnessed what happened. All she knew was binge watching the Netflix, trying to forget the breakup she had recently suffered from her narcissistic boyfriend. He had been threatening her with all sorts of nonsense which she had reported to police. She had taken a day off today, recovering from all the petty discussions about that so-called previous lover. Right now, the only thing that was in her mind was to binge watch a series. That fateful moment, she felt her face getting dry. The thermostat was warmer than usual. She had to get up and go to the washroom, get a splash and come back to her series she had been watching.

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That was when she got up in her comfortable pink night suit, putting on sandals and moving towards the bathroom on the second floor. That was when she found out that horrendous murder…taken place in her apartment without her knowledge.

She pitied him, whoever he was. His face was not there, just a mangled mess of flesh and bones with the rest of the body intact. He was tortured first, before that knife in his heart finally did the end trick.

She was horrified the moment she turned on the light of the bathroom. The scent of blood was too strong as it mixed up with the strong scent of shampoo. If she hadn’t put hand on her mouth, she would have thrown up instantly.

She got out of there, vomiting twice…thrice…four times…five times in a row. Her heart beat faster and heavy sweat poured out of her brows. That was not something you would take lightly.

It took her half an hour to get herself back to her sane state. Not that she was back to the casual state before. She couldn’t! But she had managed to scream, cry and decided to call for help, like any sane person would do. Who was that boy murdered in her bathroom? And could the killer be still lurking around?

She picked up the phone, intending to call the police. She needed safety and above all, she needed to report this crime. Whoever had killed that victim in her bathroom could also come after her. He might very well be hiding in her house…

She shivered at the prospect, screaming and grabbing her phone while running out of her apartment. The flaws of living alone in a newly formed apartment building were now starting to dawn on her. She was alone…one the fifth floor where she lived alone in this apartment.

Running out of her apartment, she cleared her head, nearly throwing up once more. Her state was disturbed beyond limit and she didn’t know if she could take it anymore.

A thought roamed through her mind and she shivered…what if the police found her guilty? The knife in that victim’s chest was her kitchen knife and soon, the police would find her fingerprints too…

She shivered at the thought. Who could she trust now? Not the police! She pictured herself begging to get away from the accusations they were throwing on her.

A word reverberated in her mind and she soon dialed the number. Brian! Her neighbor! The sweetest and kindest person you would ever meet. Like her, he lived alone, and he knew her too well. In fact, she had spent many nights alone with him when her apartment was not confirmed. He was literally the kind of guy you would feel safe with.

She dialed his number, crying on spot.

“Amanda, is everything okay? Why are you crying?”

“Brian! There…is a dead guy in my bathroom! I…if I call police, they will accuse me! Damn I was there when it happened! The killer might still be around!”

“I am coming!”

She dropped the phone. She was too afraid to notice a certain calm in Brian’s accent. How could he be so calm? Or was that his style of talking? She couldn’t give it much thought. There were bigger concerns in her mind right now.

The moment she saw Brian on her floor was when she finally let out cries. He held her, hugging her as she wept on his shoulder.

“Calm down Amanda. Don’t worry! We will do something. We need to get rid of the William’s body!” he spoke, his accent still calm.

William? That was her boyfriend! The narcissistic William who was threatening her all the way! He had promised that he would come for her, killing her on the spot. She had reported his threats to the police. But how did Brian….

“Brian…I didn’t know it was…how do you?” she tried to ask him. He was standing there, brooding over her.

“I had once a sister just like you. She was also in love with a bastard who didn’t take it well when she saw through his manipulations. He killed her mercilessly! I then paid him a visit and returned the favor. He was much like Williams…

Today, I saw William today as he entered the apartment. He was still talking to you while holding a gun. Rest assured he will not bother you again Amanda…now…let us take care of the body!” Brian spoke with dead calm accent.

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