Fancy long Ghost Story abandoned road horror story

Fancy long horror stories abandoned road Ghost Story 

Have you ever lived an experience that turned your beads upside down, but ended it completely, that is my story that I tell you, and that led me to perdition, because I am a lonely miserable person and the one who remains for me from my family on the way to leave is my mother, the last of me who remains ill with a malignant disease and waiting for death to become Then completely alone.

I went out one night and felt some change. I felt the exit from that state of misery and pain that I had in it. So I took my car and set off without a specific destination, and I kept running and suddenly I glimpsed that strange area that I had no luck before, even though this is my usual way to go and go, and it provoked my curiosity and I entered to explore it It seemed that it was a deserted area until its houses were destroyed. It took me a long time and wanted to go back, but where is the way back? I got lost.

I was looking for a way to return. I was facing this beautiful garden. Fatigue and fatigue were domineering for me, so I entered it to rest. Indeed I slept, but my sleep was disturbing, as it was crowded with bad dreams and nightmares, which prompted me to wake up and was waiting for me as a surprise when my car disappeared. Are there thieves here for this luck? bad.

The ghost car is a true horror story that really happened horror story short

I came back wandering around trying to get out, but what are these horrific sounds that they come from those houses, which raised terror in me, and increased the matter, so I saw this man who could not bear to see him or his voice, so I lost consciousness.

I went back to my consciousness and wish I had not returned. What I saw was beyond the possibility. What are these strange creatures, a donkey with a snakehead and a bird with a human head, and I am chained to their chains while they are talking about me, and the decision was never to return.

Someone asked me why you are here. Your answer is not important. Your destiny has been decided. I was deposited in an ugly room with cutting tools. I screamed, but there was no answer. Suddenly, a little girl appeared and broke my chains and helped me out of the room to the garden and there. I am trying to find my way to escape and found this old man. I asked for help so his smile was detestable and he told me that he had been here for ten years and did not know the way. Whoever came here was forgotten until he forgets who he is.

I was disappointed and started crying so the man who captured me appeared and started chasing me and hit my feet but I remained on my way to escape and suddenly my wound and my foot pain increased and I speeded up towards the light, but everything is different even the taxis as if they do not see me and here I understood the meaning of the words of the old man and I tried Return to the garden but she disappeared.

Haunted Dolls Hospital, for the most famous dolls in the world

I ran to the nearest of my grandmother but he is the same old man as he tells me you will see hell and you do not see and see them and you will die after a month, and a man appeared behind him and beheaded screaming a loud scream, while I sit waiting for my fate after a month.

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