Ghost kid in the room – so scary

I moved with my family to a new house and it was in one of the new areas, largely uninhabited, the house was large, spacious and beautiful, so I immediately loved it and I was very happy to move to it, and on the first night I was lying on my bed, and I suddenly felt heavy on the side of the bed next to me As if someone sat on it, I opened my eyes and I imagined that it was my oldest daughter who came to sit next to me as usual, but I found no one.

I closed my eyes and went to sleep while I said to myself: Perhaps I imagined that, and so the first night passed, but then this incident repeated every night, until it came to my feeling that there are people sleeping beside me, and I feel as if there are warm breaths chasing me wherever I go, and the matter developed and I noticed My baby daughter looks up at the ceiling and turns her eyes left and right and indicates with her hands as if watching and following with her eyes the movement of something, although the room is completely empty.

Thus I began to feel that this house is surrounded by some mystery, and after a while one of my relatives came to visit me, she told me as soon as they entered it that this house is strange and psychologically inconvenient, and I felt that it was haunted, a horror rose from the idea but I tried to forget it or ignore it, and I continued talking to my relative But I was surprised by her. She asked me about the child who is playing with my daughter in her room, so I told her which child? I only have two daughters, one of whom is a baby, so she answered that she saw a young boy standing in the window of one of the rooms overlooking the street while she was entering the house!

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