Haunted Dolls Hospital, for the most famous dolls in the world

Haunted Dolls Hospital, for the most famous dolls in the world

It has become easy for children to obtain dolls from anywhere and a dollhouse, but the strange thing is that there is a private hospital in Sydney to repair dolls for children and restore them to normal and repair, and the hospital was opened more than a century ago, when it was opened in 1913 by Mr. Harold Chapman, as an expansion of his general store, where he was selling dolls imported by a sister from Japan, and during the shipping the rubber doll’s frame was scratched and sometimes torn apart, and Harold was interested in repairing them and when customers saw the store to Harold repairing the dolls, they seemed to bring their children’s dolls for repair and so they evolved I crafted it until the general store turned into a hospital to repair the broken original dolls.

In 1930 AD, son Harold Chapman took over the work of his father and moved the hospital to a new headquarters, expanding as he developed his business to include repairing leather goods, handbags, gloves, toys, umbrellas and everything like that. The real boom of the hospital came in 1939 during World War II, when resources became scarce and were The only toys that children get are the toys they already own, so fixing them became a necessity and thus spreading this craft.

Today, Mr. Jeff Champan is concerned with the running and administration of the Puppet Hospital, who is the grandson of Harold who has continued to implement the reforms with the same passion and enthusiasm with which his father and grandfather was known. Dolls are like any real hospital if it depends on specialists with skills and experience, each in its field according to its specialty. The hospital is interested in correcting an incredible number of antique and modern dolls, soft toys, rocking horse carts, even handbags, umbrellas, and ceramics. The hospital repaired more than 3 million dolls.

Jeff, the grandson of Chapman, says there is nothing more beautiful than seeing the smile on girls ’faces as they receive, their doll after repairing it and seeing it came back as before, and mentioned that some children shed tears when their dear toys were left in their hearts in the hospital, but they return with tears of joy, when they receive it After repair and return to the original state again.

In spite of the amazing and impressive dazzling work done by this place and the people inside it, the place may be terrifying for some due to the huge number of dolls scattered and seated everywhere inside the building, many and terrifying dolls of different shapes and sizes and every doll next to it another doll they look at and their eyes do not leave you Wherever you go, perhaps some of these dolls are haunted by ghosts, many of them move at night from their places and inside them with ghosts and very evil spirits, so everyone who visits the place feels a great dread and fear, because the dolls look at you in a very strange and terrifying way, you feel those who are present with great fear and intense panic.

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