Here the ghosts inhabit the most terrifying . Part 2

((Indeed, his face was very scary with dark-skinned eyes and prominent eyes with a bright white color and in the middle of his eye a black spot and has a very wide mouth with fangs that resemble the lions of a lion but small, and a face full of blood so this is really not from mankind !!)).
She took my peace, gathering her strength to rise from the earth, and running quickly, perhaps to escape from the ghost that was chasing her, and she started running towards the inner door of the palace to escape from it, but before she entered, she stood up to see whether he was running behind her, or what ?! But she did not find him. She looked around the garden, but did not find anyone who was amazed at what was happening. Although she was reassured that this ghost did not exist, her mind asked what she saw?! … She resolved to enter and went up the stairs until she reached her room, closed the door behind her, lit the room lamp, and sat on her bed, seeking refuge from God from what she saw and asking herself, why did all this happen to her ?! And what will you do?!!

And while she is thinking that if the light of the room is extinguished, she is terrified peacefully from her place and rises to illuminate it again.
She was terrified of this, because despite her strength and the courage of her heart, everything that she really sees makes the heart stop beating. The poor woman sat on her bed crying until I heard the sound of the dawn ears, so I reassured and felt that God says to her I am next to you so she rose up peacefully to perform ablution and seek help from him … .
She woke up with the sound of the ears of the afternoon, opened her eyes to see the light of God radiating from the balcony door, and she thanked God that he had saved her from that sad night so she rose to perform ablution to perform her prayers. Something happens or clarifies the truth of this palace. While she was thinking, she remembered that there was a room on the top floor, and her father had always warned her against entering this room for a reason that he did not know or know !!
So Selma decided to go upstairs and open this room, so you might find evidence of what was happening to her. Indeed, she went up to that floor with a lamp to illuminate the place for her. She knows very well that this room is free of lighting lamps as her father told her. That this room has a strange style that differs from the rest of the palace rooms, as there are drawings on the walls of the blood stained fingers in each of the four corners of a black doll with a frightening shape, and in the room there is only an old-fashioned office, and the spider webs covered many aspects The room was peacefully terrified of those things that you see, then I approached the office and started to open its stairs until I found some papers and took them, then I felt some strange sounds, and her heart contracted and I bent on going out, then this room is very scary.
So when she approached the door of the room to suddenly close the door to her face, she cried out with all my might and then heard a loud voice echoing all over the palace saying: “The palace is poor” and then the door of the room opened again, so I rushed out peacefully, with the leaves that I found, and with it the papers that I found coming out of Daddy of the room, you see that ghost standing before it again, crying out peacefully, to fall to the ground, unconscious.

After several hours, she wakes up peacefully and finds herself lying on the ground. She does not remember what happened, then she regains consciousness and gets up to see the leaves next to her on the ground. I sat on a sofa next to the stairs and started saying, “The mansion is haunted ?! I felt that I needed a normal one. But I will not leave the palace except when I know the secret. I grabbed a cup to sip some water from it, and then I started to open the papers with my hands. These papers were gathered and had a cover written on it: – The murderous father, so I marveled peacefully for this name !! So I started reading inside these papers.

You see, the first page is written (Sorry, my family, you deserve death). She is amazed at the horror of my horror at what she reads to attract that title to find out what he saw … Read in some pages to find it written (I am Adel Tawfiq Al-Wakil., The owner of the Wakil family, and I have three children (Ahmed) and ( Walid) and (Taher), and one daughter (Habiba) Ahmed was my oldest son. He traveled to a foreign country to complete his studies, and since he traveled, his news was cut off and I did not know anything about him. As for Walid, he was in the first stage of secondary education, and Taher was the fourth primary grade And my beloved was the second high school. Life so I wished death a lot, but I feared with my children the injustice of life, they are in the early days, but who will take care of them ?! Who will preserve them ?! My thinking failed and I got mad.

Until I decided to kill them and I actually killed them and buried them next to their mother until they became insane, they really deserve death. They do not deserve to live in a society from which betrayal comes from those who lived with our hearts so my family died, and none of me remained, but whoever reads these papers does not search for me. After this crime I will sell this palace and I will kill myself because I cannot live because I also deserve to die).

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