Here the ghosts inhabit the most terrifying . Part 3

She got out of what she read, and here she asks Selma herself ?! – Are the needs that you see in reality ?! And the palace is actually haunted because of the people buried in it ?! And not all of this is due to the life that I lived alone, and I imagined that there are possible needs that existed mainly .. She remained peaceful in this case, thinking about what happened, and what will you do, will she stay in the palace or leave it, until I decided in the end that she would leave the palace irreversibly and return to her grandfather who He tried more than once to force her to live with him because he was afraid of her living alone, but she refused to leave the place where she lived.

But now the matter is different, as she no longer tolerates everything that happens to her in the palace .. Indeed, the unit almost killed her, and indeed she decided to go to her grandfather at that time so she collected her things to leave this damned palace and then took her bag and got out of the door of the palace. The time was late and there is no one On the road, and the atmosphere was black, and there were no light poles that illuminated its path. So I decided to return to the palace and spend that night until the morning came.
Indeed, my peace returned once again and I forgot the gate of the palace open, and if it enters from the inner door of the palace, the door behind it is completely closed and you see all the doors of the rooms open and close and I felt that the delay of the palace was shaking as if an earthquake had occurred, so things would fall on the ground and scream peacefully and knock their hands on the door of the palace In order to find someone to find it, but she continued to shout, and if by her she finds in front of her that ghost that she sees every time he approaches her and extends his arms towards her neck so a peaceful voice is cut off from screaming and falls to the ground unconscious until a new and peaceful morning came, still lying on the ground, my death terrified what happened tonight The past or what ?! .

At that time, outside the palace, a young man, about thirty years old, came to get out of his car in front of the palace and look at the palace gate to see it open, but no one has it. Also open and you will be surprised by that !! Then he entered and started calling out Baba !!! … Imam .. O Walid … O Taher … Habiba, where are you … ?! But to no avail …. And if he looks at him, he finds a peaceful lying on the ground.
He approached her to wake her up so that he knew who she was and what was happening? !! Indeed, she exceeded my peace and looked at him, and she was terrified, laying her hands on her face, and screamed. !! Are you Mine? !! No, I don’t want to die. I’m far away from me, killing you .. You are not a person. You are from ghosts who live. The palace and I want to kill me, so I move away from it a little so that you can be reassured. Speak to her: “I am afraid, I am the son of Adam, like you, and my name is Ahmed. Rest assured when I heard then pulled her hands away from her face and looked at him and confirmed that he is a human like her and not the ghost that she saw every time she looked at him and said in a frightened voice a voice that tears the heart: You can save me from here, Ahmed felt that she was really suffering but he did not know what she was going through and he said to her: Don’t worry, who will save you?
My peace was reassured and I started telling him what she was seeing and what happened to her, until she said: – The palace is one of the things named Adel Tawfiq Al-Wakeel, and he killed his wife and children and buried them here, so Ahmed marveled at what he heard from my peace and she said in a desperate voice: – I know that you will not believe me and say I am crazy and then completed, pointing with her hands to the paper placed on the table: But the paper is in every need, I look for Ahmed Ali Al-Orq and know the reality of the death of my family grieve very sad about what happened to them and their death in this way and regret his interruption from them and began tears spattered from his eyes for a peaceful moment she said Why are you curious? Ahmad wiped away his tears and then said to her: I am Ahmed Adel Tawfiq Al-Wakeel, and those who died in my family looked at him with a teary eye. I learned that he too had become alone like her. She had experienced the pain and severity of loneliness, and how much she had suffered. !! She said: “No, it is impossible for me to live here again and be religious to my grandfather, not to anyone else.” Indeed, Ahmed agreed to her request and took it and took her to her grandfather and lived with him to obtain a portion of the safety that was denied him for years.

After 3 years, Ahmed and Salma got married, and they compensated each other for the pain he tasted .. As if Ahmed was always by her side, reassuring her of what she saw every night of nightmares …. And he always felt that Selma had longed for that place where most of her childhood (the palace) lived, but he knew that this place had become the only source of her fear, so Ahmed tried to transform that place with everything that was in it to a safe place.

Indeed, one day and precisely the first anniversary day of their marriage, Ahmed decided to surprise her, and on that day Ahmed returned from his work, and he entered to see a peaceful prayer rug calling and praise God that he gave her, Ahmed listened to those invitations and smiled. Then he waited until it was over and approached. He said: – “Prepare yourself quickly, we have a journey.” Peaceful: – Where ?! Ahmad: – Prepare me for only an hour, and you will know. Indeed, I prepared my peace, so he took her in his car and in the car. He asked her to tie her shawl to her eyes, and surprised my peace, but she did what he asked of her until he reached that place. He got her out of the car and grabbed her hands, then he unzipped the shawl from her eyes. Extremely beautiful and on a large area of ​​land, then I looked around to remember that place, she knows it well. Indeed, this mosque was built by Ahmed in the place of the palace so that this dreadful palace turns into a safe place where you can peacefully come to without fear.

Selma was happy with what Ahmed did and she felt that he was the only one who crossed her to safety .. And that place became the one that reassured her and her heart reassured him after it was the source of panic for her, so she took my peace and hesitated against him from time to time..Here peacefully, her last words are written in Her notes, which I called “Peaceful from Weakness to Safety” and says (My husband is safety after God) and then she writes in the end .. Do not underestimate your loneliness, loneliness kills the heart.

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