He’s chasing me – a true story

The young man tells his story saying: My story started when I was 10 years old on one of the nights in Ramadan, where I used to go out with my friends after breakfast to play in the street until midnight, there was a large fig tree in our neighborhood, we used to play hide and seek behind it and always hide behind it, in Tonight I was playing with three of my friends, and suddenly we heard the four strange snarers, so we thought there was a dog behind the tree, we went to look but we found an incredibly tall man up to about 4 meters, the features of his face are very clear despite the darkness surrounding us, His white face was pale with a very thick beard, and he wore a coat similar to that of the medieval kings.

We were horrified from that scene and all of us hurried to escape from in front of him. I went straight to my house crying in my mother’s bosom. But we found no trace.

My father said in simplicity: It could be that he was just a crazy man or a homeless person sleeping behind the tree, and the matter ended like this, days passed and our fear gradually decreased, but we were avoiding passing by this tree my friends and I, and one night I was sleeping in my room around four in the morning I woke up I heard the same snarl that I heard at the tree that day .. I opened my eyes terrified, and I saw the same man standing in the corner of the room, but he was shorter than the previous time, and he was of moderate height this time.

I froze in my place, and I couldn’t even shout to cry for someone from the horror of the situation. I would almost die of terror, had it not been for my mother to enter the room and find me in this condition, I asked, “What is wrong with you?” I was surprised and asked my mother how did you know? And why did you come now? She told me that I was filling the house screaming and crying loudly, I was very surprised because I did not make any sound .. I told her what I saw, but no one believed me and my father told me that it is only a nightmare because I think about it a lot more than that.

At this moment I felt a severe wound and pain in my stomach, I looked and found deep scratches and wounds in that place similar to the writings, and here everyone shocked and believed my story, my father decided to take me to the Sheikh of the neighborhood, and what increased me and increased my father fear and dismay is that we found the friends of my friends as well they have brought them to me With the Sheikh and they have the same signs .. The Sheikh read some verses from the Holy Qur’an on us, and asked our families to fortify us with dhikr and the Qur’an. Thank God, nothing happened after that until I turned twenty-five years old, and I traveled with my father to France.

One day I was sitting in a public park during the day and suddenly I heard the same snarl that I could not forget despite the passage of many years, I said to myself “Oh my Lord is not a second” I approached the trees to see where the sound came from and suddenly I lost my awareness and when I woke up I found myself in The hospital with my father, I decided to call my old friends again, and they told me that they saw the same man as well, I learned that he had returned again, but this time it was much worse, we had seen him every night and left on our bodies traces of Latin scratches and writings on the stomach we suffered from physical pain And my nightmares .. I became afraid to sleep and did not approach any tree or sit on my own, and I fear too much of his constant chase to me .. I went to Umrah and stopped visiting me until I came back until I saw him at the airport standing among the people as if he was waiting for me and until now I do not know what the solution .

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