Highway Ghost

Highway Ghost

I used to work on a truck and I would have preferred to work at night, as the roads are quieter and as usual I was in one of my tasks and the hour was nearing midnight and the road was free of cars and the atmosphere was good and not foreshadowing any change, except that suddenly the skies turned and the rain started In abundance of precipitation as the lightning was thick so that the road was bright and clear in the form of anxiety in me, and the sounds of thunder were terrifying and powerful, and with what I crept into from fear but rather horror that I did not know what exactly caused it I had to stop the truck for some time.

I tried to get rid of this obsession and feel that something suspicious was happening around me, and after I calmed myself up a little bit, I started to move to resume the road, but I did not confirm I was moving from my place except and I saw this light in the middle of the road and with the audit I noticed that it was coming from a car that was blocking the road, and it seemed She was hit, because her lead was shattered.

I got off the truck and started to approach this seated in a strange position next to the car and I ask him what is in it and whether there was something wrong with him, except that I maintained that there is some distance between us because the feeling of fear and anxiety was increasing from this strange situation, so he answered me that his head almost killed him and needed For help, he was not answering my questions and only asking for help while he was still on this strange session along with his voice that caused terror in me.

The horror filled me, but I did not lose my focus and I began to check the car and the lights and noticed that it was not a car, but merely a car chassis with searchlights similar to the car’s only, and all my thinking was to escape from here quickly.

Suddenly, his terrifying voice, which became full of anger, returned not to help me, but my fear was strong and I told him that I could not and should leave, he stood but his head was still hanging down while he was talking but I need help and here his head rose, and I did not know what this is so everything is in reverse, I only knew that while I was driving my legs to the wind and running until I got to my truck and closed my doors, he looked at the windows of the truck and commanded me with a terrifying voice and his reversing features and his smiling panic to get off or enter it, but I did only one thing that turned my truck and went and did not look behind me I did not wait to hear or see anything or see who or what I saw and what it was.

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