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The Boy

She had never thought that such a day would ever come. Currently, she stood outside the house, ready to unlock the door and step in. Her husband had finally managed to get that house she had always dreamed of! Too bad he wasn’t here, and she had to travel alone the entire way, to finally shift towards this beautiful house. But she was an understanding wife who knew how hard her husband worked to provide for her.

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For now, all could be thought of later. The aspect of entering the new house in the street, away from the noisy city life excited her to the core. She was very happy to be witnessing such a thing! For three straight years she had dreamed of entering this place.

She unlocked the door and took in the fresh air. It was almost dusk, and the street was starting to get empty. She knew that this town always followed strict timings, emptying the streets after dark. She knew she would have enough time to settle in by then.

She stepped into the house through the threshold, filled with excitement and hope. The house had already been fully furnished and it had two storeys. She entered the house and headed straight to the staircase, ignoring the living room to her left side and kitchen to the right. She could always come back and check them later but right now, she needed to just get into her cozy room and binge watch the Netflix.

As she walked to the stairs and started heading upwards, a strange sound of utensils caught her attention. Fear rushed through her spine. She realized it was only her who had entered the house. There was no one else. Sweat poured on her brows and she soon found herself struggling with the idea of going to kitchen and checking it out. She could ignore it though. One small sound of utensils moving couldn’t actually be that serious. There could be a lot of reasons for that. Utensils positioned in such a way by shifting workers that they moved right now. Or perhaps it was the wind…or a rat that was roaming in the kitchen. Nothing to worry about!

Her self formed explanations soon took a new turn when she saw that utensil flying right out of the kitchen and landing right in front of the stairs. Her heart skipped multiple beats as she heard a boy’s sound. Who could that be? She calmed herself the next moment. Perhaps it was a trick by one of those hooligans she had seen playing in these streets. Those boys were quite mischievous and no doubt one of them might have snuck into her house to cause trouble. She descended the stairs, turning on the lights everywhere before heading to the kitchen.

The kitchen was a calm and serene place, save for the largely empty cabinets and the position of utensils all disturbed, two among them missing. The kitchen’s window was shut and there couldn’t be any possibility that anyone had snuck in. She remembered that the street was empty and the boys she recalled playing were in completely different street. She swallowed her saliva, thinking about a possible explanation. That was when she saw that apparition of a fifteen year old…his skin dark brown as his entire body was covered in whip wounds…his clothes like an old sack and his feet all bloody…there was salt on his wounds…salt and spices…she could feel his pain just by watching him. He came closer as she shivered, taking steps back.

“Are you my new master?” he spoke as she screamed, before fainting.

Remothered Broken Porcelain: Horror in August!

Continuing where the original series of Tormented Fathers left, Remothered Broken Porcelain is bringing old as well as promising new features!

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With the already present tension of the year 2020, we need the entertainment industry more than ever. This is automatically provided in the form of top upcoming horror games of 2020. Fellows like you and me thrive on something to take out mind off the real world. We are always hyped about new games and movies. There is good news. Following this 25th August, the masterpiece with a name, “Remothered: Broken Porcelain” is coming out. If you are a fan of series, this means amazing good news for you.

  This is not wishful thinking. This is actually a confirmed news from Modus Games and Starmind Games, both of which have a dominant role in developing this game. The game will be released on platforms such as PC, Xbox, Playstation, PS4 and switch.

But before anything, what exactly is the remothered series?

Remothered Series

If I am to simply describe the Remothered series, I would describe them as deep and immersive. The story telling has been done brilliantly and most of all, it is very easy to be immersed into the horror world of Remothered. If you are a new fan, you will be simply amazed. Chances are, even if you start from the second series, you will get somewhat a gist of the story. As for the old fans, we already know our craft too well. The story is amazing, and the horror environment simply takes your breath away.

They have introduced new elements into the gameplay which only makes it better. The storytelling is great, and the best part is, they have introduced real time cinematics which make you feel like you are living through the experience of the character.

The story will once again tell new secrets and uncovered truths about the Ashmann inn. The stalkers and deranged hunters roam its boundaries. You will be pushed to the limit of your wits as survival is not just a game of quick reactions anymore. Be ready to sneak, fight or flee when the situation arises. And there will be times when your perception of environment will be wrong, causing you face the threats head on. That would definitely be a challenge and your intuitive skills will soon be put to test then.

So, what is new?

There are many characters which are reintroduced. We have the Red Nun, deeply terrifying character that returns with same stalking persona or perhaps more. You will follow the journey of a new character named Jennifer who will explore the mysteries of the Ashmann Inn. There will of course be new elements and some of them mean new characters, enemies as well as environments.

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Features Introduced

Some of the features that deeply drew me in are also introduced in this game. The chief among them is the stealth approach. Believe me, I am not a very stealth oriented guy. But for someone who has played the Dark Amnesia series, I must say it is an art to make a gameplay based on running and hiding. Too many things can go wrong. The main focus is shifted on the art of storytelling and unless, the story is powerful and amazing, the interest is soon going to be diverted.

  • Psychological Thriller: The psychological thriller is not just the jump scare. It is playing the game and finding out something dark and sinister. A secret that is concealed in the dark is always going to be present there. You are going around a corner and come across something terrifying! That is the essence of the original horror. The aspect of something unknown…it also creates euphoric experiences of witnessing something new. The old game achieved that perfectly and a similar feature is hoped from this game.
  • Realistic Survival: I have played Dead Space and Amnesia Series. What is one thing that makes a game truly horror? It is basically the aspect of vulnerability. Otherwise what is even the point? For me, the aspect of being vulnerable is what makes you truly enjoy the experience. Your wits are put to test and thanks to your wits and decisive actions, the victory becomes yours. The first game tormented fathers had realistic survival and I am confident this second series will have it too.
  • Stealth Gameplay: Distract your opponents. Use your environment. These features of gameplay make you use your environment to the fullest. You get to know your own mental prowess. And trust me, there is nothing more ecstatic than to try something and see it working. Here, the stealth is intense and make you decide carefully and wisely.
  • Exploration: The aspect of exploration is a true art thanks to the amazing game studios of Starmind and Modus Games. Ashmann Inn is a place of madness, horror and dark secrets that should never be let out. That is what makes them so amazing! You explore in hopes of finding out something new and stunning. Every turn is treacherous and one wrong move can render you discoverable by those nasties roaming around. Sneaking and learning about the environment and its secrets is most rewarding.

A True Beauty to Experience

All in all, I would ask all horror games fans to actually go for this game. It is amazing and intense. The storytelling is a masterpiece. Use your environment, hide and run if necessary. And most importantly, have fun while exploring the dark secrets of Ashmann Inn on 25th August!


Little Nightmares II- When to Expect and What to Expect?

FREE HORROR maxresdefault-1024x576 Little Nightmares II- When to Expect and What to Expect?

I still remember the last time when I played the little nightmares by Tarsier Studios. And believe me, when I heard that little nightmares II was on its way at anytime in 2020, I was pleasantly surprised. Really it is one of the most anticipated games of 2020. I wondered how could I never expect it. Probably because of the reason that the studios confirmed it later that they would be releasing a sequel to first game.

So, before we venture further into this wonderful game and how it manages to capture our interest, I got to ask one thing. What exactly makes a horror game, horror?

Zombies? Night creatures out to get you? Perhaps an infected alien ship that is going to make your character traverse through the living hell…

When was the last time you checked a horror game to see if it had monsters or not? Do monsters make a game horror?

What makes a horror game fun?

My money is on the vulnerability. The aspect of being alone, trapped in someplace where your cries will never be heard. And what a way to be vulnerable than being a little kid who is escaping the evil clutches of evil monsters?

The aspect of vulnerability is what makes a game truly horror. To feel the fear…that anytime anything can happen, and you have to survive the monsters hidden in that dark. This is what sends shivers down your spine. A great example of such a game is little nightmares. I am so glad that 2020 will be the year in which little nightmares II will be released. When? That is not confirmed. All we know from the Tarsier Studios is that 2020 is the year in which it is coming. No date has been given.

To make things unbearably exciting, the studios have also released some of the information about the game. That is what I will share too.

A Bit about the First Game

First lets talk about the first game. The entire gameplay is an art. If you have seen Tim Burton’s movies, you will find a familiarity with the theme that has been used. And if you haven’t seen his movies, I would suggest dropping everything and seeing them first. You are missing an entire new world which you don’t want to miss. It gives that gothic creepy vibe. Not all of his movies are horror, but that gothic feel is present in all of them. Now imagine when gothic meets with horror.

For a person who enjoys horror games, Little Nightmares is a must. It makes you feel the experience of a little girl named Six who survives by relying on her wits to solve puzzles and hide from the monsters roaming around. The place where she is apparently trapped is a vessel named Maw. The residents who live there are the ones you would want to encounter. Personally, that dreadful long armed janitor gave me creeps…a lot of creeps to be honest. His long creepy arms couldn’t get out of my head for at least a week. Then there were those blood sucking leeches that felt like they could suck your blood any moment. Combine that with murderous twin chefs and well…you got the perfect horror game.

One of the best things about the game is how the designers communicated with us. I mean seriously!

How Little Nightmares tells story

In the entire game, you don’t get any dialogues that tell the story. You are in fact shown whatever the hell is going on on that vessel. You come across different environments in which you have to react, solve a puzzle or avoid getting caught by bloodthirsty figures. And the visual descriptions show you what is happening. It is a great way to tell the story and as a storywriter, I must say I was deeply impressed by this all.

I must compliment the developers for creating a character whose face you never see but you quickly grow emotional attachment to. You are literally controlling her every movement as she has to escape the clutches of the horrible and twisted residents of Maw. You never see the face of this little girl in yellow raincoat. Her escape becomes your escape and her struggles soon become your struggles.

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Really as you play the game forward, you start getting the story better and better. I must admit that I wasn’t as much satisfied with the ending as I should have been. It was good really…but it left room for so many questions awaiting to be answered! I was personally glad that Six, the little girl in yellow raincoat had gotten out of that dangerous vessel. After defeating the Lady, she reached to an island. However, it is later revealed that it wasn’t the island but the upper deck of Maw.

Some speculated that she herself has become a little nightmare. Running for your life, being forced to resort to violence and somehow, absorbing the powers of an evil entity might do that to you. A hell lot of questions were in my mind when I beat up that game. I even speculated that it was completed. For me, it was a sad thing to think that the nightmares my main character Six had spent her time escaping had gotten inside her, turning her into one. A sad ending really!

Little Nightmares II – What to expect?

FREE HORROR little-nightmares-2-1-1024x575 Little Nightmares II- When to Expect and What to Expect?

Really, now the little nightmares II has become one of the most anticipated games ever since Tarsier Studios made that announcement, confirming the game’s development. That was when I had multiple plots in mind. Perhaps the little girl Six we followed in our previous game becomes one of the villains. Or perhaps she is guiding someone else to come find her. Did the nightmares ended up taking her again? Or did she become one? So many freaking questions!

Little nightmares II will be bringing a new protagonist. He will be a boy named Mono who will later team up with Six. That was when I realized and thanked the heavens that our sweet Six wouldn’t be turning into one of the nightmares. There would be new nightmares added, new twisted freaks introduced that will chase after you.

One of the most amazing aspects of the original game was that it didn’t involve any combat. You would have to rely on stealth, puzzle solving skills as well as your wits to proceed. That is kind of an art in my opinion. To make a game tell such an immersive story without combat is wonderful. But to spice things up, the developers are adding combat system which might be an addition from the previous series. The combat was quite light as shown in trailer so hopefully, the actual aspect of the first game would either be preserved or enhanced. New puzzles…new twisted creeps to avoid and so much more! Who is excited? I sure am!

New Characters in the sequel

One of the new characters that I ended up developing so ideas about was a sadistic teacher. There are so many ideas that can emerge from this character. What would be her story? What would she be doing? No idea and that is exactly what maintains the aspect of mystery and creepiness. She was seen holding a class, slapping that ruler on her hand, her wicked smile hiding a bestial need she has to fulfill.

FREE HORROR Littlenightmares2teacher-1024x432 Little Nightmares II- When to Expect and What to Expect?

One of the other aspects of little nightmares II was that it would be set in the world outside the Maw, the vessel of first game. Perhaps the guests onboard would be properly introduced or at least the background of the characters will be explained more deeply.

Another amazing aspect of the little nightmares II was that it would be based on the horrors lying outside the world. We would now come to know more about this twisted and warped world which Maw was the part of in first game. So, you can expect more creative environments that don’t revolve around the decks of the ships. Although they were very dark and every next level I got to, I feared someone after me. The environments of the sequel will be focused on outside world. I read about the level based on a creepy forest with another chasing character. There is also going to be a creepy cabin inhabited by a bloodthirsty hunter. You get the point…

FREE HORROR tarsier-studios-reveal-new-little-nightmares-2-art-suggests-news-is-coming-soon-1024x576 Little Nightmares II- When to Expect and What to Expect?

One of the biggest mysteries of all time that keep me scratching my head are the retro-style TVs. It is quite clear that they are hypnotic, controlling the residents. So, the question is…are the residents in complete control of their actions? Or are they controlled by a darker force that rules over them by the TVs that connect to the signal towers? Does this mean that the nightmares we had been escaping from in previous game were victims too? Kind of makes you wonder about the real evil there. Furthermore, are kids impervious to this mind control? To my horror, I saw some of the kids rallying up against the two heroes, Six and Mono. If the hypnotic control is ever present, how did the two heroes manage to get out of it?

So many speculations! Seeing that the world is getting more immersive in the little nightmare series, it will soon be explored further in Little Nightmares II.

Results of an Interview from Lead Producer and Senior Narrative Designer

What better way to speculate than to ask information from the authorities who designed the game?

In the blog written by the reporter Emma Kent, she explains that there is a lot the sequel is bringing to the table. Things such as a new character (the boy named Mono), the new locations, some form of combat as well as two-character gameplay. The reporter had the chance to interview the lead producer as well as the senior narrative designer. Like all the producers, they were reluctant to give out full information. The info that they provided seems to spice things up a bit more. Quite a way to make us fans more hyped!

The time period of the little nightmares II is of course after the first one. That was all the report Emma got from the producer. Of course why would anyone want to give the spoiler.

In the end of the first game, Six ended up gaining the Lady’s powers. The status of her powers is unknown since that sort of information reeks of spoilers and we know how much the producers hate those. The producer didn’t tell about her powers. On to the next questions then?

The producer further told that the signal tower was the core to everything they had been doing. It was the core of the story. He also told about locations like the school that obviously is not your ordinary school. It has a sadistic teacher after all. Then he further discussed about how non-Disney like the forest was. The hunter living there would not be your friend at all. Furthermore, the televisions would play a vital role and apparently, some sort of gameplay would be associated with them.

FREE HORROR maxresdefault-1-1024x576 Little Nightmares II- When to Expect and What to Expect?

One of the interesting things the producer talked about and I am personally interested in is the claustrophobic environment. One of the key features of first series was claustrophobia that was introduced. How will it be introduced in the second game? Because the locations involve outside the ship’s confined spaces such as a forest or even a school. 

Regarding gameplay, the developers are sticking to the active personality of Six. Of course, in first you only had to worry about yourself. Now, you have a companion. Furthermore, you can interact with environment and actually use some items. This changes the gameplay.

Furthermore, the motivation was to show the greed and corruption as well as the lack of aim. This is what inspired the producer to instill within this game. One more thing…Mono is a shy boy!

My Silly Theory

If speculations had to be made, something does happen after Six escapes the Maw. Something like a rebellion happens when Six manages to get out. She meets Mono and both do adventures together, breaking the mind control TVs. They are sent to school to meet that teacher. I guess that the forest part will be linked with destroying the TVs to stop the control of signal tower. 

Well that is all from my side. Hopefully, the game will come soon and well will finally get our clear answers!


The story of the kidnapping of a girl from the ghosts

A true story of a girl who was loved by a genie. The events of the story take place in the region of Hail in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where the poor girl lived with her old father who was caring for him. One day, one of the sons of the jinn loved her and pursued her until he wore it, so her life turned into hell, where she saw a lot of Nightmares are in her sleep and you see that there is a genie that interferes with and assaults on her during that, and after a long time has passed, gray hair appears strange to her, so her father felt that there was something strange about her or that she was possessed, so she called a cleric to recite the Qur’an, and the man actually attended and began reciting, What the father had expected happened, but he was trying to lie to the last minute.

As soon as the girl heard the Qur’an, she started screaming and her fingers slammed tight and the jinn began to speak on her tongue and send the threat and the promises to everyone who tries to approach her. Her room and at midnight the doors and windows of the room around her started shaking, and the curtains fell around her. Suddenly, the girl disappeared. The genie kidnapped her and fled to the mountains of Hail.

After two days have passed since this incident, one of the security men passed a measure of this path, and he saw a girl falling from the top of the mountain. The girl from the top of the mountain and who was asking for water and seemed to have been severely tortured, so beautifully her clothes were torn.

After the spread of this story, the Emir of Hail recommended a prize of four million Saudi riyals to anyone who finds this girl, but no one has found any trace of her to this day.

Who were I playing with ?! ghosts stories

There was a young man in his twenties, and one night he went with buddies to the seashore, where this was their habit every weekend, and because the weather was very cold, the young men decided to walk on the beach instead of swimming, while the young man was walking with Friends, he saw an animal that he thought was a rabbit, so he started running and reading trying to catch him, and his friends laughed and asked him to return because whatever he did he would not be able to catch him .. The young man did not understand at first and kept running behind the animal until he proved to them that he could catch him, the animal ran to a place Isolated and suddenly stopped and turned around and if it has a dog-like object but much bigger and stiffer and his eyes illuminate with a very frightening reflection and color.

The young man held his breath out of fear and began throwing stones at this abandoned creature, but he did not hide or escape, so the young man did not immediately retreat and quickly rushed back to his friends .. After a little opinion, a young man of himself is very handsome approaching him and in his hand strikers for the game of tennis The young man did not speak, he only gave him the racket and the two began playing together, he was so brilliant that our friend could not defeat or take him one point throughout the course of their play.

After a while, his friends came laughing hard. The young man was surprised by the comrades ’laughter and asked them why you are laughing. They told him: God heal you, my love. His companions, looking at his hand and found himself already holding an old shoe, turned around and found the young man who was playing with him had no effect, he disappeared completely as if he evaporated.

He asked permission of the young man and returned early to his home and remained throughout his night thinking about what he saw and what happened to him, and he never dared to go to the seashore, and he never even approached that place again, and until now he did not know an explanation of what happened and did not know with whom he was playing, because Sure, he could not have imagined. He actually took the racket from the boy’s hand, grabbed the ball, hit it, and bounced back to him for the duration of the game. With whom was he playing? God knows .

A young man who tried to prepare ghost,very terrifying

A young man named Muhammad tells his story saying: Since my childhood I have loved reading horror stories and all the stories of jinn, myths and legends, and I always wanted to discover this mysterious and mysterious world, and one day I traveled with my family to one of the Arab countries and while I was walking in a market In an ancient library about jinn and sorcery, which is a book of magic to harness the elves, I bought it without hesitation and I went home and waited until the evening and started reading, I looked at many, many letters and strange things, I do not know the first of them at the end, at first I was very much mocking what is written in it But after a few days, a strange situation began to appear on my sisters’ borders, as she witnessed a wave of crying and screaming as she was pointing to the door of the room and saying there was hope. He looked at me with sharp looks and stood at the door of the room. I looked at the door and did not find anything, her screaming intensified as she pointed in insistence Severe to the door of the room, I tried to persuade her that the door was locked and that no one was there. My mother came and started reading the Qur’an on her, but to no avail and a very difficult night passed on us, and in the next day afternoon my sister returned crying again as she said look at the phone what happens to him that he is walking Ali The earth is moving from one place to another, we looked, but we did not see anything strange, so she started crying again while she was sheltering in my mother’s embrace in great terror. These things were repeated for another days until we took her to the doctor who transferred her to a psychiatrist and the matter complicated a lot until we had to take us To one of the elders, and when he reads the Qur’an, her crying and screaming increases in a frightening way.

After three continuous days of reading the legal paper on her regularly, her condition stabilized somewhat, until her face was always pale due to the fear that she was exposed to and the overwhelming awakening. Days passed, but curiosity did not stop at me to this extent, but the desire inside me to see the jinn increased and looked forward to revealing The mystery of this unknown world, from time to time I read in my book until I found a way to dive into the world of the jinn, but a person must be unclean to do so, I never thought about the danger of continuity in this matter, as I was able to curiosity to the fullest extent so I took A piece of news and I put it in the bathroom and then I felt a sense of fear with numbness in my entire body, and I started to feel terrified and terrified and do not know what the reason was, I ran out of the bathroom and the piece of bread in my hands, I cried a lot that night and felt that there were people hovering around me and found with me, I felt Regretful fear and this feeling continued for several days.

I started having troublesome and strange dreams every night. At night, I could hear the sound of a baby crying under the stairs of the house. When I go to the source of the sound, I do not find anything and the sound disappears, so I return to my place of sitting again, and the sound starts to rise again. And sometimes when I’m sitting alone at home months I see that someone passes by my side like cold air, and I hear a strange sound whispering near me, so I start reading verses from the Qur’an until the sound disappears.

One night I was meeting with my family watching TV and suddenly we heard the movement of a person trying to open the door of the closed house, a person who moves the door handle and tries to push and open it, we started calling for someone who tries to open the door but no one answered, and the person stopped trying and moved away from the door, we all escaped To the bed in the room until this movement continued to repeat daily, and on the day my father told us there is nothing to fear, it may happen because of the wind, but I knew inside of me that my father is trying to calm us only and that he feels terrified inside of him just like us, and at night While walking around alone in the yard of the house, I saw a hand from behind one of the trees to a person hiding behind it, and the hand was visible up to the elbow, the hand was completely smooth, with a brown color and I could not tell whether it was a girl or legs, and it had a golden chain at the wrist, and I stood unbelieving what I see I shouted at him, I get out from behind the tree, I see you, and as soon as I spoke, until the hand disappeared completely, I went to any of the hiding places, but I did not find anyone there, and I did not know the source of this strange hand. Two days later, I again found my brother entering the house He came to my room, and I called him, but he did not answer, so I called out to him a lot while ignoring him.

The next day I saw my brother and sister entering the same room and repeating the same thing again, I entered and found no one, I felt very afraid and became avoiding staying in the room on my own, and in the morning I used to sit in the house monsters and find the little birds approaching me without fear and eating from the grass of the land beside me, I used to sit and cut the bread for her so she would eat without fear and this thing was not normal at all, and one night I was staying with one of my brothers after midnight and we were sitting in the hall and the door was open for ventilation, so if something heavy falls from the sky onto our tree and we hear the breaking of branches and then a blow Strong on the ground, then after that we heard heavy steps coming from the yard to the inside of the hall, then we felt strong air blows like a wind blowing passing by, we stood terrified and afraid, we went out to the yard but we did not find anyone, so we closed the door with the key and hid inside our room in terror, And the situation continued like this for several days, the sound of movements and strange things repeated every night, and I feel inside me that the cause of all these calamities is the book of sorcery that is inside my closet, so I went to the book and brought it out and I raised my hands to God Almighty repentant, then set fire to the book and burned it, One day Behold, everything has disappeared, and my sister has returned to normal and still lives on our house again.