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The ghost of the dead man is very terrifying

One day, my uncle came to our house, and the anger was clearly visible on his face, because he was unable to transfer his goods in the stores to his wholesale store located in the village where I live with my family in Gharbia Governorate in Egypt … Al-Muhair is the means of transporting goods in the town, and the reason that my uncle was unable to transport his goods on that day is an accident in the parking of the carts that led to the death of one of the young boys who was driving one of the vehicles where he fell under the wheels of a truck with a large trailer .. Try My father comforted him and advised him to stay in our house tonight until tomorrow morning so that he could transport the goods.

On this night, around 12 o’clock at night, my grandmother was standing on the balcony of our house on the ground floor. Suddenly, we saw her running, screaming, and dividing that she saw a Karoo cart running without a driver, and a group of dogs chasing over 20 dogs chased her. I could not prevent my imagination from linking the incident that took place Which is about my uncle and what my grandmother says, but I did not express my doubts to anyone, and the next night, at the same time, we completely heard a hysterical barking of a group of dogs under the window of my room, I looked down and found a dog whose body was lifted from its old, as if someone was holding it from He presented it and waved it in a circular motion, but the strange thing was that there was no one at all, while the rest of the dogs were wrapped around it in a circular ring and it barked hysterically as if you see something and want to attack it or fear it.

Suddenly, events evolved a lot, and I became like I was in a real horror movie. On the third night and at the same time in the middle of the night again, I was surprised by a barrage of bricks and sand pouring into the window of my room. Opening the window calms everything and only traces of dirt remain on the window due to the bricks and stones that poured on it.

I had an idea in mind, which is to try to communicate with this fearful ghost that I was convinced in me that he smashed the dead child in the mentioned incident. Indeed, I turned off the lights in my room and sat behind the window, waiting for his conditions or making any movement indicating his presence. I began to address, saying: Why not be a friends ? Suddenly, I found the palm of a small child behind the window waving to me. She had fear of me and rushed to my parents’ room. Soon the news of the ghost of the boy in the family spread and our young relatives came to our house to see these strange phenomena that my father talked about a lot.

One day, my cousin was staying in our house, and he saw for himself the hooves of a donkey that knocked on the window and told my father about that. The next morning, all the housings of the house were lying in the street. The matter got worse and we decided to leave the house after everyone was convinced that he had become haunted by the ghost of the dead boy, or maybe With a group of ghosts trying to drive us out of the house.

Ghost kid in the room – so scary

I moved with my family to a new house and it was in one of the new areas, largely uninhabited, the house was large, spacious and beautiful, so I immediately loved it and I was very happy to move to it, and on the first night I was lying on my bed, and I suddenly felt heavy on the side of the bed next to me As if someone sat on it, I opened my eyes and I imagined that it was my oldest daughter who came to sit next to me as usual, but I found no one.

I closed my eyes and went to sleep while I said to myself: Perhaps I imagined that, and so the first night passed, but then this incident repeated every night, until it came to my feeling that there are people sleeping beside me, and I feel as if there are warm breaths chasing me wherever I go, and the matter developed and I noticed My baby daughter looks up at the ceiling and turns her eyes left and right and indicates with her hands as if watching and following with her eyes the movement of something, although the room is completely empty.

Thus I began to feel that this house is surrounded by some mystery, and after a while one of my relatives came to visit me, she told me as soon as they entered it that this house is strange and psychologically inconvenient, and I felt that it was haunted, a horror rose from the idea but I tried to forget it or ignore it, and I continued talking to my relative But I was surprised by her. She asked me about the child who is playing with my daughter in her room, so I told her which child? I only have two daughters, one of whom is a baby, so she answered that she saw a young boy standing in the window of one of the rooms overlooking the street while she was entering the house!

The cemetery sounds a breathtaking horror story

There was a young man named Mamdouh who lived in a small village. There was a large cemetery in this village, one day while Mamdouh was returning to a house as usual in his motorbike in the middle of the night, and no one was on the road except anyone, as the village was small and the number of its people were few and always accustomed to me Sleeping in Morocco, and its streets do not contain any lighting, as Mamdouh only saw the road on the lights of his motorcycle.

In a way to the house, Mamdouh passed by at the door of the cemetery, and here he began to hear songs and loud Zagarit, in a voice that sounded familiar to him. Mamdouh turned off his motorcycle until he was certain of what he was hearing. Indeed, this voice was of a deceased old lady who was recently known to know Mamdouh well.

Mamdouh’s body trembled for the sake of the idea and terror spread in himself. He slowly approached the door of the cemetery and opened its door to see what happens there. No one found any help. He sought help from God from the accursed Satan and closed the door again trying to convince himself that he was only delusional and that the atmosphere, night and darkness are the ones He prepared all this.

Mamdouh rode his bike again and as soon as he started moving away from the cemetery, he heard again those voices and songs with a female voice, Mamdouh felt intense horror, and he knew inside him that he would not be able to complete his life and sleep in his bed comfortable if he could not be sure and would understand and understand what was happening, otherwise he would kill him Curiosity and fear, Mamdouh returned to the cemetery again and opened the door and looked closer this time, and he still heard those voices, and suddenly he heard the sound of a cry that terrified him a lot, and he quickly closed the door, and rode his bike heading to his place quickly, and from that day Mamdouh never approached that cemetery, especially at mid The night.

The house can’t accommodate everyone – a very scary story

One day a man rented a house on the outskirts of the end and this house was deserted for a long time in which no one lived, and then his owner re-maintained and painted again and changed his decor and then subject to rent, so this man came and rented it, this man tells his terrible story saying: I transferred my belongings to this The house and I spent the first night in it with my wife and children, it was a quiet and beautiful night, and several days passed until we settled in this house. I was very happy with this house overlooking the scenery of the amazing forest sides and my children are very happy with the small garden attached to the house where they spend the day playing and having fun.

I used to go to work in the morning and come in the evening and sleep early to continue working the next day, but my wife used to love so much in front of the TV, and after a week passed she came to my bed running and fear fills her eyes saying that there is something strange in this house, so I asked her and what she told me that she Every night, you hear a commotion in the corridor leading to the kitchen, and sometimes you hear the screaming of children and the sound of their legs running around the house. To it these whispers again, calmed down a bit and slept tonight.

The next day I came back late from work and I was very exhausted, and when I entered the house I found my wife motionless and her eyes sitting in the corner of the house while she was sweating and trembling badly, and after she woke up she told me that she saw a woman sitting with her in the hall and exchanging together the parties of the conversation, where she told her these The woman said that she and her family lived in this house for a very long time, and they will never leave for it. My wife advised that she and her family search for her for another place because this house is small and not everyone can accommodate it.

I was very shocked when I heard this strange novel that my wife told me, and as soon as it ended until a short man appeared in front of me and said to me: We do not want to harm you and your family, but our family is large and we are the residents of this real house and we came before you lived for many years, so we ask From you to search for another house .. I agreed to leave immediately and started searching for another house and asked him for a delay until I find another house for me and my children, and he gave me a full month that they would not harm any of my family and they would not show us day or night, and before the time we left the house Without going back.

The story of the cemetery imp is very scary

It has been the norm in our village to make an annual visit to the graves and spend a whole week inside them, and the graves were away from the village by tens of kilometers, sitting near the mountain, and the graves were connected to each other to appear as a deserted village surrounded by mystery and excitement, and in my last visit with my family to the graves remember My father, his brothers, were kidnapped by death early, so he sat next to their grave crying, and during that uncle Saleh passed by our neighbor near the graves.

The sympathy imp is !! What a mysterious and frightening phrase, it has a strange ringing on my heart and my ears, I looked at Uncle Saleh in amazement and it seems that he immediately understood and began answering me before I asked my question, saying: “You know I had a son who lost him while he was young, and I have been for many years coming To here alone I cry over his grave, and once a relative died and I went with the family to bury him, and as usual I left the crowd and went away heading towards my son’s grave, despite the brutal darkness of the night and the smell of death and the dread of the place, and when I reached the grave I threw my body over the grave of my son and started crying and mourning ”

Uncle Saleh went on saying, “Here I heard a voice from behind me saying:“ Many years passed and you came here and cried for your son, it is enough to cry because it will not benefit anything. ”Then I felt this person approaching me and I was still immersed in my tears and said: Come, hand me your hand to help you I had to get up, I thought he was one of the family of the deceased who had followed me and came behind me, and when I put my hands on him he broke through my arms, as if I leaned on the air .. I stood in panic and if I see in front of Afrin, he has two eyes burning as if he was burning embers and his mouth widens as a deep well.

Heavy silence ensued for seconds, as years passed by, and we all stared at each other .. Should I never run now? Or is it going to fade quietly .. I asked myself without feeling, I found myself screaming a cry that almost frightened the dead, and I started a terrifying runaway, so I came out of it with a terrifying laugh that echoed in the stillness of the night between the dead .. I started running in the graves and my heart almost stopped from Fear and terror, and I imagine that the imp is running behind me but I can’t look back, I went back to the funeral, but I didn’t find any of the mourners, they left and left me.

My heart was filled with panic, as I was alone in the graves, I felt my soul coming out of my body .. I saw a person come from afar making the dark with a light of flame so the reassurance came slowly to me, they felt that I was not there and returned to search for me .. And from that day I did not dare to enter the graves Never alone.

Here the ghosts inhabit the most terrifying . Part 3

She got out of what she read, and here she asks Selma herself ?! – Are the needs that you see in reality ?! And the palace is actually haunted because of the people buried in it ?! And not all of this is due to the life that I lived alone, and I imagined that there are possible needs that existed mainly .. She remained peaceful in this case, thinking about what happened, and what will you do, will she stay in the palace or leave it, until I decided in the end that she would leave the palace irreversibly and return to her grandfather who He tried more than once to force her to live with him because he was afraid of her living alone, but she refused to leave the place where she lived.

But now the matter is different, as she no longer tolerates everything that happens to her in the palace .. Indeed, the unit almost killed her, and indeed she decided to go to her grandfather at that time so she collected her things to leave this damned palace and then took her bag and got out of the door of the palace. The time was late and there is no one On the road, and the atmosphere was black, and there were no light poles that illuminated its path. So I decided to return to the palace and spend that night until the morning came.
Indeed, my peace returned once again and I forgot the gate of the palace open, and if it enters from the inner door of the palace, the door behind it is completely closed and you see all the doors of the rooms open and close and I felt that the delay of the palace was shaking as if an earthquake had occurred, so things would fall on the ground and scream peacefully and knock their hands on the door of the palace In order to find someone to find it, but she continued to shout, and if by her she finds in front of her that ghost that she sees every time he approaches her and extends his arms towards her neck so a peaceful voice is cut off from screaming and falls to the ground unconscious until a new and peaceful morning came, still lying on the ground, my death terrified what happened tonight The past or what ?! .

At that time, outside the palace, a young man, about thirty years old, came to get out of his car in front of the palace and look at the palace gate to see it open, but no one has it. Also open and you will be surprised by that !! Then he entered and started calling out Baba !!! … Imam .. O Walid … O Taher … Habiba, where are you … ?! But to no avail …. And if he looks at him, he finds a peaceful lying on the ground.
He approached her to wake her up so that he knew who she was and what was happening? !! Indeed, she exceeded my peace and looked at him, and she was terrified, laying her hands on her face, and screamed. !! Are you Mine? !! No, I don’t want to die. I’m far away from me, killing you .. You are not a person. You are from ghosts who live. The palace and I want to kill me, so I move away from it a little so that you can be reassured. Speak to her: “I am afraid, I am the son of Adam, like you, and my name is Ahmed. Rest assured when I heard then pulled her hands away from her face and looked at him and confirmed that he is a human like her and not the ghost that she saw every time she looked at him and said in a frightened voice a voice that tears the heart: You can save me from here, Ahmed felt that she was really suffering but he did not know what she was going through and he said to her: Don’t worry, who will save you?
My peace was reassured and I started telling him what she was seeing and what happened to her, until she said: – The palace is one of the things named Adel Tawfiq Al-Wakeel, and he killed his wife and children and buried them here, so Ahmed marveled at what he heard from my peace and she said in a desperate voice: – I know that you will not believe me and say I am crazy and then completed, pointing with her hands to the paper placed on the table: But the paper is in every need, I look for Ahmed Ali Al-Orq and know the reality of the death of my family grieve very sad about what happened to them and their death in this way and regret his interruption from them and began tears spattered from his eyes for a peaceful moment she said Why are you curious? Ahmad wiped away his tears and then said to her: I am Ahmed Adel Tawfiq Al-Wakeel, and those who died in my family looked at him with a teary eye. I learned that he too had become alone like her. She had experienced the pain and severity of loneliness, and how much she had suffered. !! She said: “No, it is impossible for me to live here again and be religious to my grandfather, not to anyone else.” Indeed, Ahmed agreed to her request and took it and took her to her grandfather and lived with him to obtain a portion of the safety that was denied him for years.

After 3 years, Ahmed and Salma got married, and they compensated each other for the pain he tasted .. As if Ahmed was always by her side, reassuring her of what she saw every night of nightmares …. And he always felt that Selma had longed for that place where most of her childhood (the palace) lived, but he knew that this place had become the only source of her fear, so Ahmed tried to transform that place with everything that was in it to a safe place.

Indeed, one day and precisely the first anniversary day of their marriage, Ahmed decided to surprise her, and on that day Ahmed returned from his work, and he entered to see a peaceful prayer rug calling and praise God that he gave her, Ahmed listened to those invitations and smiled. Then he waited until it was over and approached. He said: – “Prepare yourself quickly, we have a journey.” Peaceful: – Where ?! Ahmad: – Prepare me for only an hour, and you will know. Indeed, I prepared my peace, so he took her in his car and in the car. He asked her to tie her shawl to her eyes, and surprised my peace, but she did what he asked of her until he reached that place. He got her out of the car and grabbed her hands, then he unzipped the shawl from her eyes. Extremely beautiful and on a large area of ​​land, then I looked around to remember that place, she knows it well. Indeed, this mosque was built by Ahmed in the place of the palace so that this dreadful palace turns into a safe place where you can peacefully come to without fear.

Selma was happy with what Ahmed did and she felt that he was the only one who crossed her to safety .. And that place became the one that reassured her and her heart reassured him after it was the source of panic for her, so she took my peace and hesitated against him from time to time..Here peacefully, her last words are written in Her notes, which I called “Peaceful from Weakness to Safety” and says (My husband is safety after God) and then she writes in the end .. Do not underestimate your loneliness, loneliness kills the heart.