horror story stories happened in the dead refrigerator

Horrific, realistic short stories happened in the dead refrigerator horror story

This Horror story tells us the couple Nathan and Heather, who went through them from a period of time, where they completed their marriage and decided to go to an area in California to spend the honeymoon where the fresh water and beautiful beaches, a region not far from their area only three hours by car, and in fact both Heather and Nathan prepared and set out On their way, but the road ran through a forest and some narrow winding roads.

 horror story Forest monster short horror story

Heather and Nathan went off by the car about two hours, and suddenly the place was wrapped in a thick wave of fog, which forced Nathan to calm down from the speed of the car, especially as he was walking between the trees in the narrow roads for fear of collision, but suddenly he appeared in front of both Heather and Nathan, a girl on the road indicating to them Until they tell her with them, however, Nathan ignored the issue, unlike Heather, who insisted that Nathan return so that they brought the girl to get her to the nearest place she wanted to go

Nathan returned to the girl and looked like a twenty-year-old girl and asked them to take her on their way, and I told them that they would move about ten kilometers and then find a crossroads and there they will find a petrol station near her white house this is her house.

Nathan moved the car and tried a lot to talk to the girl, but she seemed calm and silent, so he kept walking for about half an hour until he reached the crossroads as the girl told him and there they found a very old gas station and it seems deserted a long time ago, Nathan came a little car and saw the white house so he started Nathan addresses the girl and tells her that they arrived, but there is no life for the one who calls, Heather turned back, but was marked on her face by the features of fear and horror, which frightened Nathan, especially when she spoke, she said, I went, she suddenly disappeared and we did not see her coming down from the car, so Nathan was terrified, but suddenly he appeared before them in front of their sight An old couple and Nathan drove by car to the couple.

Nathan stood next to the old couple, but he was in bad condition, and Heather talked as she told the couple about the girl who stopped them on the road and was dressed in white clothes and looked at the age of twenty and asked to deliver her to this white house, but when we got here she had disappeared from the back seat of the car.

The couple started relieving Heather and Nathan and told them that she was their daughter Diana, who is already twenty years old and she died in a car accident on this road and the perpetrator of the accident has not yet been arrested and most of those who pass this road happen with him what happened with you, and it seems that she will not calm down until it is done The perpetrator was found and punished, then they tried to invite them over a cup of tea, but Nathan was still under the influence of shock and fear, so he politely refused and told them that they are still new grooms and are on their way to spend their honeymoon. The time is late and they must complete their path.

Happened in the refrigerator of the dead

A young man tells that he was in charge of a refrigerator for the dead in one of the hospitals on the road and he had a strong heart because he did not easily fear, and one night during the work shift of the young man he was sitting at his desk finishing some papers but suddenly the power went off for a few minutes then He returned, but with his return, the shock that held the young man in his place was in a state of amazement and terror.

In front of the young man, all the dead people in the drawers of the dead refrigerator were sitting and smiling sarcastically for him. The young man did not find anything in front of him except seeking help from God. He began seeking refuge with God from the accursed Satan and repeating verses from the Holy Qur’an. He returned to normal.

After this incident, the young man submitted his resignation and left this work since that night, but he still sees strange things and events happening to him at night while he is at home and whenever he tells people what he is going through, no one believes him.

Horrific, realistic short stories happened in the dead refrigerator horror story

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