Jinn Stories The game of horror “Aloja” and King of the Jinn is a true story in the tongue of its owner.

Jinn Stories The game of horror “Aloja” and King of the Jinn is a true story in the tongue of its owner.

My name is “Evans” The events of my frightening story began when a question inside me about the reason why my uncle expelled me from his home more than once started with the onset of darkness. I have an uncle that I love so much. I adore his style of speaking. Once I decided to search for the reason, and I went at night to his house to peek through his windows of what my uncle was doing and his mysterious style. I waited all night and moved from one window to another. Curiosity gripped me more and more, I remembered my father, and I rushed home quickly, and it was past two o’clock after midnight.

I crept into my house, but my father followed me and asked me: “Why was I late for such a time, did I not warn you before about the delay in the return date ?!

I tried a lot to mislead my father in answering his question, but he insisted on knowing the truth, so I had to say it: “My father, I was looking for the truth of my uncle’s behavior with me like this and the reason behind his strange behavior with me, but I found strange about his matter.”

I found gaze of interest on my father’s face as if he was asking me to complete what I found at my uncle, so I resumed my talk: “I saw him, Dad, talking as if something else was with him. I could barely hear him talking as if he was asking and answering about someone with him inside the room, but I only saw that he was sitting on the table and in front of him waved A strange wooden shape with a piece that drives it. ”

My father replied to me: “Do not go there again my son, and I will inform you of all the questions that circulate your thoughts and yourself. This board is a game called“ Alweja ”, and your uncle uses it to evoke the spirit of your late grandfather from years ago to talk to him and domesticate him throughout the night, your uncle was Very loving to your grandfather and could not get past his death order, so he looked a lot for alternatives until he found this damned game by which he was able to conjure up his soul every night.

My father made a pledge not to go again to my uncle’s house in the evening, but my intense curiosity led me to break my father’s covenant and I went the next day, but I did not find my uncle, no matter how I moved from one window to another I did not find it, so I returned sadly, my father punished me and scolded me a lot for what I did, and by the morning I went to my uncle’s house to search for it but I did not find it, it has virtually disappeared.

Months passed and I did not find my uncle at all. I thought about using his game to reach him, and I wish I did not think this way. I resorted to that game with which I opened the gates of hell, first I asked her about the location of my disappeared uncle, but she answered me that he was in the hospitality of the king of the jinn “Bazuzu”, and shortly after that I heard Scribble at the door of my room so I went to check the matter, then I found that he had written on the door Welcome In the world of the jinn, my chest narrowed and I felt that a person with me is always watching me and watching my actions and behaviors. I was excited about my studies and all the countries of the world were obliged to hope that the feeling of the existence of something would disappear. If I talked about it, I would end up in a mental and psychiatric hospital.

I searched a lot for someone who would help me so that my destiny was not the same as the fate of my poor uncle, to be with the fist of the king of the jinn “Bazuzu” and to pay my freedom to rush from me to enter the world of the jinn and demons; Finally I came to a world in the hidden worlds and indicated Ali burned the Ouija board, and from then on I live a somewhat normal life.

Do not approach an unknown world!

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