Midnight scary story short Small Town Horror Story

Midnight ghost story

Midnight ghost story goods from the stores to his wholesale store located in the same town and the donkey carts were the means of transporting goods in this small town. On this day, my uncle was unable to transport a cargo, due to an accident in the Karu stop, which led to the death of one of the young boys who was driving one of the vehicles. He fell and was run over by the wheels of a van with a large trailer. The boy died on the spot, and a clash occurred between the owners of the vehicles On the one hand, and between the trailer driver and the porters, on the other hand. And after that incident at exactly 12 o’clock at night of the same day, my grandmother was standing in the east in our apartment on the ground floor, and suddenly she came to us running speeding and saying in horror that she had seen a Karoo cart running without a driver and a group of dogs that were barking heavily in it The case I linked what my grandmother says to the boy’s death incident, but I did not disclose what was on my mind.

The next night, at about the same time, we heard a hysterical barking of dogs under the window of my room, and when we looked down, we found a fleshed dog raised to the top of his feet, as if someone was holding it and waving it in a horrendous circular motion, and around it a group of dogs barking hysterically and as if seeing something What you want to attack and then it started to get worse. The next night at midnight, we were surprised by a barrage of bricks and stones pouring into our windows of our house. These strange events continued for three consecutive nights and I was trying to communicate with this thing, believing in me that it was the ghost of the dead boy. Nour my room and start talking to him and I tell him let’s become friends and I was finding the palm of a child waving to me from behind the window and the news seemed to spread in the family and I told my father but he did not believe and he told me that these myths have no evidence so I told him if he waited until Midnight and you will believe me and see for yourself.

Indeed, the dogs started barking and blocks of bricks and sand came towards our apartment, so my father rose and opened the window, cursing whoever was doing this until the surprise came !! All the kitchen items were cooks, spoons and others that were thrown in the street and my father accused me of doing that, but fortunately for me my innocence appeared because I had spent the day with my cousin and my father started following the strange phenomenon until he saw for himself the hooves of a donkey knocking on the window and We are determined to expel this ghost, so we enlisted the help of one of the sheikhs who recommended us to read the Qur’an along with some other advice. Indeed, the incidents ended after nearly two months had passed and we spent them in real terror.

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