Midnight visitor a very scary story

One day in 1954 it was rainy and the sky was full of thundering sound and frightening lights of lightning, and at exactly two o’clock in the middle of the night there was a man walking alone on his way and was afraid and feeling very cold, looking for a house to resort to until he was warm and looking for something to eat .. The man walked Too much until he reached a very large house that seemed to be deserted from the outside, the man approached the door of the house cautiously and then rang the bell several times, so a man came out to him saying: What do you want, stranger? The man replied: I am lost, feeling very cold, and my guts are torn from starvation. Can you add me tonight and I will go as soon as the sun rises in the morning? The man said: Go ahead … the stranger entered the house and he felt reassurance and warmth. The owner of the house was absent a little and then came with his hot coffee and food, and they sat together talking.

The stranger noticed that the owner of the house lived alone without a wife, children, or even servants, nothing but him and his dog only. The man gave him a blanket to wear, saying: Take this to stay with you and sleep here today until the morning rises. The man rejoiced a lot and thanked him then went to a deep sleep.

The next day, the owner of the house woke up and went to the room where the stranger left last night, but did not find him. He searched for him in all the rooms of the house, but found no trace, and the man said to himself: The man must have been ashamed and went early before he woke up from My sleep .. On that day the owner of the house was invited to visit a museum of archaeological pictures that are very old for thousands of years. The man went to the museum and looked between the pictures and contemplated the wonderful heritage, but between the pictures he found something very strange, made him stop in his place amazed, he found between Pictures The picture of the man who slept with him last night. The man quickly turned to one of the curators and asked him: Who is this man? He replied: This man has been dead for more than 200 years, so the man said in shock: How is this? He visited me yesterday at my house and slept with me last night. The official said simply without interest: He is definitely a person who looks like him, nothing more. The matter confused you. The man insisted on his words, he is absolutely sure of the shape of the man and even there is a sign of a destination that he noticed yesterday and it is present in The picture clearly.

Under the photo, the man found the location of the grave of the owner of the image buried more than 200 years ago. The man went to the graves quickly to know the truth about what was happening and he was able to fear him. When he reached the intended grave, he found a surprise that he did not expect at all. Lying on his grave.

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