Myth 13, and the mystery surrounding the number

Myth 13, and the mystery surrounding the number

To start with, you must know something very important, if you are traveling and on a trip to America for any of its many states, how many days in a hotel note the arrangement of roles and rooms, you will not find the number 13 present at all.

The Jinx legend of No. 13 is in the West, and is this number actually Jinx or coincidental, some experts in geology and meticulous studies say that many earthquakes occur on the 13th of each month, and the Earth moves more on this day.

In 1970, the Apollo 13 spacecraft took off at 13 and 13 minutes, and at a third of the distance to the moon an explosion occurred in the craft, forcing the astronauts to cut their flight on April 13.

In Germany, the Berlin Wall, called the Wall of Shame, was built on the thirteenth of August 1961 AD, and the witches gathered in groups containing 12 witches and the number 13 was the devil, just as ancient civilizations held the gallows 13 knots.

They also say that if 13 people gather for dinner together, one of them will die that night.

The West also believes in pessimism from Friday, and especially on the 13th of any month, there will be greater pessimism, as they say in the Bible, Friday is the day when Adam came out of Heaven, the day that our master Jesus, peace be upon him, was called and they say that Cain killed Abel in Today is like this.

And the legend was associated with pessimism, which is the day the execution of the Knights Templar on Friday, the thirteenth of October, 1307, when they were arrested collectively by the King of France Philip IV.

Many of the beliefs that the West believes in and among us that there are no rooms number 13 in some American hotels and skyscrapers, the 14th round comes just after the 12th.

And here are some airlines that give up the 13th row and seats in the plane’s seats, and in the 19th century, Lloyds Marine Insurance Company in London refused to insure any ship that sails on Friday 13. Until the day the US Navy does not move any ship on time.

On that day currencies, the labor market, the stock market, and airlines lose nearly $ 900 million, because many people refused to work, buy, sell, and travel on the 13th Friday.

American companies lose every Friday 13th of any month 750 million dollars because people do not shop, travel or venture anything on Friday 13, pessimism from No. 13 is a kind of phobia, and even Microsoft is afraid of the number 13, because the 2007 Office edition is No. 12 and Office 2010 were given by Microsoft No. 14, ignored by No. 13, and afraid of No. 13.

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