One of your victims is a horror and a terrible kidnapping

One of your victims is a horror and a terrible kidnapping

Audi opened her account, and she was waiting for a message that shocked her that could lead her mind and the mind of any mother to her place on the fate of her three daughters who disappeared and found no trace indicating them or their place, and the strange message contains the following,

Do not tire yourself by looking for who I am, because you do not know me directly, but I was one of your victims, so I agreed with you that I would buy some goods that I will sell so that I can provide for my son and provide his needs and requirements, except that you were lying when you took my last money and disappeared and did not Send anything.

I made a mistake when you did not show me who you are doing your monument, because I am not the person who succumbs to these operations, or that I see my child die of starvation in front of me, especially with what I possess of relationships and knowledge, so what you do not know about me that I am a prison guard and that I will not bear the conditional procedures in the event of offering My complaint so I went to prison inmates to help me get my right back.

One of these prisoners owed me a service that caused him to get out early from the prison, and he was the one who got all the information I wanted about you, where he told me after a few days that you are a mother of three girls, and the work you do and where, and although I knew how severe your circumstances were, What you have done with me is unforgivable.

I decided to draw and implement my plan, and I followed how you were trying to recover your daughters and how I announced a big reward to reach them, and despite the temptation of money but I could not tell you, so I earn money without work, and I will draw attention to me but I will prove to you that I am the best and tell you this message about your daughters , And you will not be able to report me, they will not find this account from which I send you.

I took the last thing I had until my son remained hungry and I couldn’t feed him, and despite that, I took them and it was not what they felt, so here comes the benefit of friends and acquaintances. One of the prisoners who owes me anesthesia easily so that I can do what I seek and they were a reason to get a fortune My hungry child made me happy and relaxed a lot.

Do you know the fate of your daughters? I know you are wondering about them and I am a decent person and better than you and I will tell you about their situation, your oldest daughter was one of the misfortune who has been sold to a research hospital to become a rat rat, while the second is the most fortunate as it was sold to a rich family deprived of children to become their daughter, and the third is like the first lucky tricker has lost She was sold to a patient who would torture and rape her and eventually kill her.

This was my lesson so that you can learn to do the monument to people, because not everyone we meet with them is easy to deal with, as there are those who can respond to the Saa’a and more, congratulate you on completing your lesson and hope to benefit from it.

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