Pokémon Fan Reimagines Beloved Pocket Monsters as Horrific Nightmares

An artist on Reddit transforms cute, cute Pokémon into horrific monstrosities that can hang-out your desires in spine-chilling works of fan artwork.

Pokémon are sometimes depicted as cute and cuddly, however one Reddit consumer has reworked the lovable monsters into the stuff of nightmares.

A publish by shadknight20 options 9 basic Pokémon as horrific monstrosities: For instance, Lickitung has glowing crimson eyes and is licking a human skeleton, Weezing’s two heads characteristic vicious fangs, Mr. Mime is poised to devour a sleeping youngster, Parasect has dozens of eyes and a spider-like mouth and Magikarp lies in a pool of blood with a dismembered arm. Different followers have been fast to reward the work, describing it as disturbing, nightmare gasoline and tremendous efficient. Many agree that Lickitung and Mr. Mime are essentially the most terrifying of the batch.

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The publish is not the primary from shadknight20 to reconceptualize iconic popular culture properties with a horrific edge. For starters, they produce other posts of horror Pokémon, which embrace depictions of Hypo, Rapidash, Diglett, Ivysaur and Victreebel. They’ve additionally created photos of Star Wars’ Boba Fett making an attempt to flee the Sarlac and No-Face devouring the employees of Spirited Away‘s bathhouse.

Creepy or haunting fan artwork is a well-liked pattern in numerous fandoms, even past the Pokémon franchise. Current examples embrace a heart-wrenching Bioshock image of a Little Sister trying on the decimated stays of a Huge Daddy, a somber depiction of one of Breath of the Wild‘s more emotional moments and Benedict Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange in the dark tone of Disney+’s What If…? animated collection.

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Created by Satoshi Tajiri with the assistance of Ken Sugimori, the primary Pokémon video games launched in Japan in 1996 for the Recreation Boy. Since then, the franchise has produced an immense wealth of video video games, anime and manga collection, motion pictures and different merchandise, and it has produced an enormous following of passionate followers.

Pokémon followers have extra to be enthusiastic about than simply creepy new fan artwork, as there have been a number of giant developments throughout the multimedia franchise. For instance, music sensation Ed Sheeran is collaborating with Pokémon Go and Converse is releasing a brand new line of Pokémon-themed shoes and apparel later this yr. Furthermore, YouTuber Werster lately set a brand new any% speedrun file for Pokémon Shining Pearl, finishing the sport in 29 minutes and 46 seconds.

The latest video games within the Pokémon franchise, Sensible Diamond and Shining Pearl, are playable on the Nintendo Change and lots of the anime collection and movies can be found to stream on Netflix. Moreover, prints of shadknight20’s horror designs can be found on their Etsy.

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