Remothered Broken Porcelain: Horror in August!

Continuing where the original series of Tormented Fathers left, Remothered Broken Porcelain is bringing old as well as promising new features!

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With the already present tension of the year 2020, we need the entertainment industry more than ever. This is automatically provided in the form of top upcoming horror games of 2020. Fellows like you and me thrive on something to take out mind off the real world. We are always hyped about new games and movies. There is good news. Following this 25th August, the masterpiece with a name, “Remothered: Broken Porcelain” is coming out. If you are a fan of series, this means amazing good news for you.

  This is not wishful thinking. This is actually a confirmed news from Modus Games and Starmind Games, both of which have a dominant role in developing this game. The game will be released on platforms such as PC, Xbox, Playstation, PS4 and switch.

But before anything, what exactly is the remothered series?

Remothered Series

If I am to simply describe the Remothered series, I would describe them as deep and immersive. The story telling has been done brilliantly and most of all, it is very easy to be immersed into the horror world of Remothered. If you are a new fan, you will be simply amazed. Chances are, even if you start from the second series, you will get somewhat a gist of the story. As for the old fans, we already know our craft too well. The story is amazing, and the horror environment simply takes your breath away.

They have introduced new elements into the gameplay which only makes it better. The storytelling is great, and the best part is, they have introduced real time cinematics which make you feel like you are living through the experience of the character.

The story will once again tell new secrets and uncovered truths about the Ashmann inn. The stalkers and deranged hunters roam its boundaries. You will be pushed to the limit of your wits as survival is not just a game of quick reactions anymore. Be ready to sneak, fight or flee when the situation arises. And there will be times when your perception of environment will be wrong, causing you face the threats head on. That would definitely be a challenge and your intuitive skills will soon be put to test then.

So, what is new?

There are many characters which are reintroduced. We have the Red Nun, deeply terrifying character that returns with same stalking persona or perhaps more. You will follow the journey of a new character named Jennifer who will explore the mysteries of the Ashmann Inn. There will of course be new elements and some of them mean new characters, enemies as well as environments.

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Features Introduced

Some of the features that deeply drew me in are also introduced in this game. The chief among them is the stealth approach. Believe me, I am not a very stealth oriented guy. But for someone who has played the Dark Amnesia series, I must say it is an art to make a gameplay based on running and hiding. Too many things can go wrong. The main focus is shifted on the art of storytelling and unless, the story is powerful and amazing, the interest is soon going to be diverted.

  • Psychological Thriller: The psychological thriller is not just the jump scare. It is playing the game and finding out something dark and sinister. A secret that is concealed in the dark is always going to be present there. You are going around a corner and come across something terrifying! That is the essence of the original horror. The aspect of something unknown…it also creates euphoric experiences of witnessing something new. The old game achieved that perfectly and a similar feature is hoped from this game.
  • Realistic Survival: I have played Dead Space and Amnesia Series. What is one thing that makes a game truly horror? It is basically the aspect of vulnerability. Otherwise what is even the point? For me, the aspect of being vulnerable is what makes you truly enjoy the experience. Your wits are put to test and thanks to your wits and decisive actions, the victory becomes yours. The first game tormented fathers had realistic survival and I am confident this second series will have it too.
  • Stealth Gameplay: Distract your opponents. Use your environment. These features of gameplay make you use your environment to the fullest. You get to know your own mental prowess. And trust me, there is nothing more ecstatic than to try something and see it working. Here, the stealth is intense and make you decide carefully and wisely.
  • Exploration: The aspect of exploration is a true art thanks to the amazing game studios of Starmind and Modus Games. Ashmann Inn is a place of madness, horror and dark secrets that should never be let out. That is what makes them so amazing! You explore in hopes of finding out something new and stunning. Every turn is treacherous and one wrong move can render you discoverable by those nasties roaming around. Sneaking and learning about the environment and its secrets is most rewarding.

A True Beauty to Experience

All in all, I would ask all horror games fans to actually go for this game. It is amazing and intense. The storytelling is a masterpiece. Use your environment, hide and run if necessary. And most importantly, have fun while exploring the dark secrets of Ashmann Inn on 25th August!


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