Resident Evil Village – The Shady Lady Villains

Before we head onto the details and start getting chased by Lady Dimitrescu, I must warn you of the MASSIVE SPOILERS. Technically, the game isn’t released yet. However, there are hints, enticing details, and some flashes released by the game studio. After all, they are keeping us hooked and hyped for the climax. And we love em for that! It is set to release on May 7th, 2021.

This time, what Resident Evil has brought forth is the gorgeous female villains. We cannot get enough of them. I know I can’t. I practically drool over Lady Dimirescu every time I see her finger blades embedding into the camera in a cutscene. And she isn’t the only deadly beauty that can make short work of you. So, who are these female villains?

Tall Vampire Lady

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Mother Miranda…I regret to inform you that Ethan Winters has escaped that fool Heisengberg. Because he is in my castle and has already proven too much for my daughters to handle. When I find him…”

The internet has created dozens of memes about Lady Dimitrescu and her three witch daughters. She is honestly gorgeous. Deadly…as well as enthralling. First time I saw her…I was simply dazed by her. Her name is equivalent to the maiden’s blood and being a badass villain isn’t the only thing she excels at. Lady is an excellent winemaker too!

She is actually a persistent boss who hounds you around. We all know for sure that she is very tall, practically towering over poor short Ethan. And she is a vampire. I am afraid at this point we can all speculate. First, let us focus on the phone call she makes.

She talks to someone named Mother Miranda…that is right! Her mother! So, this charming lady that can easily make short work of you isn’t the biggest evil. This Mother Miranda is the one. She further talks about her brother, whom we can guess isn’t a normal chap either. Both siblings are monsters, her brother of course being far less charming than her.

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Secondly, the lady Dimitrescu cannot keep tabs on absolutely everything that transpires in her castle. She guesses that Ethan has escaped and is rummaging around her stuff…shooting her pets and daughters. Avoiding big charming woman…what an idiot!

One thing that absolutely beguiled me was the richness of the lore. There are four houses, one of which belongs to Lady Dimirescu. Means there are other three houses and we are not even talking about full extent. That Mother Miranda is bound to fit somewhere too. Maybe as head of those four houses.

The Lovely Witches!

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There are three witches. And the entire lore and gameplay seems to be inspired by the Dracula and his three brides. Here, they added just a bit of twist.

Witches in the world of the resident evil village are simply mutants. Boy, are they sadistic! They practically love inflicting violence over petty matters. To make matters worse, the castle had…human servants. A fodder for cruel games of both Lady Dimirescu and the three witches who even went as far as slicing the face of their servants. Although we have only limited knowledge, we surely can speculate that they appear as villains. Having powers such as exploding into thousands of blood-thirsty insects and appearing randomly at any place at any time, they surely prove to be formidable foes. Of course our hero Ethan Winters gives them a tough time so they are not invincible. They throw their blood-thirsty chase to the entire mix of horror elements, adding to the spooky environment.

Mother Miranda

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To be honest, I don’t think the mother of that vampire lady might be gorgeous. For all I can think, she might actually be an old hag. But then…age is pretty tricky factor among vampires. Heck, she might even appear younger than her daughter.

We know or at least can speculate that she is the big bad. Or close to it. And there is a ceremony involved, the true importance of which only she knows. We might very well have a reason to believe that she is the main boss, controlling everything from behind the scenes.


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