SETI Institute in the News – Media Roundup. October 16-31, 2021

It’s not Aliens, It’s Australians

Late in 2020, the Breakthrough Hear challenge picked up a sign probably coming from the course of Proxima Centauri.  After a 12 months of investigation, Dr. Sofia Sheikh of Breakthrough Hear and the SETI Institute, and her colleagues, found that the supply was terrestrial, not extraterrestrial.  In two papers printed in Nature Astronomy, the evaluation concludes that it was as a substitute an artifact of Earth-based interference from human applied sciences. Along with resolving the supply of the candidate sign, the papers additionally focus on an information evaluation course of that identifies false constructive detections.

“We all know for positive that blc1 is human-interference, and we’re fairly assured that the sign was coming from a transmitter on the bottom,” Sheikh defined in an e-mail. “We’re additionally fairly assured that the transmitter wasn’t intending to provide a sign at 982 MHz, however that blc1 was an unintended harmonic attributable to some form of malfunctioning electronics.”

Sheikh mentioned it might’ve been a cell tower that was subsequently repaired after the commentary was made, and even some type of tiny shopper electronics situated in shut proximity to the telescope.

Frontier Improvement Lab (FDL) Focuses on Astronaut Well being

One of many FDL objectives this previous summer season was to raised perceive radiation publicity on astronauts.  Partnering with Intel, the group used each human and mouse date to create an algorithm that may establish radiation publicity most cancers.

Partnering with Frontier Improvement Lab is an opportunity to resolve large issues at scale, with cutting-edge expertise and unprecedented collaboration between the private and non-private sectors in AI for exploration medication,” mentioned Shashi Jain, strategic innovation and FDL associate supervisor at Intel. “We consider that the FDL Astronaut Well being problem outcomes will allow NASA to grasp the mechanisms concerned in defending astronauts extra successfully as we return to the moon and past, in addition to present a blueprint to speed up the usage of AI in healthcare functions on Earth.”


Capturing CO2 In a Bottle

With the assistance of SETI Institute scientists John Marshall and Claudio Vita-Finzi, college students at Stamford Welland Academy have designed an experiment to check which resolution of sodium hydroxide finest eliminated carbon dioxide instantly from air.  (Spoiler alert – it’s 40%). 

The younger scientists from Stamford Welland Academy have invited Alok Sharma, president of Cop26, to obtain the bottle within the hope it may possibly sit on his desk on the United Nations convention and spotlight the presence of carbon dioxide on the planet.
The science lab experiment was designed utilizing on a regular basis objects, together with a solar-powered backyard pump and an answer of caustic soda.


FREE HORROR UAP-Screengrab SETI Institute in the News – Media Roundup. October 16-31, 2021 Sightings and Science

What does the historical past of UFO/UAP sightings point out in regards to the chance that Earth has certainly been visited by alien expertise?  Science is starting to expend extra power in investigation in essentially the most compelling circumstances.

If the aliens are right here, you gotta say they’re the most effective houseguests ever, as a result of they by no means do something,”[Seth] Shostak mentioned. “They simply buzz round. They do not deal with local weather change; they do not steal our molybdenum.”

Nonetheless, the E.T. concept shouldn’t be dismissed or ridiculed, Shostak and others argue. It isn’t very scientific to get rid of a speculation out of hand, in spite of everything, and a few UAP encounters are very troublesome to elucidate.


Huge Image Science

Be part of hosts Seth Shostak and Molly Bentley every week as they discover rising science and expertise analysis.

Radical Cosmology
400 years in the past, some concepts in regards to the cosmos had been too scandalous to say. When the Dominican friar Giordano Bruno urged that planets existed outdoors our Photo voltaic System, the Catholic Inquisition had him arrested, jailed, and burned on the stake for heresy.
As we speak, we’ve got proof of hundreds of planets orbiting different stars. Our discovery of extrasolar planets has dramatically modified concepts in regards to the chance for all times elsewhere within the universe. 
Trendy theories in regards to the existence of the ghostly particles referred to as neutrinos or of collapsed stars with unfathomable gravity (black holes), whereas equally incendiary, didn’t immediate arrest, after all. Neutrinos and black holes had been arresting concepts as a result of they got here many years earlier than we had the means to show their existence.
Hear about scientific concepts that got here earlier than their time and why extrasolar planets, neutrinos, and black holes at the moment are discovered on the frontiers of astronomical analysis.
With visitors Alberto Martinez, Anne Schukraft, Ephraim Fischbach, Chris Impey

Skeptic Check: Brain Gain
Trying to enhance your brainpower? Fortunately, there are merchandise promising to assist. Good medicine, neurofeedback workouts, and brain-training video video games all promise to enhance your grey matter’s efficiency. However it’s unsure whether or not these merchandise actually work. Regulatory businesses have come down onerous on some well-liked mind coaching corporations for false promoting. However different mind video games have proven advantages in medical trials. And will we skip the mind exercise altogether and pop a genius capsule as a substitute? 
In our month-to-month have a look at vital considering, we separate the pseudo from the science of business cognitive enhancement methods.
With visitors Caroline Williams, Adam Gazzaley, Amy Arnsten, Kevin Roose, Leonard Mlodinow

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SETI Reside

SETI Institute hosts interview cutting-edge scientists every week on social media. Latest SETI Reside episodes embrace:

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Journey to the Edges of Life: Is there life past Earth? Be part of us for this Particular SETI stay in French! Nathalie Cabrol, astrobiologist and Director of the Carl Sagan Heart on the SETI Institute, has written an thrilling new e-book about her journey as an individual, as a scientist and as an explorer. From the place she started as a toddler in France watching Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon, to collaborating in NASA missions to Mars, to diving into excessive lakes just like the one on Licancabur volcano bordering Bolivia and Chile, Nathalie is pushed to grasp the coevolution between life and atmosphere, how they impression one another and the place different coevolutions would possibly exist within the universe.

Be part of Guillaume Grallet, a journalist for Le Level journal and Adrien Bosc, Editor of the e-book at Le SEUIL, in dialog with Nathalie.

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