Smiling Man

Jerry had arrived at the gas station. This was a long drive on an unknown pathway. When he had arrived here, he had imagined the destination to be quite short. However, he had been mistaken. The road itself was rough and the pathway was mostly neglected. Few ever passed through here and fewer even mentioned this place. What was so odd about it?

He knew that to reach his destination, this place was a shortcut. However, shivers were sent down his spine the moment he mentioned this road to others. The bartender warned him not to traverse this road.

He was quite relieved to have found a gas station in the middle of seemingly abandoned road. It was quite a pleasant surprise. His truck was running out of gas and he also needed to eat. The motels around the gas station provided satisfactory meals, enough to fill his stomach. That was all he cared about. He could have his fill of the delicious cuisines later when he had arrived his destination.

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He got down from the truck, now moving towards that fellow in his uniform. Apparently, the gas station was always working.

“Hey! Fill this baby up!” he spoke to that worker whose eyes looked like they had seen a ghost. Why? Jerry wondered.

“Sir, why are you here? Please don’t go down that road. Please leave this place and never come back!” the worker spoke as he cleared his throat. What the hell was going on?!

“Hey man! Please fill the truck! I am going to pay you!” he spoke once more before the worker gave a creepy smile. He was forced to do so…Jerry could tell.

That was when he felt smiling back at him. His face muscles were aching after a long drive and he didn’t want to even talk more than necessary. However, he himself was surprised. Where had this smile come from? It was like he was forced to smile against his will.

That was when he saw the silhouette of that figure, dancing at some distance. Jerry could tell there were others around too, hiding in the motel, watching him from distance. He could see a lot more of them, all hiding in bushes and within that shop neighboring the gas station. They were all…smiling!

He focused his gaze on that dancing figure at some distance, his body giving in to the rhythms of the wild movements he was making. Was that dance…? He headed straight towards him as Jerry got to look at his face.

“He will make you his puppet…run away!” the worker spoke before his eyes teared up.

The dancing man at some distance came nearer and nearer, his eyes all black and wide, his mouth showing the wide teeth clearly. Tall, creepy and covered in a black suit that revealed his stick thin figure…

That was enough for Jerry as he turned back and started running. Those screams turning into laughing sounds followed him. He managed to make it to the truck…Almost…

That was when he felt his face smiling, his insides rebelling against him…he felt his entire body being lifted and thrown away from that truck of his. His face kept smiling and laughing as he saw that creepy tall man standing at him…smiling!

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