Talented Redditor Re-Creates Horror Movie Scenes With LEGO

A gifted horror film fan recreated iconic horror film scenes from The Exorcist, Halloween, The Shining, and extra with a LEGO set.

FREE HORROR  Talented Redditor Re-Creates Horror Movie Scenes With LEGO

A Reddit consumer by the title of Fictitouseli did a recreation of iconic scenes from horror films through the use of LEGO. The artist precisely recreated the enduring levitating scene from the favored ’70s horror movie The Exorcist, Michael Myers sitting up in Halloween, and the well-known ‘Here is Johnny!’ scene from The Shining.

The three scenes come from iconic horror films all spanning from the ’70s to the ’80s. Throughout their time, the flicks all set the bar for horror movies, though trying again now they is probably not something that surpasses the expectations of newer viewers who’ve grow to be accustomed to VFX and soar scares of modern horror movies. Nonetheless, these LEGO recreations remind followers how memorable these scenes had been of their day.

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Fictitouseli additionally used two extra scenes from way more current movies that many might or might not acknowledge, The Ring and Insidious. The Insidious recreation comes from the scene with the scary poster and The Ring has the scene the place the lady got here out of the properly. Each movies are in style amongst horror followers, and even casuals might acknowledge them. The Insidious poster cleverly makes use of Darth Maul within the recreation, which is a humorous callback for followers of in style tradition. On the time of Insidious‘ launch, many in contrast the entity of the movie to the darkish Sith Lord.

What’s fascinating is that these horror films don’t rely on cheap jump scares, poor plot, cliches, or blood. Movies which have extra situational, psychological, or atmospheric horror appear to be those that get good opinions from the critics and followers nowadays. The Haunting of Hill Home, A Quiet Place, Do not Breathe, Get Out, Midsommar, and Us are only a few examples.

One other fascinating factor is that earlier horror movies had been massive on establishing iconic horror villains. Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, Scream killer Ghostface, the Predator, Michael Myers, and even Jaws to some extent had been all antagonists that many followers seemed to as the enduring horror characters who returned for a number of sequels. The principle characters normally modified for every sequel, however the villain was the recurring icon.

There aren’t too many more moderen villains in modern horror films which have caught with followers. The Blind Man from Do not Breathe grew to become in style, however he is nowhere close to the enduring Jason Voorhees, though the movie did properly with critics. It proves that horror films do not want a mascot or face so as to do properly.

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Supply: fictitiouseli/Reddit

FREE HORROR  Talented Redditor Re-Creates Horror Movie Scenes With LEGO
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