About Us

Freehorror.net is a hub, dedicated at providing quality content to all those horror addict fans as well as people who appreciate gothic art, dark fantasy and similar genres.

On this website, you will find the masterpieces of two artists and storytellers, Kevin Bayless (IG account) and Awais Ali Shah (IG account), both fans as well as horror content creators.

Kevin Bayless is a paranormal writer, specializing in creating stories around the real world. You will find his works under the tab of paranormal stories as well as ghost stories. Awais Ali Shah on the other hand specializes more in creating dark fantasy and fiction content. You will find his active imagination under the tab of otherworldly stories.

Together, we work very hard on this website. Stay tuned for more exciting stuff as well as updates on the latest horror movies and games. We are also launching a book series based, on two worlds created by each of us.