The 10 Best Horror Games on Gamecube, Ranked

The Nintendo Gamecube is house to a few of the most enjoyable family-friendly video games together with the unique launch of The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker and Super Mario Sunshine. Nevertheless, for many who are extra inclined in direction of a spooky, horror-filled good time, the Gamecube nonetheless managed to crank out some good titles. The Gamecube is an underrated system, and though it did not launch as many video games because the OG Xbox or PS2, it nonetheless delivered some high quality video games.

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Whereas not each sport on this record is a whole survival horror kind expertise, all of them handle to not less than present some darker or extra macabre overtones and presentational facets. If you wish to mud off your Gamecube to strive any of those out, then simply know you might be in for an actual deal with.

Blood Omen 2

FREE HORROR  The 10 Best Horror Games on Gamecube, Ranked

Blood Omen 2 is among the entries within the revered but underrated Legacy of Kain sequence. In Blood Omen 2 you play as Kain, a vampire who opted out of sacrificing himself to the Pillars of Nosgoth which subsequently pushed the realm into chaos and struggling within the unique sport. Right here, in Blood Omen 2, Kain is now woke up in Meridian however remembers little or no.

Blood Omen 2 is a unbelievable action-adventure sport with sturdy horror-tinged parts. Kain has to drink the blood of helpless people all through his exploration of the town. It is clear Kain is an unlikeable character however his evil persona makes for a terrifying journey.


FREE HORROR  The 10 Best Horror Games on Gamecube, Ranked

Bloodrayne is a visceral hack and slash, action-adventure sport starring Rhayne, a dhampir who will kill any who confronts her on her lust for blood and vengeance. Rayne is a member of the Brimstone Society and is distributed out on all kinds of globe-trotting adventures.

Bloodrayne is stepped in supernatural goodness, all wrapped up in a pleasant action-adventure gameplay loop. This is not a sport for the faint of coronary heart as a result of her assaults are intense and the story and setting are brimming with macabre particulars.

Hunter The Reckoning

FREE HORROR  The 10 Best Horror Games on Gamecube, Ranked

Hunter The Reckoning is a solo or multiplayer hack and slash journey sport that options terrifying creatures so that you can search out with an arsenal of weapons and magic-based assaults. The story facilities round a group of hunters who should defeat vengeful wraiths which are sourced from useless inmates on the native penitentiary.

Set in The World of Darkness’ jail city of Ashcroft, monsters dwell proper alongside their human counterparts. This game features strong occult imagery and is filled with monsters from your nightmares.

Spirits And Spells

FREE HORROR  The 10 Best Horror Games on Gamecube, Ranked

Spirits and Spells is probably going a sport that you have not heard of however bares to be talked about on account of its whimsical Halloween vibes. Whereas Spirits and Spells is most actually not a horror sport within the conventional sense, it brings to the desk the proper fall time, Halloween feeling replete with ghosts, monsters, and demons.

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Spirits and Spells is a standard 3d platformer starring Alicia and Greg who’re out on the lookout for a mansion stuffed with goodies. Happening throughout a various and spooky set of areas, you should leap and assault the creatures of the evening that get in your method, all for the love of Halloween sweet.

The Haunted Mansion

FREE HORROR  The 10 Best Horror Games on Gamecube, Ranked

The Haunted Mansion sport which occurs to be impressed by the film of the identical title which was in flip impressed by the Disneyland and Disneyworld journey is a enjoyable family-friendly tackle a haunted home sport. Whereas the sport is geared toward a youthful viewers, there are many ghosts and ghouls roaming the halls to convey a small fright your method.

In The Haunted Mansion sport, you play as Zeke, a lanky and misunderstood character who occurs to search out himself locked within the titular mansion. Throughout your time enjoying you should uncover and launch the 999 trapped souls who reside there with a view to make it out your self. It is a extra lighthearted affair however stuffed with loads of spooky goodness.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Chaos Bleeds

FREE HORROR  The 10 Best Horror Games on Gamecube, Ranked

Simply saying Buffy the Vampire Slayer immediately conjures up ideas of all issues that go bump within the evening. Chaos Bleeds was the sequel to the unique Buffy sport this time tasking you to cease Ethan Rayne and an evil presence often called the First. The First is actually the primary evil that the world has recognized so it is as much as Buffy and her buddies to cease this chaos.

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What makes Chaos Bleeds such an exquisite horror-type sport is that you’re consistently battling vampires, monsters, and demons. This sport stood out as a result of it featured a enjoyable multiplayer mode so you might tackle the creepy creatures with a buddy or two in tow.

Scooby-Doo: Evening Of 100 Frights

FREE HORROR  The 10 Best Horror Games on Gamecube, Ranked

Whereas most sport generations have been graced with a Scooby-Doo sport of kinds, Evening of 100 Frights may simply be one of the best a bringing a horror really feel to the in any other case family-friendly affair. On this action-adventure sport, Scooby and the gang should discover a haunted mansion, derelict docks, a spooky hedge maze, and way more.

Evening of 100 Frights is not a revolutionary expertise, as a substitute, specializing in a platformer-type expertise with loads of Scooby snacks and goodies to gather. The areas are music are what stand out on this sport making it really feel like a light-hearted, but typically creepy Scooby journey.

Luigi’s Mansion

FREE HORROR  The 10 Best Horror Games on Gamecube, Ranked

The Nintendo Gamecube and Luigi’s Mansion go hand-in-hand. Like every good Luigi-themed journey, our titular hero should hunt down and rescue his brother, Mario, in a darkish and spooky haunted mansion. Whereas the sport spawned a number of enjoyable sequels, it is the unique that shines on account of excellent stage design, wonderful puzzles, and creepy ambiance.

Luigi’s Mansion options all kinds of ghouls and ghosts. Luigi is armed with the Poltergust, a Ghostbuster-inspired vacuum weapon that fairly actually sucks up the ghosts who’re then turned over to Professor E. Gadd with a view to examine their supernatural shenanigans.

Resident Evil 4

FREE HORROR  The 10 Best Horror Games on Gamecube, Ranked

Resident Evil 4 is seemingly obtainable on each platform at the moment, constantly being rereleased time and again. That is for good cause as a result of this fourth mainline entry within the sequence did away with the extra conventional mounted digital camera and zombies, as a substitute, pushing the envelope an over-the-shoulder digital camera and a complete new host of baddies to face.

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Resident Evil 4 is genuinely terrifying, largely right down to the areas that Leon Kennedy should discover. Simply the creepiest location within the sport must be the derelict church replete with a spooky graveyard. This location was featured rather a lot within the lead-up to the sport’s unique launch on account of its sheer oppressive nature.

Everlasting Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem

FREE HORROR  The 10 Best Horror Games on Gamecube, Ranked

The quintessential Gamecube horror sport must be Everlasting Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem. One of many solely Nintendo-published M-rated horror video games, Everlasting Darkness set the bar for what survival horror could be. This sport stood out for its impeccably informed story, its scary areas, and most significantly, its sanity system.

This sanity system fairly actually affected the way you skilled the sport. As your sanity meter stuffed up totally different sanity occasions reminiscent of the amount in your TV turning down, your save filed being deleted, and even your character shedding her head. To today, Everlasting Darkness stays a talk-about horror sport because it innovated on many fronts.

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FREE HORROR  The 10 Best Horror Games on Gamecube, Ranked
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