‘The Backrooms’ Viral Horror Short Explained

The Backrooms would possibly simply be the scariest video on the web.

YouTube horror brief movie The Backrooms has gone wildly viral since its launch, particularly within the on-line horror neighborhood, with many praising its disorienting environment and creepy visuals.

Uploaded to YouTube on Jan. 7, the 9-minute impartial horror brief by 16-year-old director and VFX artist Kane Parsons, a.okay.a. Kane Pixels, faucets into the mysterious idea of liminal areas and packs a cosmic horror punch.

Harking back to the V/H/S horror anthology franchise due to its DIY, just-dug-this-dusty-unmarked-VHS-tape-out-of-mom’s-attic aesthetic, The Backrooms genuinely appears to be like like a recording that was by no means meant to be discovered — which is strictly why we needed to watch it.

Watch Kane Parsons’ Quick Horror Movie The Backrooms:

Unsettling and cryptic, The Backrooms has mystified horror lovers on the web who’re anticipating unique content material that is not a legacy horror franchise remake or sequel, or an entry in The Conjuring universe.

“This was the primary time in literal months that I used to be truly petrified of one thing on the web,” one viewer commented on YouTube after watching the brief.

“The scariest factor about that is rounding the corners. Not having the ability to know what’s lurking on the opposite aspect, ready for you. That to me is actually the worst nervousness to ever expertise,” one other wrote.

What Is The Backrooms About?

The Backrooms is a few cameraman who, after tripping and presumably getting knocked unconscious whereas engaged on what appears to be an impartial movie undertaking, wakes up in a weird, seemingly inescapable and abandoned constructing.

Confronted with infinite corridors, empty rooms and hallways principally illuminated by sickly yellow company lighting, the cameraman wanders aimlessly till he comes throughout a wierd graffitied message on a wall: “Do not transfer … Keep nonetheless,” he reads aloud.

All of a sudden, a horrifying creature making an much more horrifying sound (assume: a warped, nightmare model of the ’90s AOL dial-up tone) seems. It begins to the stalk the cameraman room by room as he makes an attempt to navigate a maze of hallways, stairs and liminal areas that appear to guide nowhere.

The Backrooms seems to happen within the early ’90s.

What Are Liminal Areas?

In line with the “LiminalSpace” community on Reddit, a subforum the place customers share images and pictures of liminal areas, a liminal area represents “the time between the ‘what was’ and the ‘subsequent.’ It’s a place of transition, ready, and never figuring out.”

You’ve got in all probability seen or been in a liminal area earlier than: It is the foggy, abandoned mall car parking zone at night time, illuminated by blue streetlamps; it is the deserted movie show with the soiled neon carpet and infinite rows of darkish, numbered theaters; it is the empty resort hall, stretching on and on, making you are feeling such as you’ll by no means attain your room.

These environments are said to feel “off,” like locations you should not linger in for lengthy. They’re additionally locations which might be generally meant to attach individuals to a correct vacation spot — assume: stairwells, hallways, parking heaps, huge empty rooms, and many others.

What Is the Creature in The Backrooms?

Just like viral cryptid figures comparable to Siren Head or Slender Man, the monster in The Backrooms is simply humanoid sufficient to set off the uncanny valley, whereas its twisted, lanky determine provides a menacing contact.

Like most creatures in cosmic horror — a horror sub-genre that faucets into the worry of the incomprehensible — the creepy, nightmarish monster in The Backrooms is of unknown origin.

Two issues are for certain, although: The factor lurking in The Backrooms is just not of this world, and it does not appear pleasant!

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