The Boy

She had never thought that such a day would ever come. Currently, she stood outside the house, ready to unlock the door and step in. Her husband had finally managed to get that house she had always dreamed of! Too bad he wasn’t here, and she had to travel alone the entire way, to finally shift towards this beautiful house. But she was an understanding wife who knew how hard her husband worked to provide for her.

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For now, all could be thought of later. The aspect of entering the new house in the street, away from the noisy city life excited her to the core. She was very happy to be witnessing such a thing! For three straight years she had dreamed of entering this place.

She unlocked the door and took in the fresh air. It was almost dusk, and the street was starting to get empty. She knew that this town always followed strict timings, emptying the streets after dark. She knew she would have enough time to settle in by then.

She stepped into the house through the threshold, filled with excitement and hope. The house had already been fully furnished and it had two storeys. She entered the house and headed straight to the staircase, ignoring the living room to her left side and kitchen to the right. She could always come back and check them later but right now, she needed to just get into her cozy room and binge watch the Netflix.

As she walked to the stairs and started heading upwards, a strange sound of utensils caught her attention. Fear rushed through her spine. She realized it was only her who had entered the house. There was no one else. Sweat poured on her brows and she soon found herself struggling with the idea of going to kitchen and checking it out. She could ignore it though. One small sound of utensils moving couldn’t actually be that serious. There could be a lot of reasons for that. Utensils positioned in such a way by shifting workers that they moved right now. Or perhaps it was the wind…or a rat that was roaming in the kitchen. Nothing to worry about!

Her self formed explanations soon took a new turn when she saw that utensil flying right out of the kitchen and landing right in front of the stairs. Her heart skipped multiple beats as she heard a boy’s sound. Who could that be? She calmed herself the next moment. Perhaps it was a trick by one of those hooligans she had seen playing in these streets. Those boys were quite mischievous and no doubt one of them might have snuck into her house to cause trouble. She descended the stairs, turning on the lights everywhere before heading to the kitchen.

The kitchen was a calm and serene place, save for the largely empty cabinets and the position of utensils all disturbed, two among them missing. The kitchen’s window was shut and there couldn’t be any possibility that anyone had snuck in. She remembered that the street was empty and the boys she recalled playing were in completely different street. She swallowed her saliva, thinking about a possible explanation. That was when she saw that apparition of a fifteen year old…his skin dark brown as his entire body was covered in whip wounds…his clothes like an old sack and his feet all bloody…there was salt on his wounds…salt and spices…she could feel his pain just by watching him. He came closer as she shivered, taking steps back.

“Are you my new master?” he spoke as she screamed, before fainting.

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