The cemetery sounds a breathtaking horror story

There was a young man named Mamdouh who lived in a small village. There was a large cemetery in this village, one day while Mamdouh was returning to a house as usual in his motorbike in the middle of the night, and no one was on the road except anyone, as the village was small and the number of its people were few and always accustomed to me Sleeping in Morocco, and its streets do not contain any lighting, as Mamdouh only saw the road on the lights of his motorcycle.

In a way to the house, Mamdouh passed by at the door of the cemetery, and here he began to hear songs and loud Zagarit, in a voice that sounded familiar to him. Mamdouh turned off his motorcycle until he was certain of what he was hearing. Indeed, this voice was of a deceased old lady who was recently known to know Mamdouh well.

Mamdouh’s body trembled for the sake of the idea and terror spread in himself. He slowly approached the door of the cemetery and opened its door to see what happens there. No one found any help. He sought help from God from the accursed Satan and closed the door again trying to convince himself that he was only delusional and that the atmosphere, night and darkness are the ones He prepared all this.

Mamdouh rode his bike again and as soon as he started moving away from the cemetery, he heard again those voices and songs with a female voice, Mamdouh felt intense horror, and he knew inside him that he would not be able to complete his life and sleep in his bed comfortable if he could not be sure and would understand and understand what was happening, otherwise he would kill him Curiosity and fear, Mamdouh returned to the cemetery again and opened the door and looked closer this time, and he still heard those voices, and suddenly he heard the sound of a cry that terrified him a lot, and he quickly closed the door, and rode his bike heading to his place quickly, and from that day Mamdouh never approached that cemetery, especially at mid The night.

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