The children of the Devil are a very terrifying and very frightening subject from Satan’s offspring

The children of the Devil are a very terrifying and very frightening subject from Satan’s offspring

Do you know who are the sons of the devil whispering in your ear until you disobey God the Exalted and Exalted by the truth, they make you disobey God and move away from the truth always drag you with them to the bottom of hell and fire, so the children of the devil are shaken The article is about the Devil’s Sons, which is a very terrifying and very frightening subject about Satan’s offspring.

And he spoke of the first of the devil’s sons, Dahnash, the second son of the Devil, and although he is the second son, the Devil has appointed him ruler over all his sons, he pronounces his words and teaches them the gruesome demonic methods of seducing people and making them make mistakes, and Dnahsh is considered the ruler by the command of the devil, and whoever does not obey an order Dahnash is the punishment of his death until death. Dahnhash has caused many wars and tendencies that have occurred on the ground, as he is responsible for the dispute between humans by killing one another, and this is why Satan favors him over other of his children because he is the most cruel and fiercest of them, I felt hatred towards any friend or relative Or, hatred of one of your relatives, so make sure that this is from the work of Denhash or one of his followers who is a disobedient of the jinn.

And we are talking about Nasser, who is the second strongest of the devil’s sons, after Dahnash and he depends on him to give orders to his brothers at the time of his absence from the Devil clan, Nazor is very sharp and irritable. No one who can follow the Devil’s sons can disobey him, it has been described in the book of Shams The acquaintances are that he is a huge corpse and carries chains of fire between his hands, and scares other demons with her, Nasser rules a whole clan of disobedient jinn and controls them, and appears in the form of a large black cat, wizards seek to distinguish between lovers and husbands and make differences between them, and that the Antichrist spends that It is the penalty of death or his service throughout life, and it is considered that Nasser, the master of magicians and sorcerers, is the one who teaches them the methods of deception.

He who prepares Nazor must say his request quickly, because he has a bad mood, he does not like to wait much to hear the request of those who prepared it from humans, and if he does not deliver his request quickly, he will torture and kill him quickly, so it is not desirable for the charlatans and they do not like to prepare it, because they know what Nasser does.

Nassour appears in the image of a small child or an old man holding golden sticks with talismans and symbols, he is tall and black in complexion, his eyes are glowing white balloon, you can never look at them, the look is very terrifying and frightening.

He is the third of the devil’s sons, and he is responsible for the distinction between the husband and his wife and spreading anger and hatred between them, and he is the beloved devil of the devil, because Maimon makes a distinction between husbands, and he is the devil who loves witches and charlatans. Most of the daughters of his gender are from the jinn and demons, and most of his followers are from the jinn who love the women of mankind from the jinn, controls the minds of some women and causes them to reject the idea of ​​marriage, auspicious lives in ruins or homes where there is no human, and only the girl can call him, where The girls who stand a lot in front of the woman and show off her body draw his attention a lot.

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