The cursed girl is a frightening and frightening horror story

The cursed girl is a frightening and frightening horror story

But before completing the construction of the bathroom, your daughter will go with me for three days, after which I will return to you and the workers will finish building the bathroom completely on the day of our return. What do you think of the woman, so greed and greed filled the lady’s heart so hard and decided to venture to send her daughter with the strange old lady, for money And build a bathroom.

Construction work and works began in the bathroom from alabaster and marble, and three days before the completion of the construction the old woman came to the girl with a white tuft in her hair, the girl went with her in fear by order of her mother and the days passed long and very boring, and the mother is waiting with joy to complete the construction of the bathroom and between Fear, terror, and anxiety for her only daughter from the old lady who took her and does not know her fate, and on the third day the mother woke up to find that the bathroom had been completed and his view was very wonderful The mother did not rejoice she was waiting for her daughter with sadness but she no longer, the mother died sadly for her only daughter.

No one entered the bathroom and no one visited him, until one of the mother’s relatives opened it to people and made it for the public, but the strange thing was that very strange and frightening things were happening in this bathroom, people were terrified and exited from the bathroom once without going back to it again, because the bathroom was coming out again From his floor, a long white strand of hair, and she was intimidating people.

The matter reached the authorities of the country. The authorities decided that the police would search the matter, and the police dug the land of the pigeons, and found the girl’s body was murdered in an ugly manner and beheaded at the bottom of the bathroom.

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