The cursed house is a scary and real horror story

The cursed house is a scary and real horror story

Some of the houses were linked to the name of the cursed house because of the accidents or rumors surrounding it. The Richford house was one of those houses, as it was associated with a large number of strange incidents that killed an entire family for several generations, as all the family that lived in this house ended up in accidents Unjustified, some of them died by committing suicide, whether by beating them with bullets, jumping from the window or hanging. There are some of them who were finding them dead in their family, but the problem is not in their death in their family, but in the case they were finding them on, as they find them and signs of terror are visible on their faces. Some members of the family disappeared and no trace was found for them, and there were some of them who went crazy, and this was the case of the last members of that family, where he got mad and was admitted to the mental hospital.

Surrounded by this cursed house, many rumors and imaginary times, but this did not prevent Mr. Johnson from buying this house and working to renovate it to become a new life, but with the passing of Mr. Johnson to the house strange phenomena began to return and was affected by it is the master’s daughter who started her health She gets worse and weak and tells her father that she sees a black cat and a frightening man hurt her and scare her, but he did not believe but his wife terrified her daughter and she insisted on leaving the house and Mr. Johnson stayed, but one night when Mr. Johnson woke up from his sleep he saw that terrifying cat with his disgusting look and he was terrified.

Mr. Johnson recalled that his friends had advised him to turn to a spiritual mediator to get rid of what makes this cursed house like this. Indeed, the master brought a well-known spiritual medium, Mrs. Stollort, to conduct a preparation session until he found out what the problem was at home. Three of Mr. Johnson’s friends were present at the session Curiosity to attend the session.

Mrs. Stolort entered, and as soon as she entered, signs of terror appeared on her and told them that there is evil energy and power here, she entered the meeting place and sat all around the table and the lady began to mutter with some incantations and phantom graphics, and here the anticipated situation changed into a violent vibration of the table and transformed into the shape of Mrs. Stolort, then this column started From the smoke in the appearing and in moments he had turned into a frightening man with four legs, which is similar to the cat that Mr. Johnson saw.

Mrs. Stallort became very angry and frightened. By what this man did, Mrs. Stallort became violating her promise to the committees, so they tried to calm down and asked for a promise from the man to destroy the image, but he could not miss the scoop and had broken the promise and published pictures in the front of the newspaper with exciting headlines, which caused everyone to perish. Mrs. Stollart, chopped off with no eyes in the woods. As for photos and publishing, he burned with his house and Mr. Johnson slashed his arteries and bled to death. As for the other two, they went crazy.

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