The diabolical deal is a very scary horror story

The diabolical deal is a very scary horror story

Devilish Deal:

We have all heard about what is known as the beast or the devil with which many of these horrific and strange stories have been associated with and the story that we are going to tell is considered one of those strange and strange stories as it is a living example that dealing with this object and this world contrary to our nature as human beings so each act has consequences that must be borne and the consequences of dealing With these factors, one of the most severe consequences for its owner, Mai tells her story with the genie or the Devil, which ended in a bloody end and which she says.

She was in her bathroom, and she was focusing her eyes on that hanging mirror in the bathroom. The lights were turned off, and there was no light in the place through that candle that was holding her, and she continued on this situation for some time until she could summon the genie or the devil, and before that she had repeated those talismans. The spells that were in that book with her, as blood was dripping from her face, she performed the worst rituals to evoke the genie or Satan, where she slaughtered a baby and bathed in his blood.

A time passed and then I noticed something strange when she was moving, her reflection in the mirror did not move, and here she realized that he was present, so he smiled at her with a sly smile but did not pay attention and then smiled at him. Finally, her efforts paid off, her sacrifices paid and he attended, and here he began to speak.

Genie or Satan: Why did you invoke me?

Mai: Without hesitation I answered revenge

The genie or Satan said: Who?

Mai: From my husband.

Genie or Satan: Why?

Mai: Because he betrayed me with one of my friends.

Genie or Satan: Can you afford to pay for my help?

Mai: I will pay it no matter what.

We will continue the story on the tongue of Mai, where she said the genie or the devil told me some of the sentences that looked like another type of talisman until I repeat it, then he asked me to sleep my night in the bathroom, but he came back and reminded me that there is a high price that I must meet, and after repeating these phrases and talismans I started I feel severe pain as if my legs were tearing as demons entered my body.

I adorned it until I became the most beautiful, and I called my husband for dinner. When he attended, I was enchanted by Jamali and greatly admired by the food I prepared, and he ate voraciously. My husband’s body rises from the ground and a fire burns to devour him while I am at the top of my eagerness to achieve my revenge. How do I give him my baby to take his heart so I went to the magician who showed me that way, and he surrounded me with some spells and talismans, and indeed my pregnancy passed in peace until that fateful night came after I returned from birth to wake up and I did not find my baby next to me so I ran to the bathroom and there I found him to be the genie or the devil and I have extracted Turn my child up to eat and tell me laughing It’s been agreed and the price is paid.

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